Is a full sister to 5th Ace OLR Ostseerennen ‘21

Double granddaughter world-famous “Romario”
“Romario” DV03801-06-338 (bought as egg Schaerlaeckens)
bred in several generations top winning OLR birds
1st Place Cape Town Race 120km 2021 - 2nd Place Cape Town Race 100km 2021 - 5th Place and 40.Place Final Race Schleswig-Holstein Germany 404km - 7th Place Cape Town Race 100km ‘21 - 7th place Final Costa del Sol Winter Race ‘21, 370km - 10th acebird Costa del Sol Winter Race 2021 - 33rd Place Costa del Sol Race 70km 2021 - 48th Place Costa del Sol Winter Race ‘21, 150km - 1st Final Race Talent Quatro 2023, 509km/ 853b. – 1st Final Race Edirne Golden Cup OLR  2023, Turky, 505km - 1st ace and 4th Final Columbodromul Suprem Edition 2020 – 1st Tri-State Open Bond 400km USA race 2021 -7th prize Final race and 10th Ace OLR Costa Del Sol 21 - 1st place Semifinal Golden Algarve Race 2023 - 296km/ 3,941b.- winner 60,000 Euro and so much more 
Romario`s Queen sold for 25,500€ 
Romario`s Dream sold  for 15,000€ 

Father: “Son Romario” DV03801-14-70
Born out “Romario” (all info see above) x “Sindy” (original Klaas)


Mother: “Daughter Romario” DV03801-14-93
Born out “Romario” (all info see above) x “Cinedu” (strain: Janssen)


  • Breeder:
    ALFRED BUNK 阿尔弗雷德·邦克
  • Seller:



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Lot 21 “Double granddaughter Romario”


Winning bid
€ 1,100.00