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12th National Ace Pigeon KBDB Long Distance Yearlings 2021!

09 Aug 2021

Herbots Team is very proud to show you the 12th National Ace Pigeon KBDB Long Distance Yearlings! This beautiful hen won last week 25th national Tulle 635 km, this weekend she won 23rd national Souillac 711 km! She is bred by our good friend Gustaaf Boeckmans, both father and mother are grandchildren of the world-famous Goede Rode of Dirk Van Den Bulck.

This ace pigeon title is the icing on the cake of our excellent long distance racing season in which we won:

2nd + 23th + 37th + 50th national Souillac 4571 yearlings 711 km

13th + 14th national Valence 7517 old birds 653 km (4th + 5th national zone 2452 p - 2nd + 3rd provincial 915 p)

19th national Limoges II 9218 yearlings 652 km (5th national zone 1629 p - 6th provincial 1285 p)

23rd + 26th national Tulle 7267 yearlings 635 km (6th + 7th provincial 872 p)

26th national Souillac 4144 old birds 711 km (5th provincial 478 p)

36th national Limoges II 6986 old birds 652 km (7th national zone 1521 p - 3rd provincial 851 p)