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Bart&Nance Van Oeckel overwhelmed on Chateauroux national young birds with 2-12-16-22-26-27-…

13 Sep 2019

Their young birds showed in the month of August that they were in an amazing condition by winning many, many prizes on the short and middle distance races, but that they would hit this hard on the last national race was something nobody had foreseen.

The Van Oeckel’s are racing very hard the past years and every year again they manage to smash hard. Beginning with super results of the old pigeons at the beginning of the season to give a last uppercut to their competitors with their young pigeons on the very last national race of the racing season of 2019. Bart is the first to admit that the wind was on this race in their favour but nevertheless it isn’t easy to set this kind of result.

Chateauroux III National Young birds:
2-12-16-22-26-27-68-69-70-77-106-131-157-170-273-362-365-397-…against 19,529b (105/218)
Chateauroux III National zone B2 Young birds:
2-3-6-11-12-13-26-27-28-34-46-61-73-81-…against 5,640b (88/218)

Chateauroux III National Old birds:
7-37-43-55-59-89-…against 2,850b (26/38)
Chateauroux III National zone B2 Old birds:
4-19-22-28-30-43-49-56-58-62-…against 1,199b (24/38)

Not easy with this many pigeons to set a prize percentage of almost 50% (!).

And to give you a small view of which kind of pigeons are at the top of the race, we would like to introduce to you the first arrival of the young pigeons (2nd Nat.) and the first arrival of the old pigeons (7th Nat.)

2 National Chateauroux III Young birds

BE19-6063094 is a very nice chequered hen. She is a daughter from a son ‘Zwarte Diamant’. ‘Zwarte Diamant’ is as known one of the base breeders at the Diamant Loft, he is father of top pigeons like f.e. ‘F16’, ‘Miss Poznan’, ….The mother of this winning hen is an inbred of that other top breeder on the loft ‘Gaston Jr’, he didn’t only race really well but has shown himself as a marvellous breeder by becoming father, grandfather, great-grandfather of many top pigeons to name on ‘Lady Gaston Jr’, direct daughter and winner of 1st National Chateauroux 2018 fastest of 24,708b

7  National Chateauroux III Old birds

BE18-6058094 (yes, also these last 3 digits are ‘094’ just as the 2nd national young birds…). This yearling cock is a direct son of that top breeder we mentioned above ‘Gaston Jr’ and so a ½ brother of top pigeons as ‘Lady Gaston Jr’ and many others….His mother is then again a direct daughter of super class racer and breeder ‘F16’ coupled to a daughter of that other top loft in the region ‘Niels Broeckx’ namely a daughter of their ‘Elfje’ 11th National Ace bird KBDB (for your information, on this Chateauroux race the Broeckx loft won the 15th and 18th National young birds with twice a 50% Van Oeckel pigeon). So not just to mention the quality of this cock alone but also from his parents and grandparents or in other words….the good ones come out the good ones….


Season of the young pigeons

Bart breeds a lot of pigeons to race on his loft. Don’t forget that he breeds them for 2 different kind of disciplines. He has a loft specialized on the one day long distance races (from 400 to 700km) and one specialized for the long distance races (from 700 to 800km). This last loft is only set since 2 years now and Bart is still testing and crossing pigeons to be able to breed the best ones for this distance nevertheless he already had some real nice result on this loft.

He breeds in total 4 entire rounds (4x 120 pigeons as he has many feeding couples, so about 480 (!!!) in total) for his own and these young pigeons are accomplished with young pigeons from other fanciers to race from his loft like f.e. Herbots Gebr., Gino Clicque, Kurt&Raf Platteeuw, Geert Lambrechts,…so a huge pack to control. From the beginning on the selection is being made in the basket, or by the birds of prey, …When asking if he suffered the young birds disease this year a lot, he said he didn’t really. Only the 2nd round suffered a bit, but not very hard, he treated them and that’s it. Very impressive with such a huge pack of pigeons.
They do train them a lot, but according to Bart it is different for every round of youngsters. He thinks that he has to train the first round much more than the 4th round, this due to the darker weather in Winter. He darkens the pigeons and enlights them as well, also the timing here depends on the age of the pigeons. A big group of youngsters that didn’t get sick the entire season, that trained amazingly well and that had set fantastic results on the preparing races…this was the success for the last National Chateauroux race. Normally the season finished after the last national race but as Bart still has so many young pigeons left he decided to enter the ‘Ronde van België’ race anyway, so this weekend (14th – 15th of September) he will again basket about 130 young birds to make it harder for the competitors in this race.

Some results young birds 2019:

10/06/2019 Quièvrain 136km
2-4-6-8-9-18-22-23-24-25-26-27-28-29-…against 308yb (42/98)

16/06/2019 Quièvrain 136km
18-33-34-36-37-39-54-57-58-87-88-89-…against 1,804yb(71/179)

20/07/2019 Chevrainvillers 384km
2-3-4-5-9-13-20-25-29-31-40-41-42-44-45-53-59-69-70-82-83-84-…against 858yb (56/155)

28/07/2019 Chevrainvillers 384km
1-6-8-12-13-17-18-21-26-36-42-47-68-70-71-74-75-76-77-78-79-80-87 -…against 604yb (52/142)

03/08/2019 Pont-St.-Maxence 283km
12-13-18-20-23-24-28-29-30-52-56-62-91-94-96-101-102-103-106 -… against 1,322yb (65/136)

10/08/2019 Melun 340km
3-13-21-22-23-24-25-28-32-33-36-38-60-61-62-68-73-75-78-82-83-84 -… against 1,162yb (78/137)

15/08/2019 Quièvrain 136km
1-2-3-4-10-17-25-27-32-33-34-43-46-49-52 -… against 331yb (27/76)

19/08/2019 Provincial Blois 493km
2-3-4-5-7-23-27-28-34-35-36-37-43-55-58-59-61-64-66-…against 2,752yb (79/131)

24/08/2019 Melun 340km
2-5-9-11-12-16-17-18-20-23-24-29-32-34-37-39-43-44-46-49-58-66-…. against 1,291yb (82/207)

31/08/2019 Melun 340km
2-3-4-5-6-10-11-14-15-16-17-19-23-24-25-28-31-36-37-38-39-40-52-53-… against 885b (115/244)

Isn’t there something that strikes you when looking at these results and then also keeping the national Chateauroux result in mind….they really had a ‘Poulidor’ year…and for those who don’t know who ‘Poulidor’ is, look it up…always 2nd….Nevertheless everyone must admit that the youngster did more than well in 2019 and this is looking very promising for their team in 2020!

And now we only spoke about the youngsters while there are surely as many top pigeons and results with the old pigeons but we figured that these youngsters deserved their own special spotlight!

Quality shows and who doesn’t want to have a quality pigeon on their own loft from these top pigeons? At the moment on they have a selection of 10 pigeons ready to breed out in auction with the exclusive offer of a direct son of ‘F16’, 2 direct sons to ‘Crazy Boy’ ,…. This auction ends next Monday the 16th of September @ 14h00!