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Ben Hendriks from Apeldoorn (NL) and his fantastic breeding line “Blue Atoom”

17 Sep 2023

The entire colony of Ben Hendriks will be hammered and we should definitely not forget the topper “Blue Atom”. This is a top bird that was really fantastic as a racer, but afterwards gave Ben and his colony much more pleasure in breeding. Several children from this breeding line performed fantastically in the extreme long distance, again under difficult conditions and usually warm temperatures.

Part 1 will run from tomorrow 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM. 4 off and Tuesday 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM part 5 to 8.

Take a look at the great brochure of this auction where you can view all the best pigeons that represent the Van Wanroy breed and that have still not lost their quality after 40 years.


Click here to open the Ben Hendriks internet auction brochure

NL 05-5500273 “Blue Atom”

This top cock has been a wonder racer in his career and has the advantage that, like the other Van Wanroy pigeons, they last a very long time in the breeding loft.
In his career he won 1st National Orleans 4,073p(fastest in the Netherlands against 27,000 pigeons) over a distance of 520km. He previously also won 1st Menen 337p - 5 Chantilly 4,958p - 23 Bourges 2,085p and 29 Pommeroeul 7,082p. He also comes from a crossing of Van Wanroy x Meulemans x Delbar.

His various children have flown top on the extreme long distance races, so the pigeons can also shine on shorter flights if you cross them with other pigeons. Here at Ben he was usually paired with “Lenneke 952” from Van Amerongen. “Lenneke 952” is a daughter of top hen “Lenneke” who won 2nd National Narbonne – 20 Nat Perigeux – 23 Nat Narbonne and 68 National Perpignan hens.

NL 18-1811611 “Agen Lady 611” Part 4 – N°1

NL 20-1197094 “Bonte 94” Part 4 – N°2

NL 20-1197097 “Blue 097” Part 4 – N°3

Full brothers and sister of these above-mentioned top racers can be found here

NL 22-8181296 “Geschelpte 296” Part 4 – N°4

NL 20-1201011 “Blue Agen 011” Part 4 – N°6

NL 19-1363324 “Witpen Agen 324” Part 4 – N°7

NL 21-1624895 “Atoom 895” Part 4 – N°6