Herbots - Heller

Herbots-Heller, Zweibrücken, Germany

The name Herbots Heller has become one of the standard bearers on international flights. This tandem originated early 1998, so 20 years ago already! At the fair in Kassel the contacts between Jo and Filip Herbots with Elvira and Ewald Heller started. The goal: the international flights! After all, in this corner of Germany we find names such as Seegmuller, but also the father-and-son tandem Kipp.
Both families took the challenge and formed a new tandem:
Meanwhile, they have built a fine and impressive record of achievements.
Very impressive, with INTERNATIONAL VICTORIES even!
1 + 2 INTERNATIONAL TARBES ' 09 12805 p.

An extremely strong basis:
Anyone who has followed the colony in recent years have seen it becoming stronger and stronger each time. The old base consisting of the Cabrera pigeons was reinforced with "noble long-distance origin" by the merger with the Herbots family, so we find descendants from the line of VdEynde pigeons, the Barcelona-King, the Rambo-Barcelona ... Each time, a few pigeons moved from Halle-Booienhoven, permanently or on loan, to Zweibrücken. This resulted in even more top prizes. They also knocked on the door of the direct competition such as the Kipp & Son colony, where they also got some reinforcement. The purchase of several noble thoroughbreds of the Bölting colony definitely turned out to be a golden move as well. From this family of National ACE pigeons, multiple birds moved to the breeding pens: from the famous Schummi, the 306, Het Wonder van Bocholt ... amazing long-distance flyers that achieved multiple top scores on the international flights from Barcelona and Perpignan. Some other thoroughbreds from the total sale of the late Heinz Seegmuller also moved to the Zweibrücken breeding pen.

Ewald was forced to take a step back a couple of years for health reasons, though he kept participating in international flights with the same passion. And he let quality prevail over quantity!!!!

Let's take a look at last years' top performances

For Germany, Barcelona was a very heavy concours, with an hilly trajectory and wind that made the pigeons drift in the wrong direction. Still the 2015 performances were excellent.

A top hen that achieved 1 Nat zone
Record of achievements
1 Nat Z Barcelona 15 348 p
14 Nat. 1300 p
24 Nat Z Perpignan’14 411 p
144 Nat. 1243 p
84 Nat. Z Barcelona'14 373 p
341 Nat. 1408 p
76 Nat. Limoges ' 14 1833 p
111 Nat. Z Limoges’14 2821 p
123 I. Nat. 3196 p
47 Nat. Z Pau’13 393 p
78 Nat. Z Perpignan’13 372 p
140 I.Prov.Perpignan’12 774 p
168 Nat. Bordeaux'12 1695 p
205 I.Prov. 2230 p
223 Nat. Bordeaux’13 1158 p

Father: BE 10-5045342 Nouwen Paesen
Son 1 Ace Pig. Barcelona
Extra breeding cock
Grandfather: BE 02-5176800, Zwarte Barca
1 Ace Pig Barcelona '04-'07
super flying and breeding cock
Gr.m.: BE 10-5045342 Nouwen Paesen
Daughter Zwarte Jo x Chibui
(Zwarte Jo won 15 Nat St.Vincent 1557 p - 69 Nat Barcelona 13161 p - 72 Nat Perpignan 8041 p - 79 Nat Barcelona 11806 p) x daughter Narbonne
Mother: BE 10-5045119, Nouwen Paesen
A top breeder, as she is not only the mother of the zone winner but of 12-587 as well, that has won
4 Nat Barcelona dv’14, 641 p
8 Nat Barcelona 1408 p
31 Nat Limoges 1833 p
63 Argenton 1364 p
220 Nat Bordeaux ...
Grandfather BE 09-5092566, Nouwen Paesen
Gr.m.: NL 01-1542890, Jac VdWegen , daughter Wpen Parel x zus Rex

Only international flights:
Little choice:
There is little choice in Zweibrücken. Nationals are difficult, as Germany is very wide and large. The urged to compete with the very best drove this colony towards the international flights at the time. They know all too well that this takes "good material". In this corner of Germany, however, the fanciers have united and train their pigeons for the Rhône direction, a tough training schedule, but a thorough selection and sticking to this system have allowed to created a long-distance flyer that loves "hard weather conditions "... Pigeons that rarely give up. And they have the guts to have them compete on international level as a yearling.
And they undoubtedly have their 1st and 2nd place on International Tarbes to show for it ... The offspring, however, also performs on top level. The crossbreeding of the Tarbes winner with the Pau winner forms the basis of the 1 International MARSEILLE hens 2018, atThomann-Spitzbarth.


DV 8228-14-20
Checkered cock
6th Euro Diamond'17
1 NAT PAU 1198 p
19 IN.NAT Pau 11285 p
151 IN.NAT Narbonne’15 8447 p

Father: 08228-12-765,-SUPER BREEDER, father 1 NAT Pau ' 17 -grandfather of the 0709-17-33, this has won 1. Nat Marseille ' 18, hens at Thomann-Spitzbarth
The "765" is also a brother of the 08-599,-1 IN. National TARBES'09!!!!
Gr.V. : 08106-06-92, father 1 Nat Pau 17 - Karl Heinz Koers, top breeder, father of 1 I.Nat Tarbes 09 - 12849 p - Son of the 1 NAT Pau 03 x 267-06, Morsnowski (Inbred Gouden Kweker x sister 2 Nat Barcelona 05)
Gr.m.: 08228-06-2185, Inbred 1 I.Nat Barcelona 16 - From brother "Evita" 1 Nat Barcelona '06 - also a brother of 422-08, the father of the 1 I.Nat Barcelona are 16, kipp - Lessmeister
Mother: 08228-11-491, mother 1 Nat Pau 17 -
Grandfather NL06-1211696, Grandfather 1 Nat Pau - Ko Van Dommelen x Walpot - line Paarsborst - x 1 Nat Barcelona - 1 Nat Perpignan
Gr.m.: 07883-07-2566, Seegmuller - Inteelt brother x zus matching: daughter of 04-4066, 2 Nat ACE Long Distance 07 and brother 1 nat ACE Long Distance 07 x 3869-04, 1 Nat ACE Long Distance

How was the group prepared for the season 2018?
At Herbot Heller they use TOTAL widowhood. Before the start of the season, there is always a thorough check by veterinarian Raf HERBOTS, with whom they have several telephone contacts during the racing season. So the pigeons are well monitored and action is taken if necessary. In addition, they follow Herbots Animal Products' LONG DISTANCE SCHEDULE. This implies electrolytes upon homecoming, on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays Zell Oxygen + Optimix and Viktus pigeon - on Friday and Saturday Omega Oil + BMT (brewer's yeast, milk powder and wheat germ) - On Monday Zell Oxygen and Optimix again, Tuesday and Wednesday race tonic (vitamin complex) and Optimix over the feed.
Via the drinking water the first two days after returning home electrolytes and later on Tuesday and Wednesday Bronchofit (liquid tea for the airways) and Vita pigeon. Then Bio pigeon, Vita pigeon and Bio pigeon (these are resistance enhancement products based on herbs) - the last three days before basketing always Aminovit (combination of vitamins and amino acids).
From mid-april onwards, they start training the pigeons, Bordeaux is the first major flight. This is played on "regional" level (similar to an interprovincial flight in Belgium), the distance is about 700 km. Before the pigeons take part in this flight, they have generally had 3900 km of training flights!
Since they mainly participate in international flights, the pigeons are in competition every 3 weeks. In between they do not get any additional training flights but they are home trained every day. For the yearlings, they prefer at least one international flight to gain sufficient experience for the future. That they have excelled on these flights more than once, is proven by the international victory from Tarbes. Last season 2018 their first pigeon from Marseille - the hen 08228-17-1153 - obtained the following ranking:
4 IN. National Marseille ' 18-2130 hens-19th international 9387 pigeons (distance Marseille for the tandem Herbots Heller is 685 km - the tough Marseille Edition of 2018, was discharged on Friday 19 July at 7:00 am, this yearling hen reached her loft at 6:40 pm obtaining a speed of 979 mpm -

08228-17-1153, Checkered hen
4 IN.Nat Marseille'18 2130 p
5 NAT Marseille 1360 p
19 I.NAT 9387 p

Father: 07883-15-757, grandson Golden Glory, Kipp 1. In.Nat Ace'11- Martin Patrick -
Gr.f. DV 4900-14-400, son Golden Glory Kipp, this was 1 nat Ace Marathon-1 I.Nat. Ace Marathon '11 x Greta Granddaughter Purple Rose
Gr. m. 07883-08-3428, Extra breeding star, Seegmuller - Inbred I.Nat Pau'88 from Grandson 1 I.Nat Pau'88 x inbred 1 I.Nat Pau'88 (brother x sister match)
Mother: 08228-15-965, Sister 4 Nat Barcdlona dv'14 - ½ brother 1 Nat Zone Barcelona'15
Gr.f. 04900-08-818, Father 4 Nat Z Barcelona'14 - Kipp & Zn - grandson 1 I.Nat Ace 2011 - Golden Glory x Hendriks van wanroy
Gr.M. 5045119-10 Nouwen Paesen, from son Zwarte Jo x 890-01, vdWegen

The last top hen the origin of which we do not want to keep from you, is
08228-16-564, Blue Hen
As a yearling she already scored with 2 x International
156 NAT Marseille '17
339 NAT Agen’17
This season 9 NAT Pau’18 1295 p
When we take a look at the pedigree, strong inbreeding towards the 1 I.Nat Tarbes - both on the father's and mother's side, and then crossbreeding with the 1 Nat Barcelona via the Gebr. Herbots

Father: 08228-13-1231, grandson 1 I.Nat Tarbes ' 09
Grandfather 2192336-10, Herbots Gebr - son of the Barcelona -1 Nat Barcelona ' 08 - the 7300 p x 1 I.Nat Tarbes'09 Heller
Gr.m.: 2198336-12, Herbots Gebr. - daughter Dolle Barcelona - 1 Nat Barcelona 11706 p - 2 I.Nat Barcelona 25348 p x 850-11, daughter of 1 Nat Limoges Bourlard
Mother: 08228-11-429, Inteelt 1 I.Nat Tarbes 09, Its sister 15-123 is the mother of the 1 Nat Marseille'16, Lauer & zoon
Grandfather 08228-09-1088, Zoon 1 I.Nat Tarbes - is grandfather 1 Nat Marseille 16 - Lauer & zoon - from the Nicek 17° Nat Ace Long Distance x the 1 I.Nat Tarbes'09,
Gr.m.: 2192337-10, Herbots Gebr, a daughter of the Barcelona 1 Nat Barcelona'08 7300 p x 1 I.Nat Tarbes'09 12849 p.

Only international flights:
Results 2018
Pau 891,872 km
9. national > 1295 p.
5. national hen
Agen 775,227 km
97. national > 1348 p.
34. national hen
Barcelona 982,237 km
66. national > 1121 p.
St. Vincent 913,675 km
9. national > 766 p.
25. national > 766 p.
32. national 766 p.
10. national hen
Marseille 685,517 km
19. international
5. national > 1360 p.
4. national hen
16. national > 1360 p.
Narbonne 763.639 km
104. national > 909 p.
47. national hen

Herbots - Heller
Talstrasse 28A
66482 Zweibrücken
0049-6337 337