Total auction Peter, Gwen and Nathalie Van de Merwe

07 Dec 14:00 -
14 Dec 14:00

Détails de la vente

Total auction of all race-and stock birds  (incl. all NPO/National/Provincial winners and national ace birds) 
(Only a few older birds from '14, '15 and '16 together with a small group of youngsters of the old “Black Strain” are kept.) 

This internet auction starts 7 December and ends at several closing hours on 14th and 15th December 

Peter Van de Merwe needs no introduction. Since decades he belongs to the very best of Dutch pigeon racing. Who has not analyzed Peter, Gwen and Nathalie’s results with great admiration? Who has not dreamt of obtaining, one day in his or her career, a cracking result like this, which the Van de Merwe pigeons beat out of their wings with regularity? Indeed... all of us! 
It must have been August when Jo Herbots was visiting the Van de Merwe family. Their umpteenth top result was a fact but nevertheless everyone could see that Peter was not enjoying himself to the fullest. The reason ... the back problems that we thought were gone, have been playing tricks again for a good year. In fact, they never really went away but in recent months they have become unbearable. The result of a work accident years ago and despite several "hernia operations", the problem keeps developing in the area of "vertebra 7". Inflammations of the nerve tracts causes Peter's back to constantly sag, cramps from the back to the foot. Exhausting cramps and stabs of pain make him need a lot of rest. This makes it impossible to maintain a top colony every day with a lot of grit and enthusiasm. "I can barely give the pigeons food and water" Peter says with a sad look in his eyes "fortunately I can count on the help of my wife and daughter but I can't expect them to put their own hobby aside for the rest of their lives to take care of the pigeons. No... it stops somewhere and that is now. I can guarantee you that in 2022 we will not race with the pigeons at all. For me it will be a year of flat rest. A year where my back will get a lot of time to recover and we will see what will happen then. "

We have to tell it like it is. Rarely so many winners and proven breeders have been sold and we already know it... the list of fanciers who will be successful by buying these pigeons will be endless because quality always prevails!