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Dockx Leo & Gerry (Koningshooikt): 1st Nat. Argenton 17,673 yearbirds

09 Jun 2024

Koningshooikt: When we drove into the yard of cattle farmer Dockx, we immediately had to think back to the year 2013. That year, the Dockx family won their first national victory from Nevers and I remember Leo Dockx's grandchildren, both less than a metre tall, standing proudly in the photo with us. One on the arm and the other leaning against grandpa Leo's leg. So many years later, we meet the grandchildren again, but now all in the pigeon loft. Back together with grandpa Leo, they are putting the youngsters that have to go to Quievrain in the basket. This is proof that pigeon racing definitely still has a future!
National Nevers was not the only impressive feat as in 2014 their "Tarzan" was crowned 1st national ace KBDB great middle distance youngsters. Pure class...that much is certain
And now 10 years later it is up to "Amélie" (B23-6076428) to put loft Dockx back in the international spotlight, 1st national Argenton 17,673 yearling birds.
Leo says: "We just saw them coming home. As the keeper of 180 cattle and 125 hectares of farmland, there is always something to do. We were working hay on the adjacent pasture when the grandchildren came to tell us that "now" was indeed the time to watch the pigeons. We were barely in our seats when we saw a pigeon diving like a spear from an archway towards the drop board. The online entry put our name at the top and fortunately we stayed there.

National winner "Amélie" is part of a 30-strong hens team that is played weekly on the big middle distance. Only when there is a "recup" are they used for speed. In terms of feeding, it is like many. Light at the beginning of the week and feeding towards the flight. Medically, we visit the man in the white smock a few times a year. This is either Kristof Mortelmans or Henk de Weerd.
The base of the Dockx colony has original Gaston Van de Wouwer pigeons as its foundation. Leo: "It was in 2008 when we organised an open day after building a new stable that Jos Engels introduced us to Gaston Van de Wouwer. We didn't know Gaston personally but a real friendship was forged and Gaston's pigeons brought our colony to a much higher level. Furthermore, we are successful with pigeons from Cools Rik, Kenny Hollanders, Brugmans Sabrina, Wim Spinoy and Schroeder Vincent (mainly Vandenabeele pigeons).
Definitely worth mentioning is that everyone, including our wives and grandchildren help look after the pigeons. If milking needs to be done, or if something needs to be done on the land, we cannot possibly stop everything because we have to go to the pigeon loft. No...we are lucky that everyone helps with everything and that is so nice.

Leo and Gerry...congratulations on your 2nd national win and on to No. 3 

1st National Argenton 17,673 yearbirds

Distance: 548km
Velocity: 1,350.16 m/m


Stefan Mertens