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Van De Pasch Jan & Dochter (Grubbenvorst)– Super class on the All Round level year after year !

09 Feb 2020

Autumn 2019 they sold their old racing team, now at the beginning of 2020 they auction 12 youngsters out of their best breeders. The top colony Jan & Leanne Van de Pasch has been there for years now and are guarantee for top quality. The gold out of Grubbenvorst are here to be found....

Where it is all about over here is to keep the best of the best after years of selecting and putting these again and again on the breeding loft. National Ace birds, Olympiad birds, winners against thousands of pigeons, this is what they had and still have  ! 

The golden base from Willem De Bruijn is what they have since 2008 and almost all these pigeons are doing fantastic here on the breeding loft. At the beginning it were the pigeons from  Heremans – Ceusters, now they replaced their focus on “Olympic Hurricane”. Children out of him were bought and being placed on the breeding loft. The new super stars of the past few years are mostly related to  “Olympic Hurricane” or to other pigeons from Willem. 

Buy 1 : NL 19-1793027 “Golden Fideel” 

Maybe the last one that is going to be sold as the father is already 12 years old but a real super breeder. 

NL 1544195-08 “Zoon Fideel” became a super breeder along the years and became father of amongst other  “Bear” who on his turn bred super pigeons over several generations and next to this one  you have “Sanne 101” – “Suzanne” – “Hurri Floortje” – “Louise” – “Turbo Ranomi” who all related to this super breeder. 

The best daughter from “Zoon Fideel” was “Charly”, she became in 9th National Ace bird short distance youngsters 2017.  

In this auction you have the unique opportunity to bring a half-sister 'Charly' coupled to a daughter from that other super breeder 'Jupiter' (who became herself already mother to 2nd provincial Reims 15,605b) to your breeding loft. 

Buy 2 and 3 : NL 19-1792907 “Super Ace Boy and NL 19-1792972 “Lowieke 972”

These are 2 sons out of a proven top breeding couple. 

In 2018  they had with “NL 16-1712773” the 2nd National Ace bird WHZB Short distance and other winners who win 1st prizes against 5 to 6,000 pigeons. 

Father is a full brother to  “Aske 798” who became 1st National Ace Bird hens WHZB in 2012  ( Willem De Bruijn x Am Van Rhee )

Mother was herself 7th National Ace bird youngsters in 2013 and is  “Kleinzoon Lowieke” Janssen Arendonk coupled to a super breeding hen from Maurits Haesendonckx. 

Buy 5 : NL 19-1064317 “Hurri Girl”

The succes formula from Olympic Hurricane” is to be found here. 
Her half-sister was one of the best racing hens in 2019 and raced top from 100 to 600km ! 

Father is “Kleinzoon Lowieke” Janssen Arendonk

Mother is “Dochter Olympic Hurricane” Willem De Bruijn  and is already mother to  6 x TOP 100 NPO

Buy  9 : NL 19-1064247 “Aske 247” 

What if you couple two super breeders against each other? Then you get this wonderful hen  “Aske 247”.  The ideal breeding material for everybody's colony. 

Father is wonder breeder  “Bear” who is out of that 12 year old cock from Willem De Bruijn as in buy 1

Mother is the only real mother to “Aske 798” who became 1st National Ace bird Hen WHZB 2012

But also 2nd National Ace bird WHZB Short Distance 2018 or 1 NPO Gien 3,745b or 2 NPO Bergerac 1,987b or 1st Olympiad bird All Round Budapest are all out of these 2 super breeders. 

Buy 11 : NL 19-1792966 “Hurricane 966”

Father is a full brother “Charly” 9th National Ace bird Short distance youngsters 2017. 
He is out of 2 Willem De Bruijn pigeons 

Mother is “NL 15-1037545” Hurricane 545
She won herself 1 NPO Lorris 5.537b, 2 Sens 3.891b, 4 Charleville 4.215b, 4 NPO Gien 3.745b and 6 NPO Sens 17.032b. 
Her sister is “Olympic Irma”, the latest Olympiad bird at the Vandepasch loft. 

Another sister won 1 Prov Reims 15.605b and another full sister won 7 National Ace bird WHZB youngsters 2017 with 2x 7th NPO against 12,000 and 22,000 pigeons. 

One of the wonder racing hens that is now at the breeding loft.
Granddaughter to “Olympic Hurricane” x “Jupiter”. The 2 best blood strains of this colony. 

Jan & Leanne Van de Pasch  like to wish the buyers the best of luck with this fantastic group of youngsters that are being offered right here. 

Buelens Kim