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Frans & Gert Rondags from Spouwen with all their national ace pigeons

25 Jan 2022

The Rondags colony not only thundered through the season in 2019 and 2020, but the previous years were also excellent in the field of National Ace pigeons.

If you list only the TOP 3 National, you will find the following ace pigeons
1 Nat Ace bird sprint youngsters KBDB 2018 with “Nafi”
2 Nat Ace bird middle distance old KBDB 2013 with “First Lady”
2 Nat Ace Pigeon Sprint Old KBDB 2019 with “Boela”
2 Nat Ace Pigeon Sprint Yearlings KBDB 2019 with “Rogerke”
3 Nat Ace bird middle distance old KBDB 2014 with “Martine”
3 Nat Ace bird middle distance old KBDB 2017 with “Golden Marie”

On top of this some Olympiad pigeons
1st Olympiad Pigeon Cat.A KBDB Olympic Hope 2020 with “Boela”
3rd Olympiad pigeon Cat.F Poznan 2019 with “Nafi”
3rd Olympiad Pigeon Cat.A KBDB Olympic Hope 2020 with “Nina”

Superstar “Nafi”

This top hen showed her as a youngster with 4 pure first prizes and 1st National Ace pigeon Sprint youngsters KBDB 2018 and also became 3rd Olympiad pigeon Cat.F Poznan 2019.

Her sister “710/18” also won 3 pure first prizes.

They both come from the super couple “Mister Bolt” x “Granddaughter Tom”In this auction there is a full brother of "Nafi" and a half sister. 
Here the father of "Nafi" was coupled to a daughter of "Boela".

BE 21-5068931 “Brother Nafi” and BE 21-5094773 “Bontje Nafi”

“Rogerke” and “Leo”

Rogerke flew 39 races and classified 36 x per 10 and won 6 x 1st and 17 x per 100 or almost half of his competitions he classified per 100. As a young bird he won 1st Prov Ace pigeon youngsters speed KBDB for “Nafi” and became 7th National Ace pigeon sprint youngsters that same year. The following year he was crowned 2nd National Ace bird sprint yearlings KBDB 2019.Wonder cock of size and above all a direct son of "Golden Marie" who himself was 3rd National Ace Pigeon H.F. KBDB 2017 became.

His brother “Leo” won 2 x 1st and 7 x per 100 and classified as 8th National Ace bird yearlings KBDB 2019

In this auction especially a daughter of the grandmother of "Roger" and "Leo" 
BE 21-5094777 “Superke 777”

BE 21-5094329 “Leontien”
This daughter comes from the same father of “Roger” and “Leo” and the mother is a full sister of “Golden Marie”

The new top couple that Frans & Gert discovered in 2021 was “Witpen Caprio” x Lady 503”.

This couple gave in 2021, 293/21. This is a young hen that flew very well in the middle distance and became 2nd Provincial Ace bird middle distance KBDB.

Her father comes from a sister of "Boela" and "Nina" crossed with the line of Di Caprio of Dirk Van Dijck and the mother is a sister of the Ace pigeon at Rabe in Germany. 
But this is again a granddaughter of First Lady who was in the National Ace pigeons with Frans himself.

There are also 2 children from this couple in this auction

BE 21-5068904 “Ace Lady 904” and BE 21-5094762 “Ace Lady 762”.