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Daan Roosen's strong marathon base

14 Mar 2024

Daan Roosen was born with a love of marathon racing. A love he inherited from his grandfather Arthur Machiels. His "Polleke" was a superior topper. Such a guy who did not have the word "failure" in his dictionary. "Polleke" was more than a fixture in grandfather Arthur's racing team and grandson Daan noticed that too. In his career, "Polleke" won several top prizes on Barcelona, Perpignan and Montauban, but the most punishing thing is that at the age of 7 he won the 15th National Perpignan against 5,572 pigeons and at the end of the season was crowned as 2nd Provincial Ace pigeon heavy long-distance KBDB. 

"Polleke"...a pigeon that cannot be broken and who moved to grandson Daan's loft at the age of 10 in 2014 and has now made a serious impact on the breeding loft in a short time. 

In his DNA flows the blood of the old variety of Nouwen - Paesen and we know from this breed that these pigeons are not afraid to pass on their good genes in several generations. Because this pigeon could still show top performances at such an old age, Daan mainly looked for "Dutch marathon blood" to cross with this, this has become a great success with most of them and now it is mainly 2nd and 3rd generation that will have to do it on the racing loft. For your information "Polleke" has fertilised until 2019.

Base breeder “Polleke” bred in 2 generations  (only Top-30 national prizes noted):

2nd international Agen ‘23
2nd national Marseille ‘19
2nd national Narbonne ‘21
18th national Souillac ‘21
26th national Agen ‘19
30th national Marseille



In addition, one daughter and three grandchildren have already become 1st provincial ace pigeon:
1st provincial ace KBDB  long-distance 2019 (Rita)
1st provincial ace KBDB long-distance 2020 (Gloria)
1st provincial ace KBDB long-distance 2021 (New Polleke)
1st provincial ace KBDB long-distance 2023 (218-21)

Daan continues the conversation enthusiastically: "One of my best pigeons is Rita, herself winner of 1st provincial Ace pigeon long distance 2019 and 2nd national Marseille. She already gives several children who fly early, including Emma (mother auction number 1) 2nd int. Agen 2023.

Emma's sire is Louis (sire auction number 2). Louis is father of 2 provincial winners and 5 different pigeons winning in the first 5 provincial.

Another very good breeder is Ludo (father auction number 11). A daughter of him won 30th nat. Marseille and 71st nat. Pau and thus became 1st prov. ace long-distance pigeon 2023. The mother of this hen is Miss Hoevenen (mother auction number 3). She is also the mother of 2nd nat. Narbonne 2021.

Nest position is the preferred method here

The racing team is raced on nests in the very long distance, both cocks and hens go into the basket and in winter the sexes stay together on the perches and they come out once or twice a week to avoid flight injuries. 
From mid-March onwards, the racing team is darkened (17:30 in the evening until 7:30 in the morning) together with the youngsters until 4 weeks before basketing for the first long distance race (usually Pau). We try to give the pigeons as much and as far as possible in the beginning to let them do kilometres. 

Pairing takes place in function of the heavy long distance and usually the pigeons go to their 1st flight on youngsters 7 days old, afterwards they get their young again when they come home so as not to demotivate them and they work again towards a nest for their 2nd flight. Usually this is then at 10 to 12 days of incubation. He works with about 3 teams because it is difficult to plan everything properly due to losses in the preparation and some couples have to look for a new partner. 

In the Roosen home, they also give extra light and from 21 June onwards, they keep the longest day until the last race. For the old pigeons this is Perpignan and for the youngsters it is usually the last national race of the season. They too, in their year of birth, have to gain the necessary experience.


Results since 2019

3 x 2nd NATIONAL 

1 x Provincial champion marathon
8 x TOP 3 PROVINCIAL Ace FOND and Marathon

1ste Provinciale Asduif zware fond KBDB 2019
1ste Provinciale Asduif zware fond KBDB 2020
1ste Provinciale Asduif fond KBDB 2021
1ste Provinciale Asduif zware fond KBDB 2022
1ste Provinciale Asduif zware fond KBDB 2023
2de Prov Asduif zware fond KBDB 202
2de Prov Asduif fond jaarse KBDB 2021
3de Prov Asduif zware fond KBDB 2021
3de Olympiadeduif Cat.E 2022
4de Nat Asduif zware fond jaarse KBDB 2021

1ste Provinciaal Narbonne ’21 654d ( 2de Nationaal 5.805d )
1ste Provinciaal Agen ’21 482d ( 8ste Nationaal 7.360d )
1ste Provinciaal Pau ’19 480d 
1ste Provinciaal Marseille ’19 339d ( 2de Nationaal 2.239d )
1ste Provinciaal Narbonne ’20 435d 
1ste Provinciaal Agen ’23 504d (2de Internationaal 14.639d)
2de Provinciaal Agen ’19 550d
2de Provinciaal Narbonne ’20 435d
2de Provinciaal Pau ’22 331d
3de Provinciaal Marseille ’20 426d 
3de Provinciaal Pau ’23 279d
4de Provinciaal Narbonne ’20 435d
4de Provinciaal Pau ’23 279d
4de Provinciaal Agen ’23 504d
4de Provinciaal Narbonne ’22 568d
5de Provinciaal Agen ’21 482d
5de Provinciaal Narbonne ’20 435d
5de Provinciaal Marseille ’23 536d
5de Provinciaal Agen ’22 401d
5de Provinciaal Barcelona ’22 877d
5de Provinciaal Narbonne ’22 568d
6de Provinciaal Agen ’19 550d
6de Provinciaal Agen ’21 482d
6de Provinciaal Pau ’19 480d
6de Provinciaal Narbonne ’20 364d 
6de Provinciaal Agen ’22 401d
6de Provinciaal Narbonne ’22 756d 
7de Provinciaal Angouleme ’18 270d 
7de Provinciaal Pau ’23 279d
7de Provinciaal Narbonne ’23 639d 
7de Provinciaal Agen ’22 401d
8ste Provinciaal Perpignan ’19 469d 
8ste Provinciaal Brive 411d
8ste Provinciaal Narbonne ’20 364d
8ste Provinciaal Perpignan ’23 666d 
9de Provinciaal Limoges 628d 
9de Provinciaal Agen ’19 550d
9de Provinciaal Perpignan ’19 469d
9de Provinciaal Marseille ’20 426d
9de Provinciaal Narbonne ’23 639d 
10de Provinciaal Pau ’23 279d
10de Provinciaal Agen ’22 401d


Exclusively for Pigeon Bids, Daan offers strictly selected pigeons from his proven marathon pigeons

This internet auction ends Monday, March 18, 2024 at 2pm. 

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