This cock was coupled during the dark months November/December 2022 and did not fertilize the eggs, but because this cock still feels so good and vital, we decided to offer him as a "bis buy" because we suspect that he will fertilize eggs during the warm long summer days. We cannot give any guarantees but we do hope.

Father: “Di Caprio” B05-6045015
Won at Leo Heremans-Ceusters from Quievrain
1st/1,928b. – 1st/1,580b. – 1st/1,276b. – 3rd/1,267b. - 3rd/658b. – 8th/2,622b. – 10th/881b. – 12th/1,583b. - and so on
Is father to Olympiad bird and base breeder
“Olympic Niels” - B08-6338005 - won in 5 racing seasons, Olympiad bird Nitra 2013 - 1st Dourdan 793b. – 3rd Etampes 1,717b. – 4th Dourdan 385b. – 4th Quievrain 490b. – 4th Dourdan 1,258b. - 5th Dourdan 1,092b. – 5th Melun 629b. – 6th Orleans 918b.- 7th Quievrain 1,088b. – 8th Quievrain 475b. – 8th Melun 1,693b. – 10th Noyon 463b. – 10th Noyon 1,193b. – 13th Dourdan 2,231b. and so on 
Bred in several generations top winning birds such as “Friendship” (1st Nat. Chateauroux 25,617b. – Fastest Souppes 6,134b. at Rik Hermans)
Is a half-brother, same father, to Olympiade bird “Olympic Vivian” at Eijerkamp Hans & Evert-Jan
Is grandfather to:
“Natalia”: 1st Nat. Bourges 10,141b.
“Kyara”: Olympiad bird ½ Fond ’15 at Koopman
“Samantha”: Olympiad bird ½ Fond ’17 at Comb. Verbree


Mother: “Daughter Olympic Sperwer” B12-6327935
- original Leo Heremans
Born out “Olympic Sperwer” (won 1st/2,032b. - 1st/1,512b. – 1st/1,509b. – 3rd/1,249b. – 3rd/890b.) x “B11-6094115” (won 5th Marne 1,390b. – 9th Angerville and so on) 



  • Breeder:
    VAN DYCK DIRK 迪克·范戴克
  • Seller:



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Lot 7b “722-Son Di Caprio”


Winning bid
€ 8,500.00