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Fast - Faster - Fastest : Marc Capelle (Baudour) when it is about pure speed !

06 Oct 2019

Baudour: A quiet village in province of Henegouwen and commune of the better known by pigeon fanciers St. Ghislain. But we didn’t come to Baudour to relax…no…there are other reasons that brought us to Henegouwen and to be exact it are the marvellous results of the short distance racer Marc Capelle that brought us here. We can put Marc without a doubt within the elite of the short distance racers of Belgium. Certainly when we talk about the national KBDB championship as a criteria there are only few who did much better then Marc Capelle.

We have to call it what it is and when we have a closer look at the impressive list of honour of the short distance champion Marc Capelle we can only say that this is something that never has seen before within the history of Belgian pigeon sport. Enjoy together with us :

1 National Ace bird Short Distance KBDB 2002
1 National Ace bird Short Distance KBDB 2008
1 National champion middle distance KBDB 2012
1 National champion short distance KBDB 2013
1 National champion short distance KBDB 2015
1 National Ace bird Short Distance yl KBDB 2014 (with “Kapo”)
2 National Ace bird Short Distance old KBDB 2014 (with “Korleone”)
2 National Ace bird Short Distance yl KBDB 2015 (with “Kimbo”)
2 National Ace bird Short Distance KBDB 2005
2 National Ace bird Short Distance KBDB 2007
2 National Ace bird Short Distance KBDB 2008
2 National champion short distance KBDB 2008
2 National Ace bird Short Distance KBDB 2013
3 National Ace bird Short Distance KBDB 2006
6 National Ace bird Short Distance KBDB 2007
7 National Ace bird Short Distance KBDB 2004
8 National champion short distance KBDB 2012
9 National Ace bird Short Distance yl KBDB 2015 (with “Kenzo”)
9 National Ace bird Short Distance KBDB 2004

Impressive….isn’t it !

Marc’s father was a pigeon fancier as well and won his prizes on the short distance races. Son Marc showed interest in the pigeons but had more ambition than the simple game of father. Ambitious Marc had a ball when he started racing on his own in 1997 behind his own house. Also he drew the cart of the short distance and started off with pigeons from Lier market, Ladriere Michel (Bury), Breeding centre Simons (Ransdaal) and Delange Albert (Ath). He bought about 10 youngsters at each place and started to test them on the races.

Marc tells his story:’ the first seasons that I started racing over here I totally focussed on the short distance races. I had just 10 widow cocks and that’s it. As Baudour is just out of the range of many clubs, I was obliged to try it also on the middle distance races (one night basket) and it can be said….also on these races I could stand. For that reason I expanded my team from 12 to 18 widow cocks. With these 18 pigeons the maximum was set and everyone that didn’t live the selection was out. The better your season was, the harder you have to select. What my selection criteria are? Simple…win Top 10! Those who win the most top 10 prizes can stay. And to be clear…Top 10 is not per 10!

You can’t find them that much…and then we talk about the real breeding couples. Breeding couples that gave more than one good pigeon. Well…Marc was lucky enough to have such a breeding couple namely “Father Blue Mirakel” (B06-9057537) x “Mother Blue Mirakel” (B06-9007023).

They are the parents of :

“Blue Mirakel” won
1 National ace bird KBDB Short Distance 2008
1 Nanteuil 1,074b.
1 Nanteuil 670b.
1 Nanteuil 359b.
1 Ecouen 649b.
2 Soissons 309b.
3 Soissons 857b.
4 Nanteuil 809b.
6 Soissons 779b.
6 Nanteuil 474b.
8 Noyon 803b.

“Polo” B09-9037555 won:

2 National ace bird KBDB Short Distance 2013 !
1 Pont 488b. 158km
1 Orleans 205b. 316km
1 Nanteuil 437b. 167km
1 Collegien 417b. 199km
1 Collegien 370b. 199km
1 Soissons 322b. 121km
1 Nanteuil 250b. 167km
2 Orleans 661b. 316km
2 Toury 1,630b. 289km
2 Orleans 240b. 316km
2 Melun 418b. 220km
3 Orleans 402b. 316km
3 Orleans 332b. 316km
3 Orleans 217b. 316km
6 Pont 660b. 158km
6 Pont 544b. 158km
7 Laon 386b. 103km
9 Orleans 369b. 316km
11 Orleans 364b. 316km
11 St Quentin 332b. 81km
14 Toury 1,026b. 289km
15 Orleans 732b. 316km
27 Collegien 600b. 199km
30 Orleans 334b. 316km
32 Ecouen 424b.
34 Orleans 488b. 316km
35 Noyon 464b. 116km
38 Noyon 567b. 116km
41 Soissons 740b. 121km
58 Nanteuil 657b. 167km
66 Nanteuil 408b. 167km
67 Orleans 830b. 316km
71 Soissons 385b. 121km
72 Pont 272b. 158km
77 Orleans 260b. 316km
81 Orleans 718b. 316km

“Nestbrother Polo” B09-9037556
1 Orleans 369b.
2 Orleans 402b.
2 Collegien 417b.
2 Collegien 370b.
2 Soissons 322b.
3 Pont 227b.
3 Nanteuil 437b.
3 Orleans 240b.
4 Nanteuil 250b.
4 Ecouen 169b.
6 Pont 488b.
7 Orleans 260b.
10 Melun 236b.
10 Collegien 503b.
10 Nanteuil 657b.
10 Melun 418b.
12 Orleans 332b.
12 St. Quentin 332b.
12 Collegien 754b.
15 Orleans 364b.
21 Pont 544b.
25 Nanteuil 400b.
28 Noyon 464b.
29 Soissons 385b.
29 Pont 660b.
42 Soissons 740b.
47 Laon 386b.
62 Orleans 1,026b.
78 Orleans 768b.
117 Orleans 1,059b.
163 Toury 1,630b.

“B12-9067215” won in 2013:
3 Provincial ace bird KBDB Henegouwen 2013 (after 2 loftmates)
1 Nanteuil 528b.
1 Collegien 286b.
2 Collegien 503b.
3 Nanteuil 478b.
3 Nanteuil 195b.
3 Melun 214b.
13 Collegien 334b.
14 Melun 315b.
17 Nanteuil 254b.

“L’ Eclair” B11-9019502 won

9 National Bourges ‘012- 16,589b.
1 Orleans 175b.
2 Orleans 703b.
2 Pithiviers 285b.
3 Orleans 319b.
5 Orleans 376b.
7 Laon 386b.
7 Orleans 340b.
9 Orleans 337b.
9 St. Quentin 367b.
11 Pithiviers 258b.
11 Pithiviers 143b.
12 Nanteuil 657b.
13 Orleans 147b.
20 Orleans 224b.
22 Noyon 534b.
23 Orleans 418b.

“B10-9037508” won
1 Orleans 1,059b.
1 Orleans 488b.
1 Pont 272b.
1 Pont 176b.
1 Pont 544b.
1 Pont 227b.
1 St. Quentin 332b.
1 Ecouen 169b.
1 Orleans 364b.
2 Noyon 464b.
2 St Quentin 546b.
2 Pont 660b.
2 Orleans 661b.
5 Ecouen 424b.
7 Orleans 526b.
9 Orleans 364b.
9 Orleans 1,026b.
17 Noyon 567b.
18 Orleans 334b.
26 Orleans 830b.
31 Collegien 503b.
37 Dourdan 726b.

“B09-9038509” won:
1 St. Quentin 546b.
1 Pont 488b.
1 Orleans 217b.
1 Orleans 332b.
1 Orleans 260b.
2 Nanteuil 250b.
3 Orleans 830b.
3 Orleans 205b.
3 Ecouen 169b.
4 Orleans 661b.
4 Orleans 369b.
4 Pont 227b.
5 Orleans 488b.
7 Orleans 364b.
7 Pont 272b.
7 Pont 660b.
10 Noyon 567b.
11 Melun 236b.
12 Collegien 503b.
12 Melun 418b.
15 Noyon 464b.
17 Orleans 1,059b.
19 Orleans 240b.
19 Collegien 370b.
20 Pont 544b.
21 Nanteuil 408b.
21 Nanteuil 400b.
24 Dourdan 726b.
28 St. Quentin 332b.
33 Orleans 801b.

His name says it all “Patte Cassee” (“broken leg” B03-9103503) has played a tremendous roll in the building of the Capelle colony. Especially via his daughter “Mother Kapo” (B10-9097266) were one after the other ace bird crawled out of the egg.

“Mother Kapo” is mother to:

“Kapo” B13-9068122 , winner of :

1 National ace bird KBDB short distance year birds ‘14
1 St. Quentin 645b.
1 Nanteuil 384b.
1 Nanteuil 243b.
2 Nanteuil 624b.
3 Nanteuil 1,145b.
3 Nanteuil 1,068b.

“Korléone” B12-9067214, winner of:

2 National ace bird KBDB short distance old ‘14
1 Nanteuil 572b.
2 Nanteuil 1,535b.
2 Nanteuil 872b.
2 St. Quentin 632b.
5 Jouy-le-Chatel 461b.
7 Nanteuil 1,250b.

But also mother to:

“214”: in 2 seasons winner of: 1 x 1st , 3 x 2nd , 1 x 3rd , 1 x 5th , 2 x 6th en 1 x 8th prize

“122”: won in 2014: 2 x 1st , 1 x 2nd , 2 x 3rd , 1 x 4th , 1 x 7th prize

“057”: won 1 x 2nd

Another son to “Patte Cassee” is “Top-20” (B10-9097240) winner of:
1 St. Quentin 258b.
1 Ecouen 139b.
2 Collegien 647b.
4 St. Quentin 692b.
5 Toury 1,175b.
5 Pont 631b.
5 Orleans 369b.
7 Orleans 332b.
7 Orleans 279b.
9 Orleans 259b.
15 Orleans 561b.
16 Pont 551b.

So in a nutshell we can state that “Patte Cassee” is grandfather to:
1 National ace bird KBDB short distance ‘14
1 National ace bird KBDB short distance ‘08
2 National ace bird KBDB short distance old ‘14
2 National ace bird KBDB short distance ‘13
9 National Bourges against 16,589 year birds

Sometimes a fancier get more satisfaction from the results that their pigeons have on other lofts due to the fact that crossed in their own pigeons with yours. This isn’t any different at Marc Capelle…proud as he is he holds a list of the fanciers who did more than well with his strain. Known champions such as Dehon-Demonseau, Leturcq-Duponchelle, Robert Raphaël, Butruille Dominique (Fr.), Mascart Benoit (Fr), Dean Pallet (UK), Reghlin Olivier (Fr), Pantofel Carly, Segers Freddy, Howard Frank, Nelson Rodrigues, Maindrelle Martial, Wallace Brad (Canada), El Yakoubi Bassim (Marokko), Delange Albert, Issam Belkassa, Eeckhoudt Florent, Gorniak Cordaro, Cirier Willy, Ahorin Helio (Port.), Arvizzigno, Gaudry Benoit (Fr), Delannoy Arnaud, Tomasi P. & F., Abou El Fabel (Marokko), Nottebaert Christophe, Barros Ribeiro (Port.), Godart Daniel, Danneaux François, Henry Blanc, and so on….

With almost all these fanciers the strains of “Patte Casse”, “Polo”, “Blue Miracle” and so on…score the best. Unique what kind of inheritance power these pigeons possess !

Live doesn’t go always go as wanted. Since 2015 Marc suffers a lot from heavy back problems. Several operations at the spine made that Marc had less to no energy left for his pigeons and as you know this means that the results go back as well. This is the reason that we didn’t see the name Marc Capelle that much within the results of the national championships KBDB.
It is therefore that with a lot of regret that Marc had to decide to reduce his top colony forcibly and to sell his breeding team via

Stefan Mertens