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Bosmans-Leekens (Beverlo) wins 1st Provincial Argenton Limburg against 1,105 birds (fastest of 2.776b)

11 Jun 2024

On the national Argenton flight last weekend, the provincial victory among the yearlings was achieved by the Bosmans-Leekens tandem. 
Their hen BE23-5057052 "J.Lo" won the 1st provincial victory against 1,104 yearlings (and was the fastest among 2,776 pigeons). 

When I called Marc and Dirk to congratulate them and get some additional information about this victory, they enthusiastically shared their recent success.

"After selling our old pigeons in the spring of 2023 and moving the young ones to the breeding loft, we were curious to see how the 'leftovers' and a few pigeons we got from Eddy Janssen would perform," Dirk says. "The results were not long in coming; the young pigeons performed brilliantly with around ten first prizes and two regional victories. This promised a lot for the next season."

"We started the season with about fifty young birds from the best breeders in the breeding loft and seventy yearlings. The first weeks went smoothly, but after some poor weather conditions, our schedule was disrupted. About twelve yearlings that flew nationally last season were sent to Bourges National after a single small middle-distance flight, resulting in a few prizes. However, they were well flown."

"Last weekend, we played Argenton and expectations were high, especially after the fantastic result of the younger team of yearlings (summer youngsters) at Sens (350 km). Argenton resulted in a 1st Provincial and 1st National zone, and 'J.Lo' was the fastest in the province," Dirk proudly explains.
Additionally, she is also a half-sister to the 3rd National Bourges winner against 18,707 youngsters.

BE23-5057052 "J.Lo" won at Argenton:
1st Provincial against 1,104 yearlings (8 minutes ahead)
Fastest against 2,776 old/yearlings
5th National against 17,666 yearlings.

Finally, 8 out of 12 pigeons won their prize on a difficult flight (prize contest 2 hours open Limburg).

The results of Sens Provincial against 5557 yearlings
As previously mentioned, the younger team of yearlings from Marc and Dirk also performed brilliantly on the provincial flight from Sens:
2-9-11-1-14-18-19-26 .... 34/46

The preceding weeks
In the preceding weeks, these pigeons already demonstrated their good form with the following results:
Laon (201 km) 452 yearlings: 1-2-3-4-8-9-10-12-13-14-15 ... 55/71
Sens (350 km) 500 yearlings: 2-4-5-6-10-11-14-16-20-21-22-23 ... 33/70
Nanteuil (285 km) 509 yearlings: 1-2-4-12-24-26 ... 21/53
Mettet (95 km) 436 young pigeons: 1-2-7-8-16-17 ... 19/41

I think we can conclude that the Bosmans-Leekens tandem certainly hasn't missed the start of the season, and this won't be the last we've heard from Marc and Dirk this season.

Marc and Dirk again, heartfelt congratulations from the entire Herbots team!

Maarten Herbots