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Combinatie De Bresser, Terg en Terblijt ( NL ) win 1st I.Nat Marseille 10,740 old pigeons

27 Jul 2021

Exactly 3 years ago, also on a very hard Marseille race, this same colony won also the 1st International Marseille, they just could repeat this. An unique result from a wonderful cock that comes again out of the same family. For Hans & Roy De Bresser again the proof that their breeding loft is paying off. 

The first French notifications came quickly, then Germany followed and afterwards Belgium, but only a few pigeons arrived when the first one was clocked in Holland. The winner came home an hour early that the one 3 years ago and again this was immediately the fastest pigeon off all. It would be stress until the next morning when the pigeons at the most far distance were clocked but no one could meet this one. The winner back than was baptised ‘Franciscus’, now it is ‘Petrus’ and raced himself into history as a true winner. 

As Roy is part of the ZLU organisation they had a control that same evening, everything was just fine and correct as it should be. But a good move from the ZLU to get into this so quickly. 

Marseille 2018-2021

When “Franciscus” won the international victory his pedigree was a real inbred to the old base from Antoon & Luci Van der Wegen. A grandson to the best breeding couple “D’Artagnan” x “Dochter Deur 95”. 

Now 3 years later it is again this breeding line that takes care of success. But now the inbred is even stronger. On fathers’ side it is a son to the base breeding couple “D’Artagnan” x “Dochter Deur 95” and on mothers’ side it is a daughter to base breeding hen “Dochter Deur 95”  who was coupled against a son to “D’Artagnan”. Or how strong inbred keeps on giving the right genes in this colony. 

As they really believe in these pigeons and already had a lot of joy in them they invested past Winter heavily in the pigeons of Antoon & Luci on the Herbots website. We are curious what this will give the coming years. 

New loft since 1st victory

After the victory of 2018 the old lofts were broken down and a new loft came. In total 9 meters long and 3 meters deep with at the front a hallway and in total 3 departments. The youngsters always reside on the attic in their birth year. 

They started of this season with 21 widow cocks who were coupled at the end of March and left them breeding 10 days. This is how they start their season on widowhood and everything is in sign of the extreme long distance races. In the beginning they can train once a day but from end of May the rhythm goes up and train freely twice a day. 

The pigeons normally go in the basket every week until 3 weeks before their 1st important race, than they stay home and are being tossed in the morning of basketing and can stay together the entire day after this training. The goal is that all pigeons race 2 national or international races, this is also the case for the yearlings who mostly race Agen and Narbonne. 

In the racing season the pigeons always get a mixture from Mariman, this is especially breeding- and moulting mixture until the 1st long distance races. Afterwards they add a sports mixture to it. For the medical guidance we always go for a check-up to Vincent Schroeder and also his products are being used together with those from Henk De Weerd. 

Winner Marseille

NL 18-1310735 De Petrus Cock
1 I.Nat Marseille 10,740 pigeons

Father NL 16-1750910 Der Joseph
Won himself 448 + 534 Nat Agen 
Brother to NL 15-1075760 Le Marazin Won 89 Nat Marseille ‘17
“Le Marazin” is father to “Franciscus” 1 I.Nat Marseille ’18 9,383b

Gr.F. NL 12-1881572 D’Artagnan
           3 Nat Ace bird Marseille Holland ’14-‘16
            7 Nat Ace bird Marseille Holland ’13-‘16
            7 Nat Ace bird Agen ’14-‘16
           Won 11 + 129 + 250 National Marseille and 85 + 401 + 553 Nat Agen
           Son to  “NL 952/03” Grandson Turbo 1 Nat Pau ’98 x “NL 871/03”
           Granddaughter Turbo 1 Nat Pau ’98 A & L Van der Wegen
Gr.M. NL 13-1488295” Dochter Deur “95”
          Daughter to “NL 095/09” Deur 95 Duijkers–Offermans x “NL 574/11” 100% A & L Van der Wegen

Mother NL 17-1495124 Dark chequered white pin 

Gr.F. NL 15-1075633 De 633 
          Son to “NL 12-572” D’Artagnan x “NL 13-293” Het Splintje
Gr.M. NL 13-1488295” Dochter Deur “95”
          Daughter to “NL 095/09” Deur 95 Duijkers–Offermans x “NL 574/11” 100% A & L Van der Wegen

Hans & Roy, again a big congratulation on this marvellous victory from the entire HERBOTS TEAM.