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Dennis Veugelers from Nieuwstadt goes to Maastricht 2024 with 2 Olympiad pigeons

19 Nov 2023

In the middle of the season we drove to Nieuwstadt in the Netherlands to visit the Veugelers family. A colony that revolves around the entire family and where they have been participating at a high level for years. The colony is run by Dennis, his wife Chanou and Dennis' parents. During my visit the performances were excellent and of course the season was still in full swing. Now after the end of the season you can speak of one of their best seasons ever and with 2 Olympiad pigeons they are one of the best colonies in the Netherlands.

Overview of top rankings 2023

1 Prov Champion General 2023
1 Prov Champion Long Distance 2023
1 Prov Champion Middle Distance 2023
2 Nat Ace Pigeon old Pipa 2023 with “NL 21-1398908” Olympic Ranger
2 Nat Ace Pigeon Middle + Distance Pipa 2023 with “NL 21-1398908” Olympic Ranger
2 Olympiad Pigeon Middle Distance Maastricht 2024 with “NL 21-1398908” Olympic Ranger
2 Prov Ace pigeon youngsters 2023 with “796/23” Child top breeder “Den Derwa”
3 Prov Champion Young Pigeons 2023
3 Olympiad Pigeon All Round Maastricht 2024 with “NL 20-1708387” Olympic Lizzy
4 Olympiad Pigeon All Round Maastricht 2024 with “NL 21-1398908” Olympic Ranger
4 Nat Ace Pigeon old birds PIPA 2023 “NL 20-1708387” Olympic Lizzy
8 Nat Ace Pigeon middle distance NPO 2023 with “NL 21-1398908” Olympic Ranger
10 Nat Ace pigeon youngsters “De Allerbeste” 2023 with “636/23” Grandchild stock father “Chuck Norris”

They have already won several National victories in the past with, among others, “Munchen 041” 1st National Munich 5,406 pigeons in 2002, “Munchen 357” 1st National Munich 3,664 pigeons in 2004, “Superman” 2nd Nat Ace Pigeon middle distance NPO 2008 and his son “Mika Hakkinen” 1st National Blois 33,709 pigeons who still provides the basis for this colony. In addition, the contribution of Gerard Koopman's pigeons cannot be underestimated here and the hen "Miss Koopman" is the one and only stock mother of this colony.

The current racing team is divided between Dennis' father and one loft with Dennis himself since 2023. This includes 9 widowers who will fly the middle distance program and there is also a team of young pigeons that will also fly here at Dennis's home from 2023.


Here we introduce you to the 2 fantastic Olympiad pigeons

NL 21-1398908 “Olympic Ranger” Cock
2 Nat Ace old birds Pipa 2023 
2 Nat Ace Middle and Long Distance Pipa 2023 
2 Olympiad bird Middle Distance Maastricht 2024 
4 Olympiad bird All Round Maastricht 2024
8 Nat Ace Middle distance NPO 2023 

Father NL 19-1128305 The Lone Ranger
Son of base breeder “658/11” Chuck Norris x “173/12” Super Bijter 173

Mother NL 14-1334771 Irene
Won 2 NPO Lorris 14,050p - 7 Lorris 1.350p – 8 Rethel 3.483p – 19 Rethel 2.774p – 25 Prov Rethel 3.610p – 33 NPO Gien 3.759p – 34 Sezanne 4.535p – 36 NPO Lorris 5.520p – 38 Prov Rethel 15.190p – 62 Prov Rethel 10.912p
Daughter of “194/10” Son 1st National Blois 33.709p x “605/12” Gina H & E.J. Eijerkamp

NL 20-1708387 “Lizzy” Duivin 
3 Olympiad bird Middle Distance Maastricht 2024
4 Nat Ace old birds PIPA 2023 
4 Nat Ace All Round NPO 2022

This top hen is again a daughter of super breeding hen “Miss Koopman” and has an impressive track record.

Father NL 16-1780157 Clementine
Super breeder and father of several toppers
Son of “NL 559/13” Steven Seagal 1 Charleville 3,659p – 11 NAT Orléans 15,815p x “NL 573/13” Odin wins 2 x TOP 60 NPO Lorris 12,000 pigeons

Mother NL 16-1072778 Miss Koopman – C & G Koopman 
Stock hen of this colony
Daughter of "NL 10-863" Nilton is son Ermerveen's Hope x Abelle x "NL 08-905" Goda is 5x inbred to Golden Lady is a daughter of "Jason"

Coincidentally, these 2 top pigeons were paired together for the season because Dennis likes to test young pigeons from his best racing pigeons. This young hen won a 1st S.Prov.Sourdun against 1,713 pigeons (7 NPO 6,030d) and his full sister won 3rd Provincial Rethel 8,808 pigeons. So winning is simply in the blood here.

NL 23-7088787 “Ranger 787”

Full sister of “Olympic Ranger” is wonder hen NL 21-1398821 “Miss Melun”
This hen won 2 x 1st NPO against more than 6,000 pigeons without mentioning all the other prizes.


The first child of wonder hen “Miss Melun” can be found under sale 4
NL 23-9492563 “Melun's Ranger” with DNA GUARANTEE

Base breeding hen NL 14-1128728 “Helen”

She became mother “CH 257/17” of 1st Final flight Pioneerclub Beijing 2017
Mother “NL 16-1780025” Kevler - 4th Prov Ace pigeon one day long distance 2018 with 9 x TOP 100 NPO – 19 NPO Sens 3,280p – 22 NPO Chateauroux 1,239p – 47 NPO Issoudun 4,360p – 58 Prov Sezanne 6,224p – 77 NPO Gien 5.0 44d
Mother of “NL 18-5148072” Galium - 1st Prov Ace pigeon one day long distance 2020 – 5 x TOP 100 NPO + 61 Nat Issoudun 12,191p – 79 NPO Sens 10,572p
Mother of “NL 18-5148071” Idium – 7 Rethel 4,588p – 10 Isnes 1,086p – 66 Prov Rethel 19,873p – 82 NPO Sens 4,012p – 84 Prov Chalons 5,672p
Mother of “NL 18-1338858” Radon – 24 Nat Issoudun 12,191p
Mother of “NL 18-1338857” Mercury – 1 Chimay 555p
Mother of “NL 16-1780037” Zylon – 4 x TOP 100 NPO + 30 Nat Issoudun 12,191p + 53 Prov Sezanne 6,224p
Grandmother of “NL 17-1524720” Lee-An – 6 Prov Ace Pigeon Long Distance 2019 – 3 NPO La Souterraine 1,725p and 7 x TOP 60 NPO
Grandmother of “NL 18-1338899” Marietje – 8th Nat Ace pigeon middle distance NPO 2020 youth – 19th NPO La Souterraine 1,418p – 23rd NPO Montlucon 3,235p
Grandmother of wonder hen “Tess” 1 Prov Ace Middle distance Limburg 2021
12 Nat Ace Middle distance “De Allerbeste” 2021 - 17 Nat Ace old birds “De Allerbeste” 2021 - 21 Nat Ace All Round WHZB 2021
Grandmother of “NL 19-1128263” Chicetito – 4 NPO Melun 2,082p – 13 NPO Lorris 1,791p
Grandmother of “NL 22-8650355” Eddie – 5 Prov Rethel 14,082p – 6 Prov Rethel 13,314p – 10 NPO Sens 6,308p – 35 NPO Lorris 8,635p – 55 Prov Rethel 9,758p – 72 NPO Sens 4,416p
Grandmother of “NL 18-1338908” Wiely ( see below )

She is a daughter of "Super 02" who is a son of 1st National Munich 3,664 pigeons in 2004 and "Granddaughter 1st National Munich 5,406 pigeons in 2002".

Especially for this top auction, a child of founding mother “Helen” under sale 3

NL 23-9490723 “Son Helen” with DNA GUARANTEE

“Helen” was linked here to top breeder “Den Derwa”

Wonder couple “Wiely” x “Charlene”

There are those couples who breed simply excellent pigeons every year, they are very thin, but they exist. In the Veugelers household, this couple is truly one of those that can compete with the very best on flights of 200 to 600 km. The father is “Wiely”, he is a full brother of super hen “Tess” and a son of stock mother “Miss Koopman” and granddaughter of the other super breeding hen “Helen”. The hen is “Charlene” which comes from Albert Derwa and is a granddaughter of “Primo”.

Here we present the best hen from NL 21-1398845 “Sabrina”

Sister of “911/21” Gabrielle 2 NPO Lorris 2,502p – 4 NPO Lorris 2,467p – 7 Nat Sector Argenton 3,705p – 18 NPO Melun 11,632p – 58 NPO Sens 11,864p – 85 NPO Troyes 3,546p
Sister of “846/21” 7 NPO Lorris 2,467p
Sister of “985/22” 21 Prov Rethel 14.282p – 49 NPO Lorris 8.635p
Sister of “986/22” 17 Prov Rethel 14.082p

Father NL 18-1338908 Wiely
Won self 7 Rethel 3,517p -8 Chalons 1,221p – 9 Sens 850p – 15 Melun 1,245p – 21 NPO Chalons 5,672p – 39 Prov Rethel 17,242p
Brother of “Tess” 3 Nat Sector Issoudun 14,788p – 3 Nat Sector 3,705p – 7 NPO Melun 13,978p – 8 NPO Issoudun 1,343p – 10 NPO Lorris 9,121p – 10 NPO La Souterraine 1,418p – 21 Prov Mettet 3,460p – 29 NPO Orléans 3,330p – 32 NPO Lorris 2,502p
Son of super racer “NL 16-153” Exit Wounds is a son of super breeder “Steven Seagal” x “NL 16-778” Miss Koopman Stock mother of this colony

Mother BE 20-2076028 Charlene – Albert Derwa
Daughter of “056/14” Inbred Bolt 1 Nat Ace Pigeon Sprint Youngsters Leo Heremans x “132/17” Daughter Primo 3 West European Ace Pigeon All Round 2011

A child of this wonder couple can be found under sale 6, 
NL 23-9490726 “Favorite Wiely”with DNA GUARANTEE

The last top pigeon we would like to introduce to you is “Nicha”

NL 21-1398934 “Nicha”

Who can say that he wins a provincial victory against more than 5,000 pigeons and then immediately breeds a pigeon from this hen that also wins a 1st against more than 1,000 pigeons? “Nicha” is such a young top hen that has these top qualities.

She is a granddaughter of stock sire “Chuck Norris” x “Nichelle” (Granddaughter Olympic Solange G & S Verkerk)

Congratulations on these top results to the entire Veugelers family from the entire HERBOTS TEAM.

Buelens Kim