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Demely Liliane - Moorsele: 1st provincial Argenton 2,294 yearlings

05 Jul 2024

A few weeks ago, we already reported on the Interprovincial win from Chateaudun. Then their cock "Son Gilbert" (B23-3051407), was the fastest of 4,936 Chateaudun racers. did not stop with this one grand victory as last weekend "Lady Argenton" brought home the provincial victory from Argenton against 2,294 yearling birds.

With an average speed of 1262.07 m/m, she comfortably beat the yearlings of Clicque Gino (1247.97 m/m) and De Laere Luc (1243.46 m/m).


"Mister Montoire", a full brother to "Lady Argenton"

Racing team 2024

For this season, we have 24 racing hens (5 old and 19 yearlings) and 30 widowers (9 old and 21 yearlings) ready to go. To fry the yearling cocks, we have our own method. After the season, the old cocks go to the aviary. Their box on the widower loft is closed and the future yearling cocks can choose a free-standing box. Once in mid-December, the yearling cocks go to the aviary, their box is closed and the old ones return to the loft. They are paired and allowed to raise a nest. Once in March, when the old have finished breeding, the yearlings return to the loft and then it's up to us to play referee for a few days to separate any brawlers. 
The yearlings and old ones get their hens during their first training flights for about 4 days and once they get the "game" the widowhood is a fact.
The racing hens do not breed for the season. They spend the entire winter period in the aviary where, once they have finished moulting, they are given a low-protein mixture (Casaert - Van Robaeys). Sometimes tea disappears in the drinking pot and our dad likes to purify the pigeons with a buttermilk cure. 
Once in early March, they return to the loft and are allowed to train again for the first time. After a few days they are coupled and allowed to breed for a few days. Afterwards, the ladies are on widowhood and are released weekly. Depending on the weather and the heaviness of the previous race, they fly a heavy middle distance or a speed race. Normally it is 2 x heavy middle distance after each other and then a speed race, but again...the weather can cause changes here.


Stefan Mertens