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Flanders Collection (Liedekerke) Mega results based on a strong breeding strain

20 May 2023

Liedekerke: You just have to do it. Investing at the right time in Dirk Van den Bulck's total collection and then continuing to "fine tune" this champion loft into a top-performing colony. This art has duo Yannick Deridder-Bruno Van Den Brande who form the Flanders Collection team in their fingers. Their results of the last few seasons may safely be catalogued in the "chain results" folder, and the individual palmares of the toppers also appeal to the imagination. 
A fairy tale that may perhaps be entitled "Once upon a time, there was topper De Kittel and his family". Truly unique! 


"De Kittel" and his parents 
Yannick says: "In 2014, we bought the entire loft from Dirk Van Den Bulck. Toppers of this colony were "De Kittel", 1st nat. Ace pigeon KBDB 2013 Young Pigeons Speed. "Greipel", the 6th nat. Ace KBDB 2013 Young Pigeons Speed and "Olympic Rosita", 1st Olympiad Pigeon 2013 Cat. F Nitra and also mother of "Kittel" and "Greipel". "Olympic Rosita" gave birth to 8 different children who became or bred national ace pigeons.
Dirk Van Den Bulck's absolute breeding pair was "Brother Good Red 992" (line "New Rossi" x "Eenoogje") x "The 40,000 Duivin" (line "Olympiade 003", 1st Olympiad pigeon Cat. A Liévin 2003, 2nd ace KBDB speed 2002). Some 20 more children were bred from this which, together with children of "Kittel" and "Greipel", form the basis of the Van Den Bulck line in the breeding loft.
In 2020, there was the contribution of pigeons from André Roodhooft. Children of "Tom" and "Brother Tom 691" are doing fine.
"De Kittel", born and raced on the lofts of Dirk Van Den Bulck, has taken the results on his own breeding/flying loft, as well as numerous other top international lofts to an unseen high level. He became national ace KBDB in 2013 with a strong coefficient of 0.95%, and later became a breeding icon in our breeding lofts. Its successes and influence at national championships in various countries such as Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal, Denmark, USA, China, Australia, Iraq, Egypt, Morocco, Kuwait, United Emirates, Poland, Austria is unseen. 
In Britain, the "Kittel" line already won 2x 1st national ace RPRA in the last four years, and has been the key to success for Les Green, Gordon Brothers, Fenech Brothers, John Angwin, Nicklin. Successes with the "Kittel" line were also not absent in the lofts of Macaloney & Ian Stafford.
In Germany, it was Andreas Drapa who has been dominating the Tipes national championships for 2-3 years with the "Kittel" line. SG Steffl, SG Kusser, Hagedorn-Becker, Stiens-Schlief in turn dominate the RV and provincial championships with youngsters from the "Kittel" line.
In the Netherlands, Sangers became the man to beat with the best of Flanders Collection/"Kittel" line. With numerous wins against mass and 3rd national ace pigeon, the "Kittel" input was a hit. The successes with the Leideman brothers and Peter Janssen didn't let up either, just to name a few of the lofts that succeeded with the super line of "Kittel". 
In Austria, it was Walter & Karin Essbüchl who pulled off an incredible stunt by winning 1st + 2nd national ace pigeon with the "Kittel" line in 2019. The descendants of a top son "Kittel" on the Hagedorn-Becker lofts brought results up to national level for Essbüchl SG Krumtünger.
In Denmark, the "Kittel" line for Mark Skovbo Madsen won the 1st national ace pigeon in 2021. Several big races were won at Mark's by the new contribution of the "Kittel" line crowned by the gold medal at the national championships. 
 In USA, pigeon racing is still a beating heart in "Little Belgium", a term Americans gave to "the hotspot" of pigeon racing in US. The famous "Gulf Homing Club" is based there in Brooksville Florida, where the best compete against each other. When the first pigeons of the famous "Kittel" line made their entry with Andy Larenztakis and John Marles, it was an instant hit. AU qualifiers (national ace pigeons), GHC champions, Derby winner and One loft winners became the normal out of this new input with these men. This year it was at the lofts of "Dutchman" and Mike Cortez that the 1st ace GHC was won with the "Kittel" line, where the same pigeon is also in the running for 1st AU qualifier for 2021.
That was the international impact, but also on a national level, this golden breeding line has made a lot of 
brought about.
1st national ace KBDB 2022 short distance youngsters at Beyl Pierre
1st national ace KBDB 2020 short distance old birds - out of sister "Olympic Rosita"
1st national ace KBDB 2018 middle distance youngsters - out of line "Brother Good Red", uncle "Kittel"
1st national ace KBDB 2016 short distance old pigeons - from line "Goede Rode", father "Kittel"
1st national ace KBDB 2015 middle-distance youngsters - from line "Broer Goede Rode", uncle "Kittel"
1st national ace KBDB 2013 short distance youngsters - "Kittel" itself
1st national ace KBDB 2013 short distance old pigeons - from line "Goede Rode", father "Kittel"
2nd national ace pigeon KBDB 2014 middle-distance youngsters - from line "Brother Good Red", uncle "Kittel"
4th national ace KBDB 2018 short distance youngsters - from line sister "Kittel 702/14"
7th national ace KBDB 2017 short distance youngsters - from line "Broer Goede Rode", nonkel "Kittel"
7th national ace KBDB 2015 short distance youngsters - from line "Goede Rode", father "Kittel"
8th national ace KBDB 2020 short distance youngsters - out of "Olympic Kittel" & sister "Kittel 702/14"


Leo Heremans...the 2nd base piler.
Yannick goes on to say, "At Leo Heremans they got from the cream of his colony. Success came from the "030" line, the "Gilbert" line, the "Bolt" line. On Leo's last sale, therefore, the "030" itself was purchased for breeding. Thus "Golden Lady 751", which is a daughter of the top pair "Nieuwe Rossi" x "Eenoogje", became one of the basic pigeons in the breeding loft. The two children "Gilbert" x "Golden Lady 751", full brother "Bolt" and son "Bolt" with "Dubbel Aske", were a hit in 2013. Then in 2017, another 20 or so youngsters from Leo's best breeders, selected by Leo Heremans himself, came to Liedekerke."

The racing  system
Yannick and Bruno go for an extensive racing team. They have a group of 50 widowers, 50 racing hens and 200 youngsters. They play on 20 m racing lofts with 3 departments for the widowers, 3 departments for the youngsters, 2 empty lofts and 1 department for the hens.
The lofts are completely closed inside but the front is completely open in wire. The lofts for the youngsters are open at the front in winter and summer. The other lofts are open depending on the temperature. If the lofts at the front are closed, all the ceiling slides open. They are not insulated lofts with an aviary at the front.
The youngsters have straw on the bottom of the loft. The widowers are on grates and the hens are on rollers. Besides the plastic aviary, there are some glass tiles in the roof, but the lofts are quite dark.
The widowers do not breed early and are paired the 1st to 2nd week of March. When they are paired for 1 day, they are immediately reared. They are fed away as many as 20 times and this is done in steps up to a maximum of 50 km.
They are incubated for 14 days and the Tuesday before the first Noyon the eggs are taken away. The hens stay with the cocks until Sunday when they return home from Noyon. The widowers are played until the 3rd week of August. The widowers are only played on Noyon (163 km).
The widowers train twice a day and the schwung with which they train indicates the result on Sunday. When basketing, the cocks are given hens and nest dishes. If a high speed is expected on Sunday, the partners stay together a little longer and wait until the cock is in the nest dish. If a low speed is expected, the cocks will enter the basket sooner.
Yannick does dare to motivate his widowers extra by opening a second box but that is for the end of the season. 
After the arrival of a race, cocks and hens stay together for 20 to 30 minutes. If it's a slow flight, the togetherness lasts a little longer. After the end of the racing season, the widowers breed a round of late youngsters.
The hens played on classic widowhood were paired the 1st week of March and were taught the same way as the cocks. Fourteen days before the first Noyon, the eggs are taken away and the hens are then on widowhood. They train twice a day.
The hens are played on Noyon and Sermaises. At basketing, they are given cock and nest dish. They stay together for half a minute to 1 minute and then enter the basket. After race arrival, they stay together for 1 hr. The extra motivation is watched during the week. It does happen that another hen comes into the living box of another pair for a while to stir up some jealousy. The hens also breed a late round of youngsters after the end of the racing season.
Mating between them can sometimes cause problems. When a hen has to lay, she goes to the cocks' loft and then cocks and hens can brood together for a week. Then the hen goes back to the hens' loft to continue the season. Often, the hens are out of condition by then.
In terms of feed, Yannick chooses his own mixtures. "Flanders Finest" is his own mixture and it is divided into "Light", "Light Plus", "Finish", "Explosion" and "Carbo Power" for the racing season, "Supersoft" for moulting and the youngsters, and "Diamond Breeding" for breeding the youngsters.
On Monday, "Light" is fed. On Tuesday and Wednesday, 50% "Light" + 50% "Light Plus" is fed. On Thursday, 25% "Light" + 25% "Light Plus" + 50% "Finish". On Fridays, it is 90% "Finish" + 10% "Carbo Power". Every day on entry, every 3 pigeons get a tablespoon of "Explosion". On Friday evening after the meal, the pigeons get a tablespoon of "Explosion". On Saturday it will be 80% "Carbo Power" + 20% "Explosion". In the afternoon only "Carbo Power" is given.
"Turbo Xcell", iron and vitamins, goes over the feed. Sedochol sometimes also goes in the drinking water. On arrival of a race, there is Mumm of Rhönfried in the drink. There is also "Recup Fly" by Probel Fly going in the drink.

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