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07 Nov 2019

Breeding centres are a common good these days within pigeon sport. Most of the time they start of by investing a lot in proven pigeons or pigeons from a specific breeding line. Couples are being made and the off spring of these couples are being sold. A lot of breeding centres depend on the references of the buyers of the young birds to make a selection so it takes a while before the owner of a breeding centre really knows which pigeons are the best on his breeding loft. The men behind the breeding centre First Prize Pigeons Speed also known as FPPS aren’t that patient. A good investment policy, racing the off spring themselves on 2 satellite lofts and a partial scientific knowledge made that FPPS could set huge step forward in comparison to other breeding centres.

On a grey day in May, I visited a place called Zeeland and this isn’t as we should think in the province of Zeeland but in the East of the province Northern Brabant. In this region we can find Ron Bergmans and Evert Diepeveen who only live a few miles from each other. Ron is currently 34 years old, a full time pigeon fancier and became recently father for the 2nd time. Evert, 70 years old and enjoying his pension brings in as the ‘old owner’ of FPPS the necessary experience. Both gentlemen know each other from the regional results where they were each other’s competitors weekly. In 2017 Ron thought of the idea to start up a breeding centre, he already had success on the races with pigeons based on ao. the classful colony of Gerard Koopman. With his ‘Gina’ who represented Holland on the Olympiad in Budapest he already had a super pigeon that would form the pillar on the breeding loft. After having some good talks with Evert, who had a lot of experience with his FPPS, they decided to work together and to start of a breeding centre with focus on the races from 100 to 700 kilometres. For this new project the best program pigeons from the breeding centre FPPS together with the strain of ‘Olympic Gina’ became the base of the loft.

The current top breeder on the breeding centre FPPS is without a doubt “GILBERT” NL10-4178880. As racing pigeon the “Gilbert” was unbeatable and was even crowned to 1st National Ace bird in the Best of The Best competition. Now a few years later he also has proven being a marvellous breeder. Children of “Gilbert” won:
2 National ace bird NPO speed 2017
2 National ace bird nat. competition WHZB/TBOTB 2017
1 Laon 2,623b. – fastest against 10,429b.
1 Isnes 1,581b. – fastest against 6,215b.
1 Vervins 2,249b.
1 Isnes 1,402b.
1 Isnes 1,345b.
1 Chimay 1,134b.
1 Chimay 1,159b.
1 Chimay 1,056b.
These pigeons also perform amazing on one loft races, this is how a grandchild “Gilbert” already won a car in the South African Million Dollar race.

One of the best sons of “Gilbert” is the super-racer “KITTEL” NL15-1842171, he won ao:
2 National ace bird NPO Speed 2017
2 National ace bird nat. competition WHZB/TBOTB 2017
1 Laon 2,623b. – fastest against 10,429b.
1 Isnes 1,581b. – fastest against 6,215b.
1 Vervins 2,249b.
1 Isnes 1,402b.
1 Chimay 1,159b.

The mother of “Kittel” is “NICOLE’S BEST” NL13-1689870, a direct daughter of “Olympic Nicole” from Henri vd Berg. This wonder racer was crowned as 1st Olympiad bird Cat. Long Distance Nitra 2013 with ao. underneath prizes :
4 Geel 10,886b.
5 NPO Orleans 5,079b.
12 NPO Orleans 10,510b.
23 Pommerouel 1,592b.
40 NPO Blois 7,700b.
44 Nat. Blois 17,206b.
47 Duffel 2,104b.
64 Bourges 3,380b.

As mentioned before is “GINA” NL11-1923239 also added to the richly filled breeding loft from FPPS. ‘Gina’ became in 2015 Olympiad bird in Budapest.
She won ao:
2 Provincial ace bird speed 2014
5 Provincial ace bird speed 2013

1 2.418b. also, 4/8.080b.
1 408b.
1 941b.
1 391b.
1 832b.
2 2.789b. also, 8/ 16.264b.
2 1.339b.
2 932b.
2 852b.
2 757b.
2 519b.
“Gina” is bred out of “Nieuwe Kannibaal”, a grandson from the world famous “Kannibaal” x “Olivia” a direct hen to Gerard Koopman.

Top-racer “BLUE STAR” NL11-1369619, is one of the pigeons coming from the breeding centre FPPS. Due to his top results on the races and on the breeding loft he is a real asset to FPPS .
He won himself:
1 Nat. NPO Tours Department 8 5,842b.
29 Peronne 6,099b.
63 Peronne 7,988b.

He also proved himself on the breeding loft by becoming father / grandfather to :
1 Morlincourt 2,215b.
1 Duffel 966b.
1 Roye 575b.
1 Pont St Maxence 434b.
2 Chimay 762b.
2 Chimay 755b.
2 NPO Roye 2,598b.
3 NPO Mantes La Jolie 2,816b.
3 NPO Gien 4,698b.
4 NPO Gien 4,698b.
4 NPO Lorris 1,965b.
5 Laon 1,954b.
6 Isnes 1,354b.
9 Laon 1,954b.

Next to these proven classful pigeons FPPS also invested in children of iconic pigeons. Thinking about ‘Rudy’, a son out of him ‘Rudy Junior’ “ BE11-3070190, gives at FPPS already good after breed.
A daughter “Rudy Junior” named “Liv already won:
1 Laon 1,756b.
1 Vervins 235b.
3 Vervins 509b.
5 Isnes 384b.
7 Sezanne 859b.
8 Chateauroux 375b.

Also from that other Belgian grandmaster Leo Heremans is a top pigeons to be found on the breeding loft, namely a son of the famous “Nieuwe Olympiade”. This phenomenon was sold for a fortune to the known Eijerkamp family. This son, “Magic Boy”BE11-6327149, also already proved being a good breeder, children won already:
4th Silver race Algarve Golden Race
1 Laon 1,399b.
2 Isnes 692b.
2 Laon 1,756b.
8 Chimay 598b.
24 Duffel 2,669b.
25 Quievrain 1,975b.
40 Laon 794b.
84 Isnes 2,228b.
111 Asse-Zelik 1,570b.

FPPS also focusses on a bit of science. Since a few years people are talking about the A or B gene. According to scientists this LDHA gene is in close connection to the muscle acidification and so the endurance of the body. A difference is being made between A/A, A/B and B/B genotypes where A/A is the most favourable. So we can state here that pigeons with this A/A combination acidify less and can keep on having a high speed for a longer time. By genetic research pigeons can be tested on these genotypes so where in a scientific way the potential of a pigeon can be ensured. Once known which genotype a pigeon has they will be coupled closely so as many as possible of the off spring can possess the A gene.

That this vision is a correct one is being proved by remarkable results set only already this season that both Ron as Evert noted down the past few months. A small overview :

Melun 2019 against 11,704 pigeons
4,5,6,7,8,19,28,35,54 and so on...42/55
Nanteuil 2019, against 8.370 pigeons:
2,3,6,12,13,14,16,22,25 …. 52 / 60
Nanteuil 2019 against 2.523 pigeons:
3,4,5,10,11,12,13,15,16,18,21,23,24 … 53 / 60
Isnes 2019, against 1.023 pigeons:
4,6,7,8,9 …. 39 / 63
Chimay 2019 against 2.707 pigeons:
1,4,14,23,24 … 40 / 62

Breeding centre First Prize Pigeons Speed is a relatively young and ambitious company from 2 passionate but also very good pigeon fanciers who know what it is all about. With their scientific approach and the thoroughly testing of the pigeons on their own racing lofts they have a huge lead against the conventional breeding centre. In this way they can guarantee the high quality of the pigeons and the big chance in success for the buyer.