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Gerard Koopman ... created the all-round winner

21 Feb 2021

The achievements of the famous Dutch top colony Gerard Koopman are more than known by anyone who follows the pigeon sport. Achieving victories and preferably against thousands of competitors is simply baked in the blood of the Gerard Koopman pigeon. We can list a lot of internationally known Koopman pigeons but the absolute leader, first on the racing loft and afterwards on the breeding loft, was without any doubt "Kleine Dirk". 

Numerous reports have already explained the breeding and flying capacities of this exceptional top pigeon several times. But time goes fast and meanwhile there are already new "heroes" in the breeding boxes on the impressive installation of Gerard and his team.
Speaking of Gerard and his team... these are really top people... about the performance of their own pigeons you will never hear them blowing high from the tower and about the performance of their fellow pigeon fanciers there will always be spoken with the necessary respect. Big and small champions... for Gerard everyone is equal... and that's very much respected in the pigeon loft. 
In 2019 the Koopman colony wrote again some Dutch pigeon history. Never before had anyone won a national sector race in the same weekend at the Marathon and the one day long distance... but Gerard has been able to describe this feat on his record. Not to estimate what those classy Koopman pigeons can shake out of their wings. 
Another achievement that Gerard and his team are very proud of is the 3rd place in OLR Million Dollar (South Africa). In one of the toughest editions ever (only 3 pigeons reached their loft on the day of release) Team Koopman won the 3rd prize with their topper "Viënto" (NL19-1244638).

One of the strategies Gerard follows is to breed the all-round pigeon. A pigeon that can perform on the Dutch races and the OLR races worldwide and who is able to print the name Koopman the top of each results. 

Recent successes in OLR 

Pattaya International One Loft Race, Thailand 

(One of the most prestigious one loft races in the world)

Summary season 2020 – 2021 

21 December ’20 : Kapchoeng district 330 km 1,32 and 70 against 4577 p.
30 December ’20  Kantharalak district 430 km, 3,5,7,19 and 71 against 3524 p. 
09 January ’21 : Sirindhorn district 530 km 8,9,18,42 and 60 against 2145 p.          

Winning birds are:

330 km race, NL-2020-1080813  1st prize

430 km race, NL-2020-1080626 3rd prize

430 km race, NL-2020-1080650  5th prize
430 km race, NL-2020-1080693  7th prize
530 km race, NL-2020-1080803  8th prize
530 km race, NL-2020-1080767  9th prize

Summary season 2017 -2018 

‘Manimukda’ NL-2017-4704046 
1st prize winner, final race 530 km Prizemoney: US $ 131.000,-- Sold for: US $ 94.000,--
Total win US $ 225.000,--
Bred direct from: ‘Galicia’ (inbred Kleine Dirk)

‘One Loft Dream’ NL-2017-4704128
1st Overall ace-pigeon. Prizemoney: US $ 13.000,-- Sold for: US $ 109.000,-- Total win US $ 122.000,--
Bred direct from :  ‘Kjeld’s Choice’ with ‘Ratana’

‘Keep Dreaming’ NL-2017-1643767
3rd Overall ace-pigeon.
Bred from a full brother of ‘Bert jr.’ 

Pioneer Club, China

The present most well known and most expensive pigeon in the world is James’ Legend. This since 2018 

James’ Legend was in 2018 1st ace-pigeon Pioneer club. Winning ao

11 October Qi Xian (497 km)       8th           7361 p. (1334 mtr./min)
18 October He Zer (503 km)       6th           6579 p. (1359 mtr./min)
25 October Feng Qiu (549 km)   1st           2510 p. (1140 mtr./min)
1   November Hua Xian (504 km)              16st         976 p. (1339 mtr./min) 

He is the grandson of a full sister to ‘Royal Dream’ 

South African Million Dollar Race, SA 

SAMDPR 2019 – 2020 

‘Viento’ NL-2019-1244638 wins 3rd prize in final race (only 3 birds home on releasing day) Prizemoney: US $ 100.000,--  Sold for: US $ 28.000,-- Pooling money: US $ 6600,--  Totally: 134.600,-- US $

‘Viento’ is bred from ‘Chinara’ NL-2017-1643976 a direct daughter to ‘Royal Dream’ 

Victoria Falls One Loft Race, Zimbabwe


‘All in One’ NL-2019-1244846 won the final race on the 14th of august, 544 km 
Bred from ‘Alzina’ = from ‘Magic Man’ * ‘Zina’ 


Miss Sonnenfee’ is mother to the 1st prize winner of Hot Spot race nr. 5 in OLR Victoria Falls 

‘Zambezi’ NL-2018-1455675 winning himself 5th prize in OLR Victoria Falls 2018 Prizemoney: US $ 30.000,-- Sold for US $ 28.000,-- Pooling money: US $ 5700,-- Totally: US $ 63.700,--
More important, the father of ‘Zambezi’ is again ‘Kjeld’s Choice’
‘Zambezi’ is father to Mr. ‘Kap Choeng’ 1st prize winner Pattaya OLR from 330 km race at 21 december 2020


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