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Frans Rutten from Horst with his All Round class shines in 2022 with 1-2-3-4 against 15,903 pigeons.

30 Nov 2022

Frans Rutten lives in Horst in North Limburg, he plays top both in his department and at national level and has already achieved some top performances as a young handsome. The best result in 2022 was 1-2-3-4 Provincial Chimay against 15,903 pigeons.

He became National Loft Champion youngsters in 2007 and 2011, in addition to several NPO victories in the middle distance races thanks to the extremely strong base of the Koopman pigeons.

Frans chose to invest in the Gerard Koopman pigeons in the period around 2007, he achieved results very quickly, making this bloodline the basis of his colony. With “Miss Pitha” he won 1st NPO Pithiviers 11,852 pigeons and “Miss Lin” 1st NPO Pithiviers 14,959 pigeons, which mainly thanks to stock cock “Willem” for several top exploits in several generations. Of course you cannot build on 1 line and he looked for other top material that he found at Wilberg Tauben. DV 0712-10-471 is a blue cock that came from “Champ” from Marijke Vink, the son of “Tips” x “Jean” coupled to the “Schone Kannibaaltje” which was bred out of “De Kannibaal” x “Sister Rambo ” by Dirk van Dyck.

He became father of “Aike”, “Anne” and “Annelee”. The latter won 1st Ace pigeon 2015 and 2016 and in 2017 became 5th Ace pigeon Limburg in the one day long distance. “Aike” became 9th Ace Pigeon middle distance Limburg with 2nd NPO Argenton 2,694p, 21st NPO Lorris 9,017p and 28th NPO Lorris 12.917p. With such pigeons Frans was able to go to war and for several years continued to build up a stock with these crossings, which was strengthened in 2015 with pigeons from Jo & Florian Hendriks. Also here in the Koopman blood and especially the line of "Kleine Gerard" had inspired him to bring in new talent for Horst.

In 2020 Frans reached his peak in his career so far by winning 1st National Issoudun against 12,191 pigeons in his favorite flights. Here too Gerard Koopman's pigeons formed the basis, as his father is a grandson of "Kleine Dirk". Pure national top class.

"De Kannibaal" grew into a progenitor of this colony, in the auction that is now online 2 children of this classy pigeon.

NL 22-8598838 “Cannibal 838” and NL 22-8598839 “Cannibal 839”

At the moment there is a wonderful auction of proven top pigeons from this colony together with some youngsters from the best of this colony.

Toppers in auction

NL 19-1068565 “Mayke”

A class hen that shone in the races with 2nd Provincial Chimay against 15,903 pigeons after loft mate this season and also won 6th against 1,356 pigeons and 7th against 2,469 pigeons from Chalons. She is a granddaughter of "Miss Phita" 1st NPO Pithiviers against 11,852 pigeons.

NL 21-1345547 “Big Boss”

A proven yearling who won 27th National Sector Issoudun against 3,312 pigeons and is a full brother of “Lisa” 1st Provincial Chimay against 15,903 pigeons this year. He is a son of the best breeder who comes from "Miss Phita" because last year "New Kannibaal" raced super through the season and now it is the turn of "Big Boss". His mother is “Inbred to Miss Lin” who won 1st NPO Pithiviers against 14,959p and is full Gerard Koopman blood.

Super breeder son “Miss Pitha”

We said it just above with “Big Boss”, the best son of “Miss Pitha” is NL 17-1480433.

He became father of “Lisa” 1 Prov Chimay 15.903p – 2 Melun 652p – 3 Sezanne 1.626p – 13 Melun 3.433p – 48 Sens 3.42p
He became father of “Big Boss” 27th Nat Sector Issoudun 3.312p
He became father of “New Kannibaal” 1st Rethel 3.449p – 1 Rethel 1.402p – 3 Marche 1.364p – 4 Chalons 1.055p – 4 Isnes 724p – 6 Rethel 1.217p - ….

Especially here 2 children in this auction from this top breeder

NL 22-8598833 “Dirkje 833” and NL 22-8598834 “Dirkje 834”