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Ben Hendriks (Apeldoorn – NL) The basic Van Wanroy loft

15 Sep 2023

The colony of Ben Hendriks from Apeldoorn in the Netherlands is currently coming to an end. Unfortunately, Ben has to leave pigeon racing due to health problems and also because his daily loft caretaker unfortunately passed away this year. That is why no more competitions were taken in 2023.

Ben learned the trade through his father, who was known all over the world for his VanWanroy pigeons and his legendary victory at Barcelona International in 1980.
Then he won the 1st International Barcelona against 13,636 pigeons with his cock H76-1194042, over the furthest distance (1240 km) at a speed of 986 m/min.
Ben's father J.B. Hendriks took over the entire Wanroy loft in 1974.

The Van Wanroys are often small pigeons with beautiful dark eyes; they are very strong with a plume as soft as silk. They continue to fly under grueling conditions and perform best in very warm weather and headwinds such as in 2020. 2020 was the year of the sweltering overnight flights in August (40 degrees in France, 35 degrees in Netherlands and Belgium). The national flight from Dax was shortened to Bergerac (915 km) due to the heat. The strong long distance association South East 1 and 2 were flown with 3 older pigeons that had survived the disaster. The 2 year olds made their debut on the original Bergerac and how! In NIC Apeldoorn, despite limited participation, an impressive result was achieved 1-2-3-4-5-7-9 and 13. In the evening 8 of the 17 returned, while many well-known enthusiasts did not get home in the evening. In the Gelders Overijsselse Unie, circle 6, the 1st Overnight Long Distance Championship was won. Their breeding value is unsurpassed.

It is striking that so many famous stock pigeons have Wanroy blood, such as, for example,
- the Gebr. Kuypers: the Spin 807, father of their famous Barcelona's I - II and III. The father of the 807 was again a son of the 90 x the Westerhuis.
- Jan Theelen: the Golden Kuyperke
- Martha van Geel: the Spot
- Eijerkamp: the Little Dark One and the Black Giant.
- Vanoppen and Wijnands: the Blue Vanoppen.

The Van Wanroys are a highly inbred breed and therefore ideal for crossing.Ben likes to cross with children and grandchildren of the National Ace Pigeon (2011-2013) Barcelona of Sjaak Steketee. The Van Wanroys have not lost any quality over 40 years and still possess all the properties they had back then.Unfortunately, Ben later suffered from health problems for several years.What he was rightly proud of is that in the period from 2004 to 2011 he won a 90% prize over 8 years on the International flight from Barcelona.

But other achievements in recent years that we absolutely must mention are:

“NL 17-17618383 Black Michael – 3 x 1st marathon in the club and best racer of the colony
“NL 18-1811572” Donkere As 572 – 1st Ace Pigeon marathon Apeldoorn 2020
“NL 05-5500273” Blue Atom – 1st National Orléans 4,073 pigeons (fastest of 27,000 pigeons)

Base Hen “90”

The best in the world as a racing AND breeding pigeon.The “90” is a pigeon that has no equal in the history of pigeon racing.
Her father H60-392092 himself won the 1.Nat. Barcelona 1964.

She won herself
4th – 7th - 36th – 184th National St.Vincent
11th - 34th - 125th - and 139th National Dax
40th National Pau.

Her descendants won
4 x 1st National Barcelona
3 x 1st National St. Vincent
3 x 1st National Marseille
2 x 1st International Barcelona
2 x 1st National Bordeaux
1 x 1st National Bergerac 26,000 pigeons
1 x 1st National Dax
1 x 1st International Perpignan 22,319 pigeons 2005
2 x 1st National Ace Pigeon marathon Netherlands

NL 90-1801755 “The St.Vincent Cock”

This top bird won in his racing career 1st St. Vincent 571d (63 NAT 9,720d) and 198th National Dax 4,901 pigeons. In many of the best pigeons of recent years, this cock is interwoven with the line of “90” and the International winner Barcelona “Kroonprins”.

In the best racer of recent years “Black Michael” you can see that his father is pure inbreeding to this “St.Vincent Doffer”

NL 17-1761838 “Black Michael”
Won 3 x 1st in the club on marathon which is very exceptional. Thanks to a pedigree of 40 years, he still has the right qualities that the Van Wanroy pigeons represent.

Below we present some pigeons that are very closely linked to super racer “Black Michael”

NL 20-1201084 “Super 084”

Is a ½ brother of “Black Michael” but comes from a very special coupling, nest brother and nest sister were coupled here.

NL 20-1201162 “Brons 162”

This bronze hen is a full sister of the previous one and again from the special inbreeding coupling (nest brother x nest sister).


There are also 3 children of “Black Michael” in this sale

NL 22-8185000 “Brons 5000”

This is Ben's favorite pigeon, she is a daughter of “Black Michael” and was coupled to a top breeder who is again inbred to “90” and “St.Vincent Doffer” again


NL 23-9057838 “Donker 838”

This cock is a son of “Black Michael” who was coupled to the best breeding hen of the colony. “Lenneke 952” is the mother of several proven racers that are also presented further in this article. “Lenneke 952” is a hen that comes from Van Amerongen and is a daughter of flying wonder “Lenneke” who won 2nd National Narbonne – 20th National Perigeux – 23rd National Narbonne – 68th National Perpignan hens

NL 23-9057875 “Blue 875”

This hen is a full sister of the previous one.

Ace Pigeon Apeldoorn 2020

NL 18-1811572 “Donkere As 572"

This top cock was 1st Ace Pigeon extreme long distance Apeldoorn 2020 and won 3 top prizes on flights of around 900km and shone again the following year in St. Vincent. At Bergerac he won this performance in 35 to 40°C and at a speed of 889m/min.His father is a son of 2nd National Mont de Marsan 4,537d – 56 Nat St.Vincent 6,422d and is inbred to “Bordeaux 093” who won 55th National Bordeaux against 5,000 pigeons. This mainly reflects the origins of Van der Wegen and Desmet. The mother is the line “Dolle” Marijn Van Geel x Super Van Geel and Jellema.

Present in this sale are the mother, brother and sister of “Donkere As 572”

NL 16-1195410 “Super Dolle 410”


NL 19-1363351 “Aske 351”

NL 23-9057815 “As 815”