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Gustaaf & Jan De Bisschop (Asse) : 1st National Ace Bird All-Round KBDB 2019

02 Oct 2019

Every year again we must head towards Asse, there are several top fanciers within this city so the competition is very hard from the short distance races on to the greater middle distance races. The past few years we had to head towards Huinegem to visit the tandem of Gustaaf and Jan De Bisschop. Since 2013 they are within the best of the best of Belgium on a national level on the greater middle distance races ! In 2019 they again hit hard, they already won the 1st National Argenton and became last year National Champion on the greater middle distance but a 1st National Ace bird KBDB was something they didn’t have. So this season this also has changed and they can add this marvellous title on to their palmaris with their ‘All Round Blacky’ as he is the 1st National Ace Bird KBDB All Round 2019. A sensational result as only pigeon within this category of 5 prizes, not so easy as you know you have to clock early both on the greater middle distance as on the long distance and once on the extreme long distance. The most amazing thing is that this pigeon also wins 2x TOP 10 on the short distance races against more than 1,000 pigeons.

The success story begins again with the golden breeding couple “Hannibal” x “Super Bliksem III”. They became parents to Bliksem Blacky I, II, III and IV. Next to this these hens are doing extremely well on the breeding loft as “Bliksem Blacky II” became mother to ‘Black Bliksem Ace”. This cock became 7th National Ace bird KBDB year birds 2017 and is now father of the 1st National Ace bird KBDB All round 2019. The proof that this golden breeding couple is a real unique couple where more generations give super pigeons.

Off course you need top material to cross them in and they got this at Erik Limbourg (Grandfather 1st National Ace bird KBDB All round 2019), Gino Clique ( Mother 1st National Ace bird KBDB All round 2019), the old short distance strain from their own loft, the pigeons from Marcel Aelbrecht and Gaby Vandenabeele via Louis Van den Eynde, De Rauw Sablon came on the loft via top colony Flanders Collection. So you see that there is only room on the breeding loft for top material !

Only with year birds

Due to the sale of their year birds team they couldn’t race with old pigeons, that’s why they only had a team of 30 yearling hens ready with only 8 of them who had ‘national’ experience. The National Ace bird was one of the 8 as he raced as a youngster 3 National races.

During the Winter period the hens can enjoy the aviaries in front of the lofts and don’t have to think about breeding. They only come together in April and can breed for 18 days, this nest is then taken down and the widowhood can start off. The ladies reside on a resting loft on chapels and the floor has rolls on it so they don’t have to deal with pairing up amongst each other too much..

During the training they are being tossed at maximum 30km and from then on they go to Quièvrain. Due to the minor experience they lost quiet some late youngsters so the team became smaller but luckily there was a super hen amongst them that made up for everything.

During the season the hens train twice a day without a problem. They reside during the entire week on the resting loft and don’t come onto the breeding loft. They can only see their cock for about 15 minutes just before basketing, after the race they can stay together until the day after

The National Ace bird All Round

The plan was to race the year birds only on the greater middle distance but as the team wasn’t that big anymore I decided to race this hen also on the long distance race and she classified herself nicely twice on Aurillac and Limoges. Also her father proofed himself to be good on these long distance races and on mothers’ side you can also find the pure long distance blood. So she had a change on winning the national ace bird All round competition so I prepared her for Narbonne. She has always been a very fierce hen who always had 3 boxes and 3 cocks at basketing. This is what she did both while leaving as at arrival. As Narbonne had to be the icing on the cake I left her for this race on the breeding loft together with all the cocks and she courted like a princess. This turned out very positively with the real icing on the cake !

Nevertheless it was all very exciting before this last race as on the last training on Sunday she stayed away for several hour and only got home at 14h in the afternoon. Would this training have an influence on her results? This lady proofed everybody wrong !

BE 2005138-18 “ALL ROUND BLACKY”
1 Nat Ace bird All Round KBDB 2019

2            ARGENTON  336b
  25 PROV                     1,940b
323 NAT                      22,826b
    4 PROV NARBONNE 507b 870km
  86 NAT                        3,580b
    5             AURILLAC   133b
  42 NAT (z)                   1,009b
114 NAT                         3,584b
    6             BOURGES     680b 444km
154 NAT (z)                   6,524b
    7            NOYON       1,446b
    9            NOYON       2,265b
  11            LIMOGES       908b 636km
  20 NAT (z)                   3,418b
153 NAT                       10,783b

Father 2031177/2016 Black Bliksem Ace
7 Nat Ace bird Long distance KBDB 2017
Won o.a. 1 Nat (z) Limoges 3,197b – 14 Nat (z) Tulle 2,627b
Son to “299/14” Gilbert I Erik Limbourg x “078/14” Bliksem Blacky II – 1 Prov Ace bird KBDB ’15 and daughter golden couple

Mother 3031941/2013 Chequered
Orig. Gino Clicque
Mother to “Gabriella” 1 I.Nat (dv ) Agen 2,016b – 6 I.Nat 9,043b
Daughter to “754/12” Son Piraat x “960/08” Daughter Bijter

BE 2033230-17 “PRINCESS GINA”

    2 I.PROV CHEVRAIN               578b 318km
    4               CHEVRAIN               285b 318km
  12 NAT (z) CHATEAUROUX  3,737b 490km
  14               BOURGES                 557b 444km
  16 PROV   BLOIS                     1,408b 425km
  72 NAT      CHATEAUROUX 27,081b 490km
  78 I.PROV CHEVRAIN            2,240b 318km
183 NAT      ARGENTON           8,818b 519km

Father “BE 3141149-16” Prince Bliksy
Orig. Gino Clique
Son to “Prince Rudy” 1 Nat Limoges 6,272b ( fastest against 14,575b ) x “Blisky Pasha” 1 Nat (z) Bourges 11,401b

Mother “BE 3141137-16” Carrera Princes
Orig. Gino Clique
Daughter to “Zoon Super Prince” is father to 1 Nat Chateauroux 47,286b x “Daughter Golden Prince” 1 Nat Ace bird Long distance year birds KBDB ’17

Deze duivin “Princess Gina” werd in de winter nog gekoppeld en 2 jongen zorgden in 2019 al voor mooie resultaten.

This hen “Princess Gina” was being coupled this winter and 2 youngsters already took care for really nice results in 2019.

Mother to “031/19” 1 Fay-Au-Loges 603d ( 7 Prov 2,377b ) and 3 Prov Argenton 1,844b ( 57 NAT 23,258b )
Mother to “105/19” 27 Fay-Au-Loges 603d – 87 Noyon 2,769b

BE 2033143-17 “RIHANNA”


1               BOURGES              557b 444km
  21 NAT (z)                               2,836b
  97 NAT                                    8,978b
    1 PROV   GUERET                  497b 555km
    2 NAT (z)                               2,775b
  14 NAT                                     8,517b
    2 I.PROV CHEVRAIN          1,411b 318km
    6 NAT (z) ARGENTON        6,640b 519km
  37 NAT                                  19,859b
    8 PROV   BLOIS                   1,408b 425km
    8 PROV   BOURGES            1,103b 444km
  41 NAT (z)                               6,920b
175 NAT                                   19,133b
  15 I.PROV CHEVRAIN          2,655b 318km
  37 NAT (z) CHATEAUROUX 3,737b 490km
202 NAT                                   13,098b
111 NAT (z) CHATEAUROUX 8,486b 490km
312 NAT                                   27,081b

Father “BE 3107582-16” Rudy Argentina
Orig. Gino Clique
Son to “Prince Rudy”1 Nat Limoges 6,272b x “Argentina” 6 Nat Ace bird GMD KBDB ‘14

Mother “BE 2273048-14” Sister Hanna
Won herself 2 Prov Blois 1,500b
Sister “Hanna” 3 Nat Ace bird GMD youngsters KBDB ‘13

New loft for the youngsters

They’ve built a new loft past Winter for the youngsters, about 300 youngsters where being placed on this new loft. It is a deep loft with a hallway in front and in front of that again big aviaries who are fully closed. The front is being protected with wind breakers and the pigeons can go into the loft via the roof of the aviaries. The roof itself is fully isolated and during the day they can choose by going in to the loft or staying in the aviaries, the bigger part of the day they like to stay in the aviaries. The entire racing team has been darkened from the beginning of April until the 21st of June as from 18h in the evening until 8 o’clock in the morning. From the longest day on they are being enlightend until the end of the season from 05h30 in the morning until 23h in the evening.

The young pigeons are tossed more than the year birds and in fact they have to take off like a spear on the releasing point and be home before yourself. From then on they are fully set to go further. The sexes stay together until 14 days before Bourges but as they didn’t have enough kilometres Bourges and Chateauroux where skipped. They did 3x Noyon, 2x middle distance and then half of the team went to Argenton and Chateauroux to let them have some experience.


The pigeons race each week and so I trust on my fixed schedule which takes care of a quick recovery and for enough energy towards the next race.

Arrival : Breeding Flanders Finest with Boost in the drinking water
Sunday : 100% Light Plus Flanders Finest with TurboXcell over the food and Tollyamin Forte in the drinking water Schroeder – Tollisan
Monday : 50% Light Plus Flanders Finest and 50% Finish ( Sport ) with over the food TurboXcell, Biovamine, Optima Forma and Condintional powder from Norbert Peeters and Tollyamin Forte in the drinking water Schroeder – Tollisan
Tuesday : 100% Finish ( Sport )
Wednesday : 100% Finish ( Sport ) with TurboXcell over the food together with Conditional powder from Norbert Peeters and Hepasan from Pro Bel Fly in the drinking water
Thursday : same food as on Wednesday but pure drinking water

In a medical way the vet visits them every fortnight, the racing team are being purified against trichomoniases before the start of the season and if there might be a problem we can interfere quickly. This season they got twice a tricho pill after check-up.

The same schedule for the airways, the pigeons are being treated in Spring and during the season we try to leave them be as much as possible.

Best results 2019

Argenton 336 year birds : 2,4,12,21,26,30,32,… 9/12
Aurillac 213 year birds : 5,… 2/2
Noyon 386 youngsters : 1,5,6,12,16,24,25,… 18/54
Noyon 846 youngsters: 9,10,16,22,23,25,32,33,34,35,… 65/106
Noyon 533 youngsters: 1,3,4,6,7,8,9,11,14,16,19,20,21,22,23,24,… 101/150
Toury 1.514 youngsters : 1,2,3,6,7,13,14,15,19,26,27,28,29,31,34,39,42,46,51,60,65,69,72,75,77,78,95,101,102,103,104,107,119,120,124,125,126,… 57/148
Fay – Aux – Loges 603 youngsters : 1,10,11,21,27,29,… 36/102
Argenton 350 youngsters : 1,8,11,17,19,22,29,31,34,35,… 30/103
Chateauroux 848 youngsters : 1,4,9,13,21,25,27,29,…

The entire HERBOTS TEAM likes to wish Jan & Gustaaf again a big congratulations on their results.