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Filip Porrez (Kruisem) placed himself nicely between the top of the extreme long distance !

25 Mar 2020

Always good-tempered, a sympathetic smile under his ‘moustache’ and always in for a cosy talk…this is how Filip Porrez is. It is a warm nest in Kruisem, a lot of attention for their children, a lot of care for their animals and a big sign saying ‘Welcome’ that they radiate in their attitude. 

Last year it wasn’t easy for Filip, with an unruly and painful knee he wasn’t top fit to exercise his profession as a mounted police man, to go running and to take care easy for his pigeons. 

But this didn’t show off in his results. His small toppers were in shape.. 

The Team Porrez showed themselves strong again. Son Jelmer can’t help that much with the pigeons as he gives priority to his university studies, but his father Emmanuël is always ready if necessary, Hugo Dejonghe standby for advice and Anja takes care of ‘all the rest’. 

A start full speed on Pau, Agen, Barcelona, all top results !

It is every year again having a bit of fear at the beginning of the season whether the pigeons still can do it. That the quality is present isn’t something we don’t have to fear about at the Porrez’s. They can already show enough national and international top pigeons to convince us of the quality. The old base of the Brothers Brugemann (via Hugo), Luc Van Coppenolle, Freddy Deketelaere, and a bit of Kurvers-Deweerd.  Nice long distance pigeons, not too big with silk soft feathers and beaming and strong pigmented eyes. 

But especially though go-getters that hardly ever let down and who are prepared the entire day (…and night) if necessary. 

On Pau it was already very promising. After the drama on the same day out of Montauban, the pigeons from Pau came very descent and the race went quasi normal. They started off with the 34th National which was immediately a head pigeon. 

2019  Pau (22 June 2019)

Local68 pigeons3-192/5
Provincial564 pigeons161/5
National2797 pigeons34-5512/5
International12119 pigeons253-23322/5

But it was on the really though Agen that the Porrez-pigeons showed themselves from their strongest side. Both on the lofts from father Emmanuël as from Filip it was a top race with top results. On a local level they took away all prizes and on a national level no less than 8 pigeons were being classified within the top 100. In the really though circumstances of this race the pigeons are at their best level and set almost all the time top results. 

Agen old pigeons (29 June 2019)

Local 108 pigeons2-3-4-8-11-12-17-198/15
Provincial 844 pigeons6-13-19-33-45-63-83-858/15
National 3935 pigeons26-43-55-91-122-168-241-2518/15
International 12090 pigeons124-181-226-396-509-714-1001-10258/15

Agen yearlings (29 June 2019)

Local128 pigeons1-3-6-8-12-13-15-21-25-26-30-36-42-5214/25
Provincial912 pigeons4-9-15-20-32-35-38-82-98-103-123-188-21113/25
National4650 pigeons16-43-65-81-128-134-143-307-367-377-483-761-85613/25
International10616 pigeons68-138-240-279-448-456-486-921-1073-1096-1355-2040-227813/25

Also on Barcelona they showed themselves present. On a provincial level 5 pigeons within the first 100 and nationally the 33rd spot against 7,301 pigeons and 9 prizes out of the 13 pigeons basketed confirmed again the strength of this colony.      

Barcelona (06 July 2019)

Local193 pigeons2-10-14-30-33-38-40-48-509/13
Provincial1416 pigeons5-24-34-91-97-118-122-143-1459/13
National7301 pigeons33-158-195-469-520-592-618-750-7599/13
International15,981 pigeons 93-409-480-1097-1199-1413-1490-...9/13

A well-thought through preparation

The season of 2019 was started off with 66 cocks and hens (everything is being raced). As youngster the pigeons have twice 120km and twice 130km and if possible another middle distance race. 

As yearling pigeon they had as preparation for Agen : twice Arras, twice Clermont, once Etampes, once Chateauroux, once Issoudun and once Argenton. This is how they have enough kilometres in their wings to go to the extreme long distance races. On these preparing flights the pigeons have sporadically a prize (this isn’t the goal either). 

The yearlings were being basketed on Agen on 11, 12, 13 days breeding which seems to be a solid nest position. The 15 old pigeons on Agen (were being coupled after Bourges) were basketed on cracked eggs ( a position which gave the best results in the past). Filip is a true animal friend (also in his daily job as horseman at the mounted police he is always busy with animals). He consciously takes on the game on nestposition as he gets the biggest motivation like this on the races he wants to go to and he never ‘cheated’ on a pigeon by giving smaller youngsters or by manipulating the natural nest position. 

The days before basketing a few short tosses are planned of about 30km. 

Also the hen that raced national top on Agen at his father Emmanuël was raced on nest position. 

The food that the pigeons get are always the home brand of Voeders Vanderbauwhede from Kruisem (purification mixture, moulting mixture, breeding mixture, sports mixture). Filip is really satisfied with the quality of this food. 

At arrival from a flight the pigeons get Belgasol in the drinking water and the day after they get brewers’ yeast and curcuma over their food. The pigeons also get liquid sheep fat from Herbots over the food to get some more power. 

The vet is being consulted once a year. Filip has a fixed way of working when preparing for Barcelona and he doesn’t change this for the time being. Two weeks before basketing for Barcelona the lofts (with pigeons on the loft) are being smoked with Koudijs tablets and are being ‘purified’ with Ornispecial and Wormac from De Weerd.  They also get Belgasol and good food and that’s it. 

The two Barcelona top sisters are becoming the full fundaments from the colony. 

The strain of these two Barcelona sisters is without a doubt a top breeding line. Together with the super hen from Luc Van Coppenolle, who is mother and grandmother of many top pigeons, are these sisters manifesting slowly to be the flag carriers of the breeding loft.

They come out of a cock from Hugo De Jonghe (BE05-4411483) Son Eenoog coupled to hen BE08-4353413 who is a daughter of the “Zoon Perpignan King Kurvers-De weerd x daughter base couple Hugo De Jonghe being Brugeman x Luc Van Coppenolle.

They were in for a few head prizes themselves on Barcelona and this with an unseen regularity like:

BE 12-4197401 or  “De 401”
1st  Nat Ace bird Barcelona 2015-2018
2nd  Nat Ace bird Barcelona 2016-2018
3rd  Int. Nat Ace bird Barcelona 2015-2018
5th  Int. Nat Ace bird Barcelona 2016-2018
8th  Nat. Ace bird Barcelona 2017-2018

   80th NAT   Barcelona ’18  7,438b
191th Int. NAT                    15,700b
120th NAT   Barcelona ’17 7,874b
30th Int. NAT                    17,026b
243th NAT   Barcelona ’16 7,693b
656th Int. NAT                    17,729b
432th NAT   Barcelona ’15 7,791b

BE 12-4197402 “De 402”
7th Nat Ace bird Barcelona 2015-2018
7th Nat Ace bird Barcelona 2016-2018
11th Int. Nat Ace bird Barcelona 2015-2018

      18 NAT   Barcelona ’18  7,438b
      43 Int. NAT                     15,700b
   313 NAT   Barcelona ’16 7,693b
   826 Int. NAT                    17,729b
   493 NAT   Barcelona ’17 7,874b
1.425 Int. NAT                  17,026b
   723 NAT   Barcelona ’15 7,791b
1.526 Int. NAT                    19,089b

Both top hens, who are placed on the breeding loft in the meantime are already parents to : 
BE16-4067427 -  26th national Agen old 2019 (first line)
BE18-4098518 -  43rd national Agen yearlings 2019 (first line)
And then a grandchild 
BE18-4098516 -  65th national Agen yearlings 2019

You can find a direct daughter from the "401 Hen" in the auction of "Barcelona special, a unique offer !( when you click here you go directly to the auction )

To give an example of the strength of this loft we like to give you the titles that were won in the season of 2018 on Barcelona:

1st Nat Ace bird Barcelona 2015-2018
2nd Nat Ace bird Barcelona 2016-2018
3rd Int. Nat Ace bird Barcelona 2015-2018
5th Int. Nat Ace bird Barcelona 2016-2018
7th Nat Ace bird Barcelona 2014-2018
7th Nat Ace bird Barcelona 2015-2018
7th Nat Ace bird Barcelona 2016-2018
8th Nat Ace bird Barcelona 2017-2018
11th Int. Nat Ace bird Barcelona 2015-2018

Also in the past season 2019 off spring of these hens were top. The 26th National Agen 2019 old is out of these pigeons, also the 143rd National Agen yearlings is. Both are really closed connected to the “401” and proof with this the breeding value of these Barcelona hens.

What stroke us in our talks and visits is the love for the real long distance pigeon. There are no other ambitions. Also are the animals and pigeons especially being ‘cherished and appreciated’ by Filip. Is Filip a though one when it concerns selection? I dare to answer to this Filip letting nature take its course. He races pigeons on distances where they are bred for and lean the most to their hereditary qualities…and then nature takes its course, the selection is one of racing and getting home. Who isn’t up for this regime doesn’t come home mostly…and leads hopefully a nice quiet live on a farm in France ! 

A top loft on the extreme long distance, strong in simplicity !!

Congratulations from the Herbotsteam 

Geert Dhaenens