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Hendriks Jo & Florian (Nijswiller - Netherlands) 2nd National Champion Fond NPO Superstar of the year Fond "De Gouden Duif"

29 Jan 2024

Nijswiller: What class...unbelievable how strong Jo and Florian Hendriks from Nijswiller come out ahead every year. For the last few decades, they have been unthinkable from the top of the national/provincial results and championships. It is a fairy tale without end and also the 2023 season ended grandiosely with the title of 2nd National Champion Fond NPO and Superstar of the year fond "Gouden Duif". 
The Hendriks loft goes for quality over quantity and realises very well that there is more to life than pigeon racing alone. Despite being a professional pigeon fancier, Florian has mastered the art of specialising in a particular discipline. He does not let himself be seduced by all the flights on offer but aims his arrows purposefully at the flights where he wants to shine.When Florian joined daddy Jo's pigeon team, things got even more serious and via uncle Thijs Vluggen, the "Kleine 273" came to Florian's breeding loft. This "Kleine 273" was bred by Loed Senden and was a direct son of his stock pair. 
In several generations "Kleine 273" bred toppers and one of his most famous sons is without any doubt "Popeye". He can also bear the stamp of "stock pigeon". So he became father of "De Favoriet " who was 3x the fastest of the department Limburg with 1st Rethel 26,447 b., 1st Rethel 25,290 b. and 1st Reims 17,437 b., but also of the "New Favoriet" with e.g. 1st Sezanne 1680 b., 1st Sens 1730 b., 1st Rethel 833 b. etc. 
The actual advance of Jo and Florian started in 2002 with the 5th and 7th NPO Lorris and 6th Nat. Orleans, they also had the best young pigeon of the Limburg division. After the 5th Nat. Orleans in 2003, they excelled in 2004 with the victory on the car race Rethel, 4th and 6th Prov. Sezanne and, as mentioned before, with "the Favourite", three times the fastest of the entire convoy of the afd. Limburg. 
In 2008, Jo and Florian took the decision to gear the old pigeons' play entirely to the one-day long distance races and therefore made targeted purchases from top lofts in this discipline in the Netherlands and Belgium. From the start, they were therefore successful in this discipline. The basic strain was supplemented with pigeons direct from Gaby Vandenabeele, Rik Cools, Antoon and Hilde Reynaert, Gerard and Bas Verkerk, Jos & Jules Engels, Gerard Koopman and Eric Berckmoes. Afterwards, reinforcement was sought with Jan Hooymans, Rik Hermans (sister "Friendship") and topper "King Kong" of Jean Hornesch from Cadier en Keer was also purchased. 

Strict selection every week

Anyone who thinks we are dealing with a "mega loft" here is completely mistaken. The breeding loft houses 24 breeding couples and the season started with 20 widowers. After just a few weeks, the team was already reduced to 15 and on the first one-day long distance flight, they were only 9 more at the basketing table. Ruthlessly strict, no other words for it and because quality always wins out.

Some champion birds


Results/championships season 2022

Florian: "Despite our limited 2022 flying team, we were then very satisfied with the results with the outliers being."

Marche 1277 d. 1-2-19-20-21-125-140-148 11/14
Melun 803 d. 1-2-8-20-21-31-66 10/12
Sens 746 d. 1-16-30-47-58-92-97 12-12
Marche 3033 d. 1-2-7-57 23/75 

Qua  kampioenschappen wonnen we in 2022:

2e Provinciaal Hokkampioen Dagfond
5e Nationaal hokkampioen Dagfond
2e provinciaal Asduif Jong
3e Provinciaal Asduif Jong
2e Provinciaal Hokkampioen Jong

Best results of the 2023 season

30.4 Rethel Zuidoosthoek 825 d. : 4-9-13-24-41-57 enz. (9/19) 
Oostelijk Z. Limb. 2926 d. : 12-25-29-51-81 enz. (11/19)

06.5 Rethel Zuidoosthoek 778 d. : 1-2-15-21-22-23-25-27-43-59 enz. (13/16) 
Oostelijk Z. Limb. 2516 d. : 4-5-28-48-49-50-53 enz. (15/16) 

13.5 Melun Zuidoosthoek 765 d. 2-3-7-20-29-39-49 enz. (12/16) 
Oostelijk Z. Limb. 2473 d. : 2-3-8-28-39-56-74 enz. (13/16) 
Afd.4 13.841 d. : 2-3-8-50-72-114 enz. (13/16) 

27.5 Issoudun Oostelijk Z. Limb. 1005 d. : 8-10-41-60-69 enz. (10/12) 
Afd. 4 3249 d. : 25-32-143-193 enz. (10/12) 

14.6 Sens Zuidoosthoek 359 d. : 1-11-12-24-28 enz. (9/10) 
Oostelijk Z. Limb. 1252 d. : 2-20-30-48-60 enz. (9/10) 

24.6 Issoudun Oostelijk Z. Limb. 447 d. : 3-4-7-9-10-52 enz. (7/9) 
Afd. 4 1343 d. : 3-4-11-20-21-109 enz. (7/9) 

06.7 Vierzon Oostelijk Z. Limb. 429 d. : 1-5-6-12-36-56 enz. (7/9) 
Afd. 4 1359 d. : 1-11-12-29-82-139 enz. (7/9) 
Nat. sector 1b. 3452 d. : 1-11-12-29-91 enz. (7/9) 

22.7 Issoudun Oostelijk Z. Limb. 528 d. : 2-3-10-90-91-98 enz. (7/9) 
Afd. 4 1782 d. : 9-10-40-212-214-237 enz. (9/9) 

20.8 Charlevilles Zuidoosthoek 683 j.d. : 1-2-4-5-8-9-11-13-17-25-29-30-41-44-45-48-51 enz. (32/52) Oostelijk Z. Limb. 2368 j.d. : 2-8-10-11-23-24-32-34-42-69-73-74 enz. (35/52) 

26.8 Melun Zuid Oosthoek 406 j.d. : 7-8-12-19-20-22-33-34 enz. (22/50)


Especially for Pigeon Bids, Florian bred and selected several top pigeons, all born from the very best of his colony.
This auction ends 30 January at 3 p.m. (c.e.t.)