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Ad Pegels (NL)

07 Nov 2019

The Netherlands and the extreme long distance, this is and stays a successful story on the International and ZLU races. Ad Pegels is one of the fanciers that managed to place himself within the top of Holland on this discipline. Ad lives in Numansdorp, a village that is situated in the South of Holland. Ad has been racing the two days races since 1993 and from 1995 he belonged to the lucky few within the best fanciers of the region. The success story begins with “Gigant” NL 97-1462096 who won 5th and 76th National Bordeaux, this was a direct son of the “Dure” from A.P.Overwater. After his racing career he moved to the breeding loft and became father and grandfather of 2,21,34,43,43,52,67,83,87,99 National. Through the years the colony kept on growing and became stronger and stronger…

Highlights 2013-2018

1 Nat Ace bird Marathon Holland ‘15 “Crack Ad”
1 Nat Dax 10,430b ’17 “Early Bird”
2 Nat Cahors 7,305b ’11 “Early Cahors”
7 Nat St. Vincent 3.665d ’14
8 Nat Ace bird Marathon Nederland ‘17 “The Champion”
8 Nat Bordeaux 4,386b ‘13
9 Nat Agen 5,930b ’17 “New Crack Ad”
15 Nat Barcelona 3,912b ’18 “Barca Boy”

You can see that the last few years the results became better and better, a lot of these results are set thanks to the pigeons that I got from Arjan Beens in 2008. The extreme long distance sensation of Holland takes care of successes over here as well. These were from his old strain like “Mr. Moonlight” and the strain of “Olympic Miss Gijsje” who take care of a golden off spring ! These were being coupled against off spring of the “Bonte Koppel” from Nico Volkens which was a hit in the rose, also at Jelle Jellema this combination is a huge success ! The best coupled against each other and hope that it’ll give top pigeons, this is how “NL 12-1998735” Early Bird won as a year bird the 8th National Bordeaux against 4,386 year birds (15th International 10,579b), he stayed with the racing team and shined on Narbonne and St. Vincent but managed to win as a 5-year old bird the national victory on Dax against 10,430 old birds. Spicy detail, he was one hour ahead of the 2nd and was waiting for Ad on the aviary. So who knows how hard this guy flew over 982km.

Next to these he also got birds from the old strains from Batenburg – Van de Merwe and went to collect here and there some pigeons through swopping or a voucher. Like a.o. “The Champion” from Huub Merkens who made it to the 8th National Ace bird Extreme long distance Holland 2017.

And now we are talking about ace birds anyway, we can talk immediately about the best racer of the past few years. NL 10-1646352 “Crack Ad” a miracle racer who won: 8th National Marseille 3,680b, 18th National Pau 3,433b, 38th National St. Vincent 3,714b, 40th National Perpignan 6,413b, 107th National Pau 3,124b, 144th National Perpignan 5,589b,…He became with these results the 1st Ace bird Marathon (3 prizes) Holland 2015 and moved afterwards to the lofts of Carlo Gyselbrecht. He became over there until now father of 35th National Agen 4,078b, 39th National Narbonne 3,017b – 139th National St. Vincent 2,758b – 205th National Narbonne 3,009b – 247th National Agen 4,766b - …

In the online sale of Ad Pegels you can find the father, 2 children and 24 brothers and sisters available. The best 2 other brothers are “NL 16-1493314” New Crack Ad with 9th National Agen 5,930b and “NL 15-1674636” Crack Perpignan with 179th National Perpignan 4,789b.

And indeed, the curtain drops over the colony of Ad Pegels and this at its peak. Ad raced a lot and won a lot, looked at pigeon sport as a pure hobby and lived, according himself, on Barcelona 2018 a very beautiful highlight to say goodbye to pigeon sport. His 2-year old widow cock “BE16-4134224” won 15th National Barcelona 3,912b ( 44 INT.NAT 15,700b ) with head wind and in very hot circumstances. This pigeon is a direct Carlo Gyselbrecht and has 3x a 1st International Barcelona in his pedigree ! The golden Barcelona sensation for the future is to be found here…

Having a brief look at the system he used

The young birds are hardly trained and race after the long distance season just a few short races. As a year bird the cocks are meant to race Agen, the pigeons that manage to win a prize are being kept home and the ones that didn’t win a prize have to go to Narbonne for their final exam. The ones that manage to win a prize then can stay to make it as an old widow cock. Then I choose to race the entire ZLU program and the pigeons have to race mostly 3 races of 900km and more a year.

We have the choice over here out of 13 races and they always race 2, most of them 3 and per exception 4.

Top pigeons of the sale

NL 1998735/2012 “EARLY BIRD” Cock

    1 NAT   Dax ’17            10,430b 982km
    8 NAT   Bordeaux ’13     4,386b 886km
  15 I.NAT                          10,579b
133 NAT    Narbonne ’16    5,042b 961km
134 NAT    St. Vincent ’16  2,921b 993km

Father “NL 2176783/2005”
Orig. A.P. Overwater
Gr.s. “270” 3 x TOP 100 NAT
Strain “Witbuik”
Mother “NL 4400663/2011”
Strain Sam De Jong x Br.Saya
½ Sister 1st Nat Carcasonne
½ Sister 2nd I. Nat Narbonne
Granddaughter “Martha” 1st National

NL 1493314/2016 “NEW CRACK AD” Cock
  9 NAT Agen ’17 5,930b 886km
17 I.NAT             13,189b

NL 1674636/2015 “CRACK PERPIGNAN” Cock
179 NAT Perpignan ’17 4,789b 1021km

Full brothers “Crack Ad”

Father “NL 2138103/2008” Red Arjan
Orig. Arjan Beens
Son “Mr.Moonlight”
Mother “NL 1024629/2006” Chequered white pin
½ sister 2 NAT Cahors 7,305b
100% Nico Volkens

NL 1674622/2015 “RED DAX” Cock
  14 NAT Dax ’17 2,145b 982km
132 NAT Dax ’18 2,171b 982km

Father “NL 1107027/2012” Mr. Gijs
Orig. Arjan Beens
Son “Miss Gijsje”
  6 NAT Brive 18,246b
  7 NAT Cahors 11,054b
  7 NAT Montpellier 10,253b
  15 NAT Brive 12,232b
Mother “NL 1024418/2014” Red Super Lady
Sister 29+40+46+51+70 National
Daughter “1/2 Sister Crack Ad”

NL 1507628/2013 “CHAMPION” Cock
Original Huub Merkens

  59 NAT Perpignan ’17  4,789b 1021km
190 I.NAT                     14,851b
  90 NAT Pau ’17            3,526b 1002km
152 I.NAT                     11,285b
133 NAT Marseille ’16   3,320b   966km
319 I.NAT                       9,620b
153 NAT Marseille ’15   3,610b   966km
539 I.NAT                     10,104b
216 NAT Perpignan ’15  5,589b 1021km
445 NAT St. Vincent ’17 3,037b   993km

Father “NL 1037782/2007”
Ace bird ZLU 3 year (Tarbes – St. Vincent )
100% H & R Jongen

4134224/2016 “BARCA BOY” Cock
Original Carlo Gyselbrecht

  1             Barcelona ’18 277b 1161km
15 NAT                         3,912b 844m/min
44 I.NAT                     15,700b

Father “4268055/2015” Son Nathan
  Strain “New Laureaat” 1 I.NAT Barcelona 25,294b
Mother “4235884/2007” Vanbruane 884
  Strain “Barcelona I"  1 I.NAT Barcelona
  Strain “Laureaat Barcelona”
  1 I.NAT Barcelona 20,925b

Buelens Kim