Is a half-brother, same father, to winners of:
1st Venlo 1,301b. – 4th Weert 8,965b. - 13th Ludenscheid 18,737b. – 6th Venlo 220b.


Father: “Blue Gum” NL18-1820730
Is a half-brother, same mother, to “Viton”
“Viton” is father to 1st Nat. ace “Speedy Grizzle” at Eijerkamp 
Is a half-brother to winners of: 
1st/11,059b. – 1st/4,299b. – 1st/754b. 
Direct son “Ace 820” x “Jet”
“Ace 820” NL16-1075820 won:
1st Interprov. Ace Allround and ½ Fond ‘18
1st Weert 5,552b. – 3rd Quievrain 10,570b. – 3rd Laon 6,371b. – 6th Rethel 7,115b. – 2nd Boxtel 1,961b.
“Jet” NL15-1234091 won:
1st Asse 11,343b. – fastest Gien 7,768b. - 1st Rethel 4,911b. – 6th Laon 6,371b. - 10th Duffel 5,821b. 


Mother: “DV01274-14-335” – original Roeper Wolfgang
Is a half-sister, same father, to
“Creone Roeper”: 1st Nat. ace KBDB Marathon/Fond yearbirds ’20 - 11th Nat. ace KBDB youngbirds ‘19
“Der 114”: 1st Nat. ace Germany (at Roeper W.)
“Laurence”: 2nd Nat. ace KBDB Fond yearbirds ‘19
“Miss Roeper”:  4th Nat. ace KBDB Allround ‘21 - 6th Nat. ace KBDB Allround ‘22
“110-17”: 14th Nat. ace KBDB GMD ‘18
“851-21”: 14th Nat. ace KBDB Fond ‘23
“850-21”: 19th Nat. ace KBDB GMD ‘22
Born out “Der 593” x “DV01274-13-24” (daughter 1st Nat ace and champion breeder “Big Boss”) 



  • Breeder:
    LEIDEMAN GEBR. 雷德曼兄弟
  • Seller:



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Lot 11 “Blue Leideman 630”


Winning bid
€ 1,500.00