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"Final Derby Europastar Pigeon 2022/2023"

11 May 2023

On May 3rd, the final of the Derby Europastar Pigeon in Spain of extremely sympathetic Nica Ionut took place.

A difficult final was predicted, all the more so because the 439 pigeons were liberated in Orange, France, which means that they have to face the Pyrenees on their way back to the beautiful Peniscola and the last 350 km of a total of 560 km had a strong headwind 25 at 30 km/h.

Released at Orange at 7:25 am, and the first arrival was recorded at 5:45 pm. It was the German Markus Wiesnet who managed to win the prize at 902 mpm. His pigeon also became 1st general ace pigeon.

Only 1 minute later the silver medal was awarded to Omer Vanderwaeren from Tienen, who achieved a great performance with his hen 2078838/22. His hen, now renamed 'Miss Orange', also became 10th overall ace pigeon over the 4 races.

The bronze medal went to the Spanish Cristian Marin, who also became 2nd ace pigeon in this derby with his pigeon.

Further in the top 5, WINKIE pigeons in 4th place and in 5th place again a compatriot, namely Emiel Denys, who is always there when it is hard.

Emiel Denys and his hen 3057752/22, renamed 'Orange Star' also won the 7th ace pigeon and the best classified Belgian pigeon in this championship.

4 of the 5 first finalists also achieve a top 10 listing in the Ace Pigeon Championship, which proves that the 'good' pigeons were there!

Among the 40 first finalists, 6 Belgian pigeons managed to qualify. We would like to put these 6 champions in the spotlight:

So in 2nd place the hen Miss Orange of Omer Vanderwaeren. She is a full sister of his MG2006340/19, which won a provincial first prize from Valence last year, and a 9th national. And as a yearling, this clapper also flew the 32nd national from Narbonne. Her father is a 100% Jelle Jellema pigeon, the mother comes directly from the Ine Balleux loft.

Emiel Denys is in 5th place with his 1st arrival 'Orange Star'. This handsome hen comes from the full brother of the 6th internat Barcelona '18, who descends from the legendary Express144. Her dam is a daughter of the Golden Pair (Matthieu 898 x dtr Black Boy) who has produced numerous champions.

In 14th place in the final, another pigeon from Emiel Denys, the 3057750/22; this cock is a son of full brother Sofia or 1st internat Narbonne '18; his mother is a daughter of the Zwarte Barcelona who is an inbred product to the world famous 'Tee', or the base of Emiel.

At position 27 we find the tandem DeScheemaeker F-Yavuz Hayri with their pigeon 'Rambo' 2079800/22. On father's side, this pigeon descends from the 'Barcelona Jan' or 1 nat Barcelona NL '13, Herbots gebr. The mother is a hen of Mathias Depoorter and is a daughter of Black Pearl (purchased on the Herbots site), herself good for top performances in Barcelona and Perpignan and descends from the Rodico of van Tuyl or 1st intnat Barcelona '06.

In 37th place the 2nd pigeon for Team DeScheemaeker F Yavuz Hayri. This pigeon stems from a proven OLR breeding pair, previously brothers won ao 10th final Derby Costa de la Luz '21 and 20th final Derby Istanbul '22.

Team Ulrich Lemmens-Czarnota closes the top 40 in 39th place. By the way, this pigeon showed itself 2 times earlier in the races of 230 and 330 km. The father of this pigeon is an inbred to the well-known 'Gust' or basis pigeon in this loft. The mother is a direct Peter Stakenborg.

It should also be mentioned that in addition to the regular cash prizes, Frederic De Scheemaeker, who collected the pigeons for this derby, also distributed free prizes in the final, thanks to the cooperation of the Droogmans family in Rummen. Every fancier who had sent pigeons via Frederic could participate with his favorite pigeon. 100 kg of pigeon feed and some pigeon supplements were won by

1/ Vanderwaeren Omer (place 2)

2/ Denys Emiel (place 14)

3/ Team Hans Heijmans NL(place 18)

Hans Heijmans' pigeon is by the way a 100% Noel Peiren pigeon and a direct son of his 3rd national Bergerac 2022.

Clearly the extreme long distance pigeons had the upper hand in this final.

Soon the first 20 finalists will be offered for sale, the other pigeons fly an extra final from Valence, 630 km.


If you wish to participate in the next edition, please contact Frederic: [email protected] or 0477922102.

From now until September, pigeons can be sent to this derby.