Is a full brother to winners of:
2nd and 8th NPO Melun 2,934b. 
3rd NPO Melun 5,883b. 
3rd Morlincourt 1,684b.  
12th Niergnies 2,329b.


Father: “Grandson Gold Dust” B20-6014094
- original Stefaan Lambrechts
7th general ace Afdeling Zeeland ‘21
1st general ace Combine East – Zeeland ‘21
10th ace sprint Combine East – Zeeland ‘21
1st Niergnies 1,568b. 
1e Niergnies 1,196b. 
1st Pont 1,242b. 
2nd Niergnies 1,763b. 
2nd Melun 1,005b. 
2nd Breuil Le Vert 305b.
16th Greviller 2,217b. 
4th Quievrain 464b. 
8th Roye 772b. 
15th Melun 1,177b.
20th Niergnies  1,270b. 
22nd Fontenay 1,270b. 
20th Pont 1,111b. 
35th Morlincourt 1,359b.
Direct son out “Son Golddust” x “Mooie Blauwe”
“Son Golddust” NL16-1259744 – original Sangers M.
Born out “Brother Olympic Rosita” x “Gold Dust” (one of the best sisters of “Kittel”. Super breeding hen)
“Mooie Blauwe” B18-6156585 – original Lambrechts
Daughter “Uncle Lincia” (“Lincia” won 1st Nat. ace KBDB) x “Daughter Olympic Poot”


Mother: “Granddaughter Super 188” B20-6014048
- original Stefaan Lambrechts
2nd general ace Combine East – Zeeland ‘21
2nd ace S.D. YB Combine East-Zeeland ‘20
5th ace ½ Fond Combine East-Zeeland ‘22
1st Roye 2,501b. 
2nd Roye 316b. 
5th Fontenay 2,082b. 
5e Niergnies 1,169b. 
8th Melun 1,005b. 
8th Fontenay 850b.
13th Melun 1,169b. 
21st Greviller 2,217b. 
15th Breuil-Le-Vert 1,368b. 
12th Quievrain 1,030b. 
13th Pont 883b. 
25th Issoudun 2,046b. 
86th Peronne 5,765b. 
and so on
Granddaughter “Super 188”. “Super 188” won: 
2nd Nat. ace S.D. KBDB 2013



  • Middle distance
  • Breeder:
    DE VOOGD DANNY 丹尼·迪沃格
  • Seller:



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“534-Gold Dust/Super 188”