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Harinck-Poelmans (Genk) wins 1st Prov. and 3rd Nat. Valence against 2,642 old birds

08 Jul 2024

Genk - The Harinck-Poelmans pigeon loft in Genk put in an impressive performance by winning first place provincially and third place nationally at the national flight in Valence. This result was achieved with their pigeon BE22-5081335. At provincial level, this pigeon managed to achieve the best time among the 512 participating older birds, and at national level, it achieved 3rd place in a field of no less than 2,642 older birds.

A well-balanced champion

The winning pigeon, a checkered cock with beautifully pigmented eyes, like his father, is known for his calm and discreet behaviour in the loft. These characteristics make him not only a winner, but also an added value for breeding.

Nutritional Regime and Training

The success of this pigeon is not accidental, but the result of a carefully designed feeding and training schedule. Harinck-Poelmans' pigeons are fed according to the normal widowhood programme. In the morning they receive purification feed, while in the evening they receive flight feed, in abundance and without portions. This feed is supplemented with candy seed and some peanuts, and twice a week with amino acids, flight vitamins, pigeon oil and brewer's yeast.

In the last three days before the flight, the pigeons are given plenty of flight feed in the morning and evening to keep their energy levels optimal.

The training schedule is just as meticulous. The pigeons train in the morning from 08:00 to 09:00 and in the evening from 18:00 to 19:00. In cold weather or rain, the pigeons stay indoors to protect their health.

The Widowhood System

Harinck-Poelmans applies the widowhood system, where the racers are paired on 1 April and incubate for six to eight days before going on widowhood. The nest with eggs is only removed a few days later according to Maurice Vandevelde's system. Training flights start from the day of pairing, and on the day of basketing the hen is put with the cock for about 15 minutes. On arrival home, the hen stays with the pigeon for 1 to 2 hours, and if the cock comes home late, the hen stays with him all night.

Obtained Titles

Hok Harinck-Poelmans is no unknown name in pigeon racing. Over the years, they have collected numerous titles and awards:
8th place National Champion Great Long Distance KBDB
7th place National Champion Long Distance KBDB
1st place National Champion Great Long Distance KBDB
1st place West European Super Marathon 1°+2°
1st place Europe Trophy 1°+2°
1st place Marathon Fondclub-Midden-Limburg
1st place Euregio 1°+2°
1st place International Competition "Gouden Duif "
1st place Marathon LFM
3rd place National Champion Great Long Distance KBDB
1st place Marathon LFM
1st place Marathon
1st National Barcelona 12.612d 
4th International Barcelona 25,820d

With this impressive list of honours and the recent victory in Valence, the Harinck-Poelmans loft shows that thorough preparation and good care lead to exceptional performances in pigeon racing.
Roger & Kris, congratulations again with this achievement from the entire Herbots team!

Maarten Herbots