Pigeon Bids Verstraeten – Vierendeels

24 Oct 14:00 -
02 Nov 14:00

Auction details

In this internet sale we bring all the best breeders and racers of the Verstraeten – Vierendeels colony from Zonhoven. The best breeding lines here are 2 pigeons from Wim De Troy together with their stock pigeon “Polle”. Thanks to these breeding lines, the super racers “Rambo” 6 x 1st and “Remco” 3 x 1st came into the world. Both are real top racers in the combination with “Midden Limburg” with heavy competition. A mini colony that is now going to stop with the pigeon sport due to health reasons of Gustaaf Verstraeten.


A mini colony with several toppers will be included in this auction : 

"Rambo" 1 Prov Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDB 2021 - 14 Nat Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDB 2021 - 6 x 1st and 13 x per 100 including 1st S.Prov.Laon 4,158p 
"Remco" 12 x TOP 10 Semi-Provincial - 1 S .Prov.Dizy 3,989p - 1 S.Prov.Laon 1,838p - ... 
"Linsy" 35 Nat Ace pigeon middle distance youngsters KBDB 2022 
"Koko 277" Original Wim De Troy - Base breeding hen and grandmother of "Remco" - "Rambo" and "Linsy" 
" Keesboer 277" Original Wim De Troy and grandfather of "Remco" and "Linsy" 
"Ludo" 5 x 1st in the sprint 
"Karel" father of super racer "Rambo" 
"Triple Lady" mother of super racer "Rambo"
"Polle" The only one, Base breeder of this loft... 
"Stafke" 1 S.Prov. Laon 3,289 youngsters ( fastest of 4,294p )

Several full brothers, sisters and children of the toppers mentioned above, one family of winners



Exposition 22/10/2023 10.00 A.M. – 1.00 P.M. 
Adress : Kievitveldstraat 6 – 3520 Zonhoven