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07 Jul 2024

June => 5 weekends 
(June 1-2 – June 8-9 – June 15-16 – June 22-23 – June 29-30)
Speed: old and yearlings (best 5 results) 
Middle distance: old and yearlings (best 4 results) 
Young birds (speed and middle distance together) best 5 results 

Long distance old pigeons 
(5 races, to be chosen from Limoges – Valence – Cahors – Tulle – Valence) 
The pigeon with the best coefficient over 3 races wins 

Send to [email protected] before 10/07/2024


Each pigeon can only win 1 prize per weekend (Saturday or Sunday)
Only races during the weekend count 

To be classified, the pigeon must achieve the maximum of the prizes.
To be classified, the pigeon must achieve the maximum of prizes, with the exception of the long distance and marathon. In the event of complete cancellation from the KBDB, the rules can be adjusted.

Only prizes per 5 are eligible. 
Calculation according to the coefficient (price achieved x 100 / number of pigeons)

Only results with a minimum of 100 pigeons and 10 participants are eligible

The results must be submitted before the 10th of the following month with the ringnumber of the pigeon and a scan or link to the relevant results. This together with a photo of the fancier and pedigree of the pigeon in question. 

The winners of the month are invited free of charge to our champion celebration of the Herbots Championship and will receive a report of their ace pigeon together with the first 3 laureates on our website
The first 3 laureates will be mentioned in an article on our website

Only those who are registered for our Herbots Championships (free) and who have a KBDB License.