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Daan Roosen from Bocholt is the emerging star in the extreme long distance in Limburg

21 Apr 2022

The rising star in the extreme long distance is a young fancier who has chosen pigeon sport as his hobby thanks to his grandfather. Daan Roosen has been active at his current address since 2018, he mainly took over stock pigeon “Polleke” in 2014, which you can read more about further in this article. He has always seen extreme long distance coming home to his grandfather and therefore knows nothing else. That is why the love remains pure for those 800km and more.

Late 2015 – Early 2016 they started to build the racing lofts to start themselves. In 2017 he went to the extreme long distance for the first time and his 1st pigeon that he clocked was a daughter of stock father "Polleke" who won 4th Provincial Agen. An entrant to start with, the following year was a difficult year so that only Angoulème and Bergerac could be played, but after that it only got better and better.

Check out our website where children from Daan are proven top racers for the first time. Pure class of a loft in pure growth towards the top, because the motivation is there to want to become even better.

Career highlights since 2017

2 x 2nd NATIONAL

1st Provincial Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance KBDB 2019
1st Provincial Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance KBDB 2021
1st Provincial Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance KBDB 2020
2nd Prov Ace bird extreme long distance KBDB 2020
3rd Olympiad pigeon Cat.E 2022
4th Nat Ace bird extreme long distance yearlings KBDB 2021

1st Provincial Narbonne ’21 654p ( 2nd National 5,805p )
1st Provincial Agen ’21 482p ( 8th National 7,360p )
1st Provincial Pau ’19 480p
1st Provincial Marseille ’19 339p ( 2nd National 2.239p )
1st Provincial Narbonne ’20 435p
2nd Provincial Agen ’19 550p
2nd Provincial Narbonne ’20 435p
3rd Provincial Marseille ’20 426p
4th Provincial Narbonne ’20 435p
5th Provincial Agen ’21 482p
5th Provincial Narbonne ’20 435p
6th Provincial Agen ’19 550p
6th Provincial Agen ’21 482p
6th Provincial Pau ’19 480p
6th Provincial Narbonne ’20 364p
7th Provincial Angouleme ’18 270p
8th Provincial Perpignan ’19 469p
8th Provincial Brive 411p
8th Provincial Narbonne ’20 364p
9th Provincial Limoges 628p
9th Provincial Agen ’19 550p
9th Provincial Perpignan ’19 469p
9th Provincial Marseille ’20 426p

Foundation breeder “Polleke”

Daan learned the trade and waiting for the pigeons from his grandfather Arthur Machiels. He had a super pigeon and that was “Polleke”, a pigeon you could count on and knew that he was coming. In his career he won several super prizes from Barcelona, ​​Perpignan and Montauban, but the most impressive is that at the age of 7 he won 15th National Perpignan against 5,572 pigeons and became 2nd Provincial Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance KBDB. A pigeon that cannot be broken and that only moved to Daan's lofts at the age of 10 and has now had a serious impact on the breeding loft in a short time.

The old Nouwen – Paesen strain runs in his blood and we know that these pigeons can pass on their good genes for several generations.Because this pigeon could still present such performances at his old age, Daan was mainly looking for Dutch extreme long distance blood to cross against this pigeon, this has become a great success with most of them and now it is mainly 2nd and 3rd generation that will have to do it on the racing loft. He has fertilized until 2019, now he can spend his old age at Daan's home and direct children are no longer played.

The nest game is preferred here

The racing team is raced on a nest in the extreme long distance, both cocks and hens are basketted and in the winter the sexes stay together at chapels and they come out 1 or 2 times a week to avoid flying injuries. From mid-March, the racing team is darkened (5:30 pm to 7:30 am) together with the youngsters and this until 4 weeks before the basketing of the 1st extreme long distance flight (usually Pau). We try to give the pigeons as much and as far as possible in the beginning to allow them to do miles.

They are coupled in function of the extreme long distance and usually the pigeons go to their 1st flight on youngsters of 7 days old, afterwards they get their young again when they return home so as not to demotivate them and they work again towards a nest for their 2nd flight. . Usually this is about 10 to 12 days of breeding. There are 3 teams he works with because it is difficult to plan everything properly because of losses in the preparation or something, there are couples who have to look for a new partner.

Extra lighting is also done at the Roosen house and from 21 June the longest day will be held here until the last flight. For the old birds this is Perpignan and for the youngsters it is usually the last national race of the season. They also have to fly more in the future, in 2021 the older youngsters flew 1x Melun, but the goal is to race 2x 400km this year and maybe the last national flight from Chateauroux to make a first selection.

How are your lofts divided up and when do you start training?
I have 4 lofts with breeding boxes and 15 couples can stay in them, but I only have 12 boxes per loft, so the other pigeons have to look for their motivation and place on the floor under slanting boards. The pigeons have the choice throughout the year between a loft and an aviary of 2m x 2m in which they can stay.

Because they occasionally go outside in the winter without obligation, they come out every other day from March. In April I switch on the flag and they have to train for half an hour, by May this will be an hour. Towards the heavy flights I think they should fly and they do that if the condition is ok.

When the pigeons are coupled I switch to a different training schedule, the pigeons only come out between 8.30 pm and 10 pm in the evening and train in the twilight. Everything comes together outside and in this way they learn to fly in semi-dark so that they can cover a little more distance on the first day.

The plan is always to have the old pigeons race 2x extreme long distance and to have the older young pigeons that are yearlings do Agen – Narbonne. The inexperienced youngsters race as yearlings several flights of +- 600km as an exam for their career as an old bird. The yearlings for Agen race weekly in April and then several times in the middle distance in May with Vierzon Semi National. Then they are coupled in function of Agen and they only fly a shorter flight 2 weeks before basketing.

The old pigeons therefore fly 2 extreme long distance races, if there is 4 weeks in between, they fly a shorter flight of 200 km in the middle of those 4 weeks. If there is only 3 weeks between them, they don't do that and we drive them ourselves so that they have to fly for an hour before they are home.

Some toppers at the Roosen house

BE 19-5104708 “Nina” Hen
1st Provincial Narbonne ’21 654p ( 2nd National 5,805p – 8th Int.Nat 15,121p )

Father BE 15-2273379 “Jonas”Son of stock father “Polleke” Arthur Machiels 15th Nat Perpignan 5,572b x “Kiana” Frank Zwiers

Mother BE 17-6026745 “Miss Hoevenen” Koen De BackerDaughter of “Ace” Piet De Vogel is son “Cahors” 1st Nat Ace pigeon ZLU 2012-2016 x “Blue 209” Eddy Didden is daughter “Supercrack 403” 3 x 1st provincial extreme long distance

BE 18-5116120 “New Polleke” Cock
A top cock with an impressive palmares, won a total of 5 x TOP 25 provincial
1st Prov Ace bird extreme long distance old KBDB 2021
3rd Olympiad pigeon Cat.E 2022

Father BE 15-2273379 “Jonas”
Son of stock father “Polleke” Arthur Machiels 15th Nat Perpignan 5,572b x “Kiana” Frank Zwiers

Mother NL 11-1237442 “Antonia” Anton Ruitenberg
Daughter of “Wondere Dirk” is son Kleine Dirk Gerard Koopman x “402/02” Hubert Schroyens

BE 20-6161468 “Koen” Directly Koen De Backer
Won 4th Nat Ace bird extreme long distance yearlings KBDB 2021 here in Bocholt

Father BE 12-6279403 Nest brother 402
Son of “607/11” Blauwe Jos Van Olmen x “Moederke” S & T Devriesere

Mother BE 15-6147275 “Pau Duivin II” Jos Van Olmen
Daughter of “De Pau” 7th Nat Pau x “177/10” Geschelpt

BE 18-5116116 “Gloria” Hen
1st Prov Ace bird extreme long distance KBDB 2020

Father NL 15-1589872 “Julio” Mevlut Tekin
Inbred to “Black Gold” Jelle Jellema

Mother BE 15-2273378 “Jana”
Daughter of stock father “Polleke” Arthur Machiels 15th Nat Perpignan 5,572b x “Kiana” Frank Zwiers

BE 18-516112 “Remco” Cock
2nd Prov Ace bird extreme long distance KBDB 2020
Another provincial winner in the extreme long distance who also won a provincial ace pigeon title.

Father NL 14-1690765 “Kilo” Comb.Vieberink
Super breeder
Grandfather of 1-3-6-6-8-9-9 Provincial Extreme Long Distance
Grandson “De Brive” 1st NPO Brive

Mother NL 16-1881261 “Rose” W.H. Murk & Son
½ sister 1st National St.Vincent


In the winter period they get Beyers Galaxy Light and Aidi Rust. Afterwards I leave out that Rest mixture and they get some Galaxy Light with the last day of Beyers Sport Energy. From the start of the nest game, it is mainly Koopman All-In-One All Round that they get a full house and pigeons that go along to an extreme long distance race really have nothing to short of. Several times a day they put Tovo-Energy - Plus - Peanuts and minerals in their jar that is placed near the saucer.

When they return home, they always receive the same food as when they left.As an extra they get 2 pills Vita Boli B12 when basketing and in case of a tough race they immediately receive protein capsules as recovery individually per pigeon when they return home. There are also electrolytes Belgasol ready in the drinking water. During the week itself, Wonderpigeon and Usnegano are mainly used in the drinking water.

The racing pigeons get a cure against tricho in May and afterwards they work weekly with the yellow drops from 2 nights in the basket, which they then receive on Sunday.

Daan, thanks for the visit and good luck in the future with your top colony from the entire HERBOTS TEAM.

Buelens Kim