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A. Versluis, Goirle, breeder of top pigeons!

28 Apr 2021

Goirle, a small village in Holland just over the border with Belgium. We already heard about it via top fanciers  Louis Stabel & Zn,  but seems that they aren't the only ones out of the neighbourhood that can put nice results on paper. Also Ad Versluis has something to say in a matter of pigeons. He isn't only a driven fancier but also a board member in their club  ‘PV De Gevleugelde Luchtstormers’ in Goirle which is with its 65 lofts one of the biggest clubs in Holland. 

Due to circumstances the loft was taken over by the Combination Wakker from Urk who offers them now in a beautiful 2-partly auction on Herbots.

Underneath an overview of results that has been won by the Versluis pigeons. And I can also already tell you that you can find every result underneath in one of the pigeons offered by Comb. Wakker in the 2-partly Pigeon Bids who ends on Thursday the 29th of April at 14h and 14h30!!

1             Sittard                 21,629b.
1             Heusden             20,820b.
1             NPO Melun        13,540b.
1             Weert                  12,322b.
1             NPO Sens           9,145b.
1             Prov. Peronne   7,161b.               
1             Prov. Peronne   5,525b.
1             Roye                    5,437b.
1             NPO Sens           5,204b.
1             Creil                     3,678b. 
1             Pont                     2,080b. (8/8,001b.)
1             Venlo                   1,958b
1             Niergnies            1,781b.
1             Pont                     1,477b.
1             Quievrain           1,394b.
2             Prov. Peronne   7,161b.
2             Creil                     9,489b.
2             Peronne              4,763b.
2             Morlincourt        2,766b. 
3             Orleans                1,373b.
3             Creil                     1,187b. 
3             Quievrain              733b.                
4             NPO Sens           14,244b.
4             Niergnies             11,597b. (double)
4             Pithiviers             4,200b.
5             Bierges                1,323b.
5             Quievrain              974b.
6             NPO Sens              4,706b.
6             Peronne              1,226b.                232km
7             Peronne                848b.                232km
8             Pont                     2,080b.                303km
8             Peronne              824b.                   232km
9             Melun                  7,249b.                374km
9             Asse                     1,082b.                  90km
9             Gien                        927b.                               461km
10          Pont                     2,405b.
10          Pont                     2,060b.                303km
10          Peronne                 707b.                232km
11          Quievrain            2,482b.                158km
11          Bierges                1,335b.
11          Sezanne                  320b.
12          Pithiviers             2,365b. 
13          Niergnies            1,408b.
13          Quievrain            1,160b.
14          Peronne              1,099b.
18          Morlincourt          651b.                260km
19          Quievrain            1,031b.                158km   
19          Creil                        808b.                312km
20          Niergnies            1,722b.                200km
20          Pont                        712b.                303km
25          Tilburg                   1,404b.
29          Gennep                  1,852b.
31          Quievrain            1,031b.                158km
41          Bierges                1,335b.
42          Melun                  1,212b.
44          Niergnies            1,722b.                
53          Bierges                1,036b.

Abeautiful list of results, no? 

A few top pigeons in the spotlight

We like to introduce a few of the toppers who are responsible for the above results.

“Arthur” NL19-3929338 Original A. Versluis

You can find this on in Pigeon Bids Comb. Wakker Part I – Lot n° 6
Also his father ‘James’ is being offered in this auction and also in Part  I – Lot n°7

'Arthur' only raced as a youngster and won : 

1          Pont                 1,477b.            303km
2          Prov. Peronne  7,161b.            232km 
3          Quievrain              733b.                158km
44        Niergnies             1,722b.                200km

And became on top of this already father in 2021 of a 1st prize against 450 pigeons so not only a super racer but breeding talent on top of it !

Father: “James” NL16-3630877 
Is father to“Arthur”: see all  info above 
Is a full brother to  “271”. 
“271” won
6th Nat. ace short distance 2015
1             Prov. Peronne    5,525b.
1             Creil                     3,678b.
3             Orleans                1,373b.
4             Pithiviers             4,200b.

Mother: “NL16-3630840”
5             Bierges                1,323b.
Is mother to “Arthur”: see all info above
Is a full sister  “Victoria”
“Victoria” won:
1             Prov. Peronne    7,161b.  
Direct daughter to “Hugo” x “Dior”

“Victoria” NL19-3929380 Original A. Versluis

You can find this beautiful hen in Pigeon Bids Comb. Wakker Part I – Lot n° 1 
Also both her parents  ‘Hugo’ x ‘Dior’ are being offered in Lots n° 2a and n°3a, each time together with a  ½ sis/ ½ brother ‘Victoria’

Only raced as a youngster and won in her birthyear : 

1          Prov. Peronne  7,161b.            232km

Is a full sister “840-16”:
“840-16” won: 
5             Bierges                1,323b.

“840-16” is mother to:
2nd Prov. Peronne 7,161b.
1st Pont 1,477b. -
3rd Quievrain 733b.

Father: “Hugo” NL13-3327522 – original A. Smits
Is father to “Victoria” en “840-16”: see all info above
Is grandfather to:
2nd Prov. Peronne 7,161b. 
1st Pont 1,477b. -
3rd Quievrain 733b.
Is great-grandfather to
“Kate”: 1st NPO Sens 5,204b.

Mother: “Dior” NL15-3524905 – original A. Smits
Is mother “Victoria” en “840-16”:  see all info above
Is grandmother to:
2nd Prov. Peronne 7,161b. 
1st Pont 1,477b.
3rd Quievrain 733b.

“Goeike Teletekst” NL14-3432599 Original A. Versluis 

This one is to be found in Pigeon Bids Comb. Wakker Part II – Lot n° 4 

4          NPO Sens         14,244b.          391km
6          NPO Sens           4,706b.          391km

Is a full sister to: 
“271” won
6th Nat. ace short distance 2015
1             Prov. Peronne    5,525b.
1             Creil                     3,678b.
3             Orleans                1,373b.
4             Pithiviers             4,200b.

is father to “Arthur”. 
“Arthur” won:

1             Pont                     1,477b.                
2             Prov. Peronne    7,161b.                               
3             Quievrain              733b.           

Father: “Gebroken Poot” NL10-3030984
Is father and grandfather of the above toppers 
Is a half-brother
8th Nat. ace 
1st Creil 8,292b.
5th Quievrain 913b.
7th St. Quentin 1,145b.
9th Morlincourt 789b.
10th Creil 2,726b.

Mother: “Goei Bont” NL07-1974077     

“Kate”NL18-3831993 Original A. Versluis

This nice blue hen is being offered in Pigeon Bids Comb. Wakker Part II – Lot n° 1 
Also her mother  ‘Alimba’ and her grandfather  ‘Louis’ are being offered in this auction.
‘Alimba’ can be found in Part  II – Lot n° 3
‘Louis’ can be found in Part  II – Lot n°2a (offered together with a son from 2021 – Lot n°2b) 

'Kate' only raced as a young bird and won:   

1          NPO Sens         5,204b.            391km
20          Quievrain            1,031b.                158km
22          Peronne                  824b.                232km
53          Bierges                1,335b.                

Father: “NL17-3730651”
Is father to “Kate”
Is ouncle to 1st NPO Melun 13,540b.
Direct son “Louis” (won 3/1,187b., 10/707b., 12/2,365b., 11/320b.) 
x “Granddaughter 769” (Versteeg/Ouwerkerk)

Mother: “Alimba” NL17-3730590
Is mother “Kate”
Direct daughter “NL12-3231558” (half-brother base breeder “Hugo”) x “NL14-3432543” (direct daughter “Hugo” x “NL10-3030945”)
Is a 1/2 sister of winners of 
1st Prov. Peronne 7,161b.
1st Roye 5,437b.
3rd Pont 2,963b. 
5th Bierges 1,323b.

En zo worden er nog heel wat prachtige topduiven aangeboden van dit hok. Zeker de moeite om een kijkje te nemen en je kans te wagen om nieuwe kweekbloed op je hokken te krijgen!

Succes !