Is a full sister to winner of 
11 prizes on 13 races as a yearbird
Is a half-sister to topper “276”, winner of:
2nd/658b. – 5th/1,790b. – 8th/1,431b. – 8th/645b. - 23rd/1,415b.


Father: “Beauty Greipel” B19-4213858
Direct son “Greipel” x “Daughter Kittel”
“Greipel” B13-6139859 won: 
6th Nat. ace KBDB sprint 2013 
co-winner 1st championship KBDB 2013
Descendant of “Greipel” won in 2022: 
1st Nat. ace USA All-round 150km - 900km 
Is a full brother to famous “Kittel”, “New Kittel”, “Gold Dust”, …
“Daughter Kittel” B18-4224911
Direct daughter “Kittel” (see further)


Mother: “Euro Lady” DV07462-15-125
Direct daughter “New Euro” x “Nest-sister New Euro”
“New Euro” DV07462-14-432 won:
1st Nat. ace Germany best Olympiad bird YB
5th Olympiad Budapest Cat. F.
1st Alsfeld 3,825b. – 2nd Frankenau 4,049b. – 3rd Korbach 4,293b.
Descendants to "New Euro" are winners of:
1st Laon 7,594b. – 1st Moeskroen 5,548b. - 1st Bierges 2,750b. – 1st Laon 2,715b. – 1st Heusden 2,142b. – 1st Issoudun 1,627b. - and so on


  • Breeder:
    MÜLLER H. + S. 穆勒
  • Seller:
    Steven Fouche



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Lot 8 “Granddaughter New Euro”


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€ 450.00