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Gwen van de Merwe Dordrecht shines with 4-7-8-9-11 NPO Pointoise against 15,429 youngsters

29 Aug 2023

The youngsters are coming very good to Gwen and grandpa Arie with early pigeons and a high prize percentage

Sunday from Pointoise 355 km 15,429 youngsters : 4-7-8-9-11-38-40-47-51-95

The stock breeders Jill, Alivierro and Rivaldo are quite present in the first 5 pigeons

The references of the van de Merwe pigeons also keep coming in:

Comb Burg and Waard

1.Nat Pointoise  15,109 pigeons

3.NPO Vierzon  10,397 pigeons

9.NPO Vierzon 10,397 pigeons

Wijnand de Bruyn - van Reet

1.Prov Bourges 4,653 pigeons

Nico and Ivo van Veen

1-3 Prov  Marche  11,795 pigeons

Piotr Pawel Wasewicz

2.Nat  10,930 pigeons 766 km  1. Yearling

Comb Potten and Laenen

1. Chimay 1,662