Bourges II Yearlings


  • 29 Jul 2021 00:00
  • 31 Jul 2021 00:00
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Panis Ludo - Diepenbeek: 1st and 2nd Nat. Bourges 11,592 yearbirds - 2nd Nat. Bourges 8,409 old birds

Diepenbeek: A result to frame and place at the best spot in the living room! Say it for yourself, it is already very difficult to win a national victory but to win then the 1st and 2nd against 11,592 yearlings and as extra also the 2nd National against 8,409 old birds…that is pure class…this is only for top colonies in super-form and with the father-son combination Panis Ludo and Jeroen we have such stunt men in front of us!

The national victory in the category yearlings was won by the yearling hen “Saskia”. “Saskia” (B20-5068287) was bred by good friend Ronny Smeers. As late hen from last year she missed the necessary experience but the last few weeks she showed her form. This was something that Ludo also had seen and didn’t hesitate for a second to basket her as first given. The 2nd National was also won by a hen namely “B20-5071105”, she was bred by Joseph Claeskens.
In  the category of the old pigeons the 2nd National was won by “Fina” (B18-5091338). “Fina” knows the art to win head prizes as no other as she already won : 1st Laon 474b., 1st Laon 146b., 1st Chateauroux 264b., 1st Nat (z) La Souterraine 941b., 1st Bourges 145b.. No wonder she was also basketed as 1st signed for the old pigeons. 

The Panis family has been delivering a very strong game since years on the short distance and middle distance races but since a few years they heard the calling from the national races. Experience was taken with the hens game and with these ladies they go to the nationals. The cocks on the other hand stay on the short distance and middle distance to win that part of the game. 

Racing team

Ludo and Jeroen started of the season with 32 racing hens and 18 widowers. Both according the system of pure widowhood, so with home staying partners. 
The hens didn’t do a winter breeding but were couple half of March, could breed for 8 days and then the widowhood was a fact. 
Feeding isn’t an art…it is the fancier that needs to feel that the ladies won’t be basketed with a half charged ‘battery’ and that’s why they always feed very heavy. Ludo likes the Beyers mixtures. Purification or other protein poor mixtures aren’t being given to the racing hens. At the contrary, the first days after arrival they get extra protein supplements. These products come from vet Raf Herbots as also from Vincent Schroeder. 
The hens train once a day and when the training is finished they are being fed. Once they have enough they go into a small aviary where they can sit the rest of the day. In the evening they can go back onto the loft and rest on a department where everything is being done so they can crawl up with each other. 
Speaking of training. It is more than clear that the form fairy has been waving her magic on the lofts of the Panis family as the hens train daily at ease more than one hour. Ludo explains: ‘we have the habit to let the hens train at the day of basketing. The way they go up in the air will determine whether they will be basketed for a national race or not, but the last weeks they trained this hard on those days that I was afraid to let them out.’
Seen the last weeks the results stayed amazing, the medicine cupboard stayed closed.  Nothing was given the last weeks against trichomoniases (not even yellow drops) or ornithes. 

In a matter of motivation their cock is being given during 15 minutes and at arrival they can cuddle up for a few hours. Even more…every 3 to 4 weeks they can stay together until the next day. 

Ludo and Jeroen…do enjoy this superb result! Congratulations from the entire Herbots team 

1st National Bourges 11,592 yearbirds

Distance: 478km
Velocity: 1612.17 m/m


The lofts

Stefan Mertens