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  • 08 Jul 2021 00:00
  • 10 Jul 2021 00:00
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Harchies Christian Cyril (Warchin): 1st Nat. Limoges 6,986 old birds

Warchin: The suspense must have been killing at the Harchie house when they were waiting for the pigeons from Limoges on Sunday. Imagine…you have one unique cock, named, “Patrick”you’re your loft who won on the former races the underneath results : 

  7           nat. Limoges I    15,547 old
12          nat. Brive             8,807 old

Everybody knows that when “Patrick” goes ‘crazy’ one more time he more than a serious candidate is for the title of national ace bird KBDB long distance. In full suspense the entire family was waiting in the garden when they saw a lightning going towards the sputnik at 15h and 12 min. Both father Christian as son Cyril didn’t hesitated for a minute…it was their ‘“Patrick” again and took care of a stunt…and what kind of stunt…the 1st prize national Limoges II against 6,986 old! The summum for every long distance racer. A dream come true. With this victory “Patrick” has an extra coefficient of 0.014% and has with the necessary 3 long distance races on a total coefficient of 0.196%. The competitors will have to show really good papers to be able to beat “Patrick” and with 4 more long distance races on the program there will be many scary moments for the Harchies family waiting. 

National winner “Patrick” is part of a 70-headed widowers team. They don’t race hens in the “Vieux Chemin D’Ath”. “We are still old school fanciers” starts Christian his story. “We believe, especially for the long distance races, in the power of a cocks team and we will put in every single effort for this discipline. Our system is as with many…the widow cocks train once a day around the loft and when they are being basketed they are taken out of the loft without any motivation. Only at arrival they get to see their hen and nest dish. Also our feeding system is the same as elsewhere. Light food at the beginning of the week and feeding heavier towards the basketing date approaches. Medically we go twice a year for a check-up at a specialized vet and as long the results are good no medicines are given. 

“Patrick” wasn’t bred on these lofts but is from their friend Patrick Dubois from Gaurain-Ramecroix. As a youngster from the 3rd round he is only trained really well and raced twice Pont. The past season he saw the inside of a basket 5 times and won 2 prizes: 19th Toury 1,906b. and 1,253rd Chateauroux 9,511b. . This year he did 1 x Ecouen (191km), 2 x Toury (291km) and Bourges national (454th/34,311b.) and then the former described 3 long distance races. 

Seen the extreme low coefficient “Patrick” will move to a safe place and after the season when the championships are known, they’ll decide whether he will be sold or not. 

Fact is that “Patrick”, after Montauban and Bourges, took care of the 3rd national victory for their bosses and this is something many amongst us can’t say yet

A lot of success from the entire Herbots team

1st National Limoges 6,986 old birds

Candidate 1st National ace KBDB Fond 2021

Distance: 587km
Velocity: 1356.14 m/m


The lofts

Stefan Mertens