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Frans & Gert Rondags also strike on the national races

14 Jan 2021

Who thought that the colony from Frans & Gert Rondags only existed out of short distance racers is wrong. They both like to race the different races but as they carry out their hobby with true passion and especially like to see them to get home. With a pigeon on 100km this is off course nice but Frans admits honestly that the season of 2020 gave him a few really nice moments on the national races and he might would like to have a go in winning such a national race. 

Power to the hens on the National races.  

He races the nationals mostly with hens alone who get the same preparation as the other pigeons and also remain at the same loft. The system has to work and the fancier will have the feeling of the feeding under control. 

That’s why more than one hen showed themselves on the national races in 2020 and we gladly like to introduce them to you. 

BE 19-5098865 “Lore” 

This hen won 1st National (z) Chateauroux and won 7th National against 2,721 old birds on the last race of the season. Especially the coming out of the mass is the thing to do here seen the location against the mass at the other side of the country. This hens also won the 1st prize on the short distance races and shows again that the all-round class is present in these pigeons. 

Father “BE 16-2313071” Inbred Don Michel ( via Rigo Lenaers )
Inbred to “Don Michel” Cor De Heijde

Mother “BE 16-2314902” Blue 
½ sister “Gueretje” see underneath
Daughter to super breeding hen “Daughter G-Power” 

In this online auction you can find 2 sisters to “Lore” in lot numbers 4 and 5
BE 20-5113898 and “BE 20-5113897” 

BE 19-5098863 “Gueretje” 

During the season this hen was already extra ordinary on the national races and was truly the best hen at the Rondags’ place on the longer distances. She won 1st National (z) Gueret 1,071 yearlings, 5th National (z) Argenton 537 yearlings and ended the season with the 24th National Chateauroux 2,721 old and yearling birds together. In short, a super hen that will have to race a lot of kilometres in 2021 to give even more brilliance to her palmaris. 

Father “BE 17-5127232” Chequered ( Lode Visschers )
Family to the base couple with ao: 3 Prov winners, 1 zonal winner and 1 Semi National winner

Mother “BE 15-4236234” Daughter G-Power ( A & G Vanrenterghem )
Best breeding hen on the loft for the national races
Also mother to “G-Marie” who was old in the first auction and shined on the shorter races until 340km with 3x 1st and 10 x per 100.
Daughter to “Brother 1st National Gueret” x “Sister 1st Nat (z) Tulle 2,572b”
In this hen you can find a lot of Gaby Vandenabeele blood and comes out of the very best of the colony from A & G Vanrenterghem

Also in this auction you can find a brother and sister to “Gueretje” under lot numbers 8 and 9
BE 20-5122064 and BE 20-5104124 

BE 17-5119364 “Lady Argenton”

In the last online auction “Lady Argenton” was sold. She won 6x TOP 100 National zone with ao. 11th National Chateauroux 1,790b  

Her younger sister “819/19” won 1,3,4,5 Semi – Provincial on the middle distance in 2020 and showed herself being one of the best yearlings of the loft. 

In other words a golden couple where you also can find a child to under lot number 14, BE 20-5122074

Off course we asked Frans & Gert to breed something special out of their very best short distance racers for this online auction. 

This unique offer existing out of 2 brothers to “Nafi” can be found under lot numbers 1 and 2 

BE 20-5122099 and BE 20-5122100

Full brothers to “Nafi” 1st National Ace bird Short Distance youngsters KBDB 2018 with 4x 1st and full brothers to “Sister Nafi” 3 x 1st 

Again the golden combination from “Mr.Bolt” coupled to the old strain from Frans & Gert. The top pigeons “Boela” – “Nina” – “Rogerke” and “Leo” all have the DNA from Mr.Bolt in them.

Also the next pigeon is one like this with the best short distance blood running through her veins namely lot number 3, BE 20-5122089 “Romarie” 

½ sister to “Rogerke” 2nd National Ace bird Short distance KBDB 2019 and 7th National Ace bird Short Distance youngsters KBDB 2018 
½ sister to “Leo” 8th National Ace bird Short Distance KBDB 2019 

Have a look at the online auction that ends Monday 25/01/2021 at 15h00. Top quality from a real all-round colony.