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Gert Rotman ( NL ) 1st FCI World Ranking 2022 ( after 32 races )

11 Nov 2022

The sensation on the One Loft race flights in 2022 is Gert Rotman from Beuningen in the Netherlands. He won 3 finals in one month and what is even better is that the pigeons also do very well in the regular flights in Belgium and the Netherlands. A unique mix of pigeons that can handle both flights. For the first time Gert brings young pigeons through an internet sale with of course the very best from his colony. Especially 3 children from the OLR Winners of this season and 1 child from his best breeding couples in recent years. Those who want to shine on the OLR flights in the coming years will have the opportunity here.

1st Final OLR Algarve Great Derby 2.063p – 486km  ( 60,000 Euro prize money )
1st Final OLR Autostrada Romania – 435km – 1087 m/min
1st Final OLR Super Star Romania – 420km – 969 m/min
1st Ace Pigeon OLR Autostrada Romania

He already has a good past for the OLR Algarve Great Derby because he already won this edition in 2015 with “Daughter Algarve Couple” and in 2018 he won the 1st Ace pigeon with “White Sensation 662”. In 2016 he won bronze in the final flight so these races are the favorite domain of these pigeons.

Top references on Belgian lofts 

2nd National Tulle 4.993 year birds ( 2nd fastest from 9.178 birds ) 
3th National Ace GMD Young birds KBDB 2020 
9th National Limoges 15.881 old birds
23th National Bourges 59.253 birds
42nd National Bourges 10.366 year birds
61th National La Souteraaine 6.761 year birds
76th National Gueret 12.208 year birds
91th National Issoudun 12.349 year birds
107th National Gueret 12.208 year birds

Top references on Dutch lofts

1st Duffel 14,504 birds ( mother is inbred to Algarve Koppel )
1st Prov Chalons de Champagne 12.004 birds ( Sister White Sensation 622)
1st NPO Morlincourt 8,028 birds ( Grandchild Algarve Couple )
1st Beek en Donk 3,909 birds ( grandchild Algarve Couple )
1st Gennip 2,544 birds ( Grandchild Algarve Couple )
1st NPO Sens 2.065 birds ( daughter of the above 1st NPO Morlincourt winner and great-grandchild Algarve Couple )
2nd Bierges 11,941 birds ( Grandchild Algarve Couple )
2nd Quievrain 2,585 birds ( grandchild Algarve Couple )


NL 22-4071065 “Algarve 065”
1st Final race OLR Algarve Great Derby 2022 ( 486km )

Sire NL 20-4500526 “De 526”
Inbred to “Moonraker JR” 
“Moonraker JR” is grandfather 2nd Nationaal Tulle 4.993b ( 2nd fastest 9.178 birds ) 664km
“Moonraker JR” is father from “Fenomeen” 2nd Semi Final Golden Algarve 2021 4.794 birds
“Moonraker JR” is grandfather “NL 22-4071927” 1st Finale race OLR Super star Romania 420km in 2022. 
Grandson “Moonraker” Henk Simonsz 1st Final race OLR Krakus ( 530km ) 
Grandson “Queen of the Algarve” 11th Semi Final OLR Golden Algarve 2018

Dam NL 19-4492630 “Sister White Sensation”
Sister from “White Sensation 662” 1st Ace OLR Algarve Great Derby 2018
    8 / 1.244p Final 414km, 43 / 1.365p Semi Final 220km ,  27 / 1.473p – 11 / 1.623p 150km
Sister from “313” is father from “Golden 640” ( raced with Falckenborg – Nijhof )
He won a.o. 1 Prov Chalons 11.861b – 6 NPO Issoudun 1.425b – 24 Prov Chalons 10.871b – 33 Prov Chalons 5.842b – 68 Prov Chalons 9.217b – 72 Prov Quievrain 8.275b
Strain Dirk van Dijck x Samson Boye

NL 22-4072209 “ALGARVE SENSATION 209” 

NL 22-4070993 “Austrada 993”

Final winner OLR Austrada Romania 2022 ( 435km ) 1087 m/min
1st ACE OLR Autostrada Roemenië 2022
2nd place Hotspot 3 ( 240km ) and 76 Semi Final ( 320km )

Father is again the line of “Moonraker 211” from Henk Simonz from which Gert himself breeds very good pigeons, crossed with Erik Limbourg x De Rauw Sablon via J.D. Poortvliet.

The mother is a daughter of “Bosnian Princess” from Safet Duran, who won the Algarve OLR final in 2018 in difficult circumstances. This hen is also the mother of 2nd National Tulle 9,178 yearlings this season in Belgium. Talk about a super breeding hen.

NL 22-4070980 “AUTOSTRADA 980” 

NL 22-4071927 “Super Star 927”1ST Final winner OLR Super Star Romania 2022 ( 420km ) 969 M/MIN
6TH Ace OLR Austrada Romania 2022

This was a very hard race where this Winner was no less than half an hour ahead of the 2nd pigeon and his speed was only 969 m/min.

Father here is "Great 780" who is a son of "Algarve Queen" or the one and only stock mother of the colony of Gert Rotman.

Mother is “Sister Fenomeen”“Fenomeen” became 2nd Semi Final Algarve Golden Race 4,794 pigeons
Her sire is “Moonraker 911 JR” and is a half brother of the sire of 2nd National Tulle this year at Cleirbaut – Samson. Here “Moonraker Jr” was coupled to a hen from Danny Van Dijck.
Mother is a full sister of “Jacinta”“Jacinta” won 3rd International Ace Pigeon Hotspots SAMDPRShe won 3rd / 2,071p – 27th / 2,334p – 31st / 2,216p – 52nd Final 1,548 pigeons
Her father is inbred “New Nationaaltje” Chris Van de Wetering and her mother is inbred to the Algarve couple. Again this couple is at the root of so many successes.

NL 22-4072461 “SUPERSTAR 461”  


Cock : BE 12-6178932 “Algarve King” – Samson – Boye
              Son from “Dirk” Dirk Leekens ( Strain Freddy Pros Roosen and Grandson Lucky 
              Luke ) x “Granddaughter Figo” Paul Huls 
Hen: DV 04628-13-365 “Algarve Queen” – SG Böwing & Jansen
              Daughter “Son New Freddy” 1ste National Ace Heavy M.D. KBDB 
              and superbreeder PEC x “Daughter Freddy” Pros Roosen

They are the parents of“Algarve 280” 1st Final Algarve Great Derby 2015
“NL 17-44440283” The 283               
          Father of “NL 21-4601828” 3 x TOP 100 National in 2022    
              Won 61 NAT La Souterraine 6,761p – 76 NAT Gueret 12,208p – 91 NAT Issoudun 12,349p                
         Grandfather of “Jacinta” 3rd International Ace Pigeon Hotspots SAMDPR                
         Grandfather of “Jacinta”                               
                 Mother “Fenomeen” 2nd Semi Final Algarve Golden Race 2021 4,794 pigeons                               
                 Grandmother “Super Star 927” 1st Final winner OLR Austrada Romania 2022 ( 435km ) 969 m/min 
“NL 17-4440131” Son Algarve Couple               
         Father of 1st NPO Morlincourt 8.028 pigeons               
         Father of 2nd Bierges 11,941 pigeons               
         Grandfather of 1st NPO Sens 2.065 pigeons
“NL 17-4440287”
        Father of 9th National Limoges 15.881b
          Father of “Queen of The Algarve” 11 Semi Final 3,895p – 56 Final 2,132p OLR Golden Algarve 2018

NL 22-4071003 “Algarve 003” Super quality, beautiful hen for each breeding loft

Cock : BE 12-6178924 “De 924” Samson – Boye
            Son from “Vooruit” topracer middle distance and grandson “Figo” x “Safina”
            ( Erik Limbourg x Pros Roosen )
Hen : BE 16-6011703 “White Lady” – Dirk Van Dijck 

They are the parents of

NL 19-4492630”               
           Mother “NL 22-4071065” 1st Final race OLR Algarve Great Derby 2022 ( 486km )

“White Sensation 662” 1st Ace Pigeon Algarve Great Derby 2018
NL 19-4492313 “The 313”                
        Father of “NL 20-4500640” Golden 640               
             Top flyer in the Netherlands at Falckenborg – Nijhof                
                Won a.o. 1 Prov Chalons 11,861p – 6 NPO Issoudun 1,425p – 24 Prov Chalons 10,871p 
                  33 Prov Chalons 5.842p – 68 Prov Chalons 9.217p – 72 Prov Quievrain 8.275p

NL 22-4071953 “White Sensation 953”, beautiful hen ( rating 95 % )

Gert congratulations on these fantastic victories from the entire HERBOTS TEAM.


Buelens Kim