Inbred to “New Laureaat” 1e International Barcelona crossed with “Kleine Jade “ 1e International Barcelona and “Dafne” 3e National Perpignan

“Fondkoppel” from Jelle they are a.o. the parents to: 

11e Nat. Bergerac '03, 15e Nat. Limoges '08, 20e Nat. Pau '07, 20e Nat. St.Vincent'04, 24e Nat. Bordeaux '09, 24e NPO Brive '03, 26e Nat. Bergerac '06, 26e NPO Ruffec '04, 27e Nat. St Vincent '06, 28e Nat. Bergerac '05. The breeding from this couple is very good in many generations.


Father: NL 15-1321369 “Jellema 369”

Direct Jelle Jellema from TOPPIGEONS “Dirke” and “de 933”. 

Half-brother to many top arcers with a.o.: 1e International Barcelona 2014, 7e NPO Bergerac ’15, 9e NPO Bergerac ’13, 11e Nat. St Vincent ’12, 14e NPO Orange ’15 etc. etc. 


“Dirke” is a direct son from “Fondkoppel” and he won many top prizes with a.o.: 20e Nat. Pau '07, 46e Nat. 

Ruffec '06, 48e NPO Montauban '07, 63e Nat. Bergerac '06, 75e Nat Bergerac'07.

Also father from top racers, children won a.o.: 1e Int. Barcelona'14, 11e Nat. St Vincent '12, 14e NPO Orange '15, 17e NPO Montpellier '11, 32e NPO Brive '14

‘de 933” TOP BREEDING HEN and mother to a.o.: 7e NPO Bergerac '15, 9e NPO Bergerac '13, 27e Nat. 

Cahors '14, 39e NPO Bergerac '15, 53e NPO Brive '14, 54e NPO Orange '15, 55e Nat 


She is a granddaughter to “Sophie” with a.o. 3e Nat. St Vincent ’11, 13e Nat. St Vincent ’10 and 15e Nat. Bordeaux ’10 and the “De Bergerac-doffer” (cock Fondkoppel) with 5e Nat. Bergerac ’99.


Mother: NL 16-1163830 “dochter Dafne”

Direct Jelle Jellema from top Barcelona lines “New Laureaat” “Kleine Jade” and “Dafne”.

2x 1e International Barcelona in her pedigree.

Inbred to “Zoon New Laureaat”!!


“Zoon New Laureaat” bred from “New Laureaat” x “Kleine Jade”

                        “New Laureaat” was a SUPERB Barcelona racer with 1e Internationaal Barcelona 25381 p., 

8e Nationaal Barcelona 12281 p. and 323e Nationaal Barcelona 11590 p.

“Kleine Jade” won o.a. 1e International Barcelona 20669 p., 32e NPO Brive 2444 p.


“Dafne” she won herself 3e National Perpignan!!!!!

            She is bred from  “Zoon New Laureaat” paired to a daughter frok  topbreeder and –racer  “Orion” x 

“Silvie” (3e International Barcelona 20669 p., 48e Nat. Marseille, 61e Nat. Orange, 116e Nat. 



  • 长距离赛 / Extreme Long Distance
  • 作育者:
  • 卖方:


100% Jelle Jellema