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crown a top season with a national victory on Limoges old pigeons

It only has been since last week that we brought in twice on the same day a 2nd national (Brive and Argenton). It was a mixture of feelings of big euphoria, as who can, with a relative small loft, manage this twice on the same day, and at the other hand also a bit of regret as it wasn’t a 1st…

But this wasn’t the end of it. Who would have thought that they would put the away the guns in Moorsele, had to think again. The shape was on the loft and it wasn’t father Filip and Dave that gave the signals but the pigeons themselves. They were unstoppable and raced like hell.

“Son Tulle” is a real crack pigeon who wins the 1stnational Limoges after he won the 2ndnational Brive

This pigeon isn’t a simple one and placed himself since last Saturday in the gallery of top pigeons within the pigeon world.

After he just missed the national victory two weeks ago on a very hard Brive, with hot weather and a severe North-Eastern wind, it was a hit in the rose last Saturday in even more difficult circumstances. It was hot, too hot for many pigeons and the wind was again North – North-East. A bright sky, but very tough and if you wanted to win, you needed a perfect shape and top class.

With a speed of 1,156m/m he became fastest of the entire platoon of 14,858 pigeons. He won the national victory against 7,629 old birds. Next to this he already won a 2ndLimoges against 404 pigeons and in the past also other head prizes with amongst other a 1ston Chateaudun. A real all-rounder, a true classful pigeon, a real crack !

Filip and Dave didn’t want to race him on Limoges. After the hard Brive they wanted to let him rest an extra week and basket him on Jarnac, but the pigeon himself thought different. On Monday and Tuesday before basketing he was really not to curb. He trained in the morning more than 3 hours and wouldn’t get in. Also on the loft he was so nervous and his behaviour said more than words. That’s why Filip and Dave decided to basket him for Limoges anyway. On Wednesday, the day of basketing, they first decided not to let him train to avoid the risk that something would happen to him but nevertheless they released him. After one hour he duck inside and Filip hurried to lock up everything. All these signals were convincing enough to prove that he was in really good shape…with the in the meantime known result.

This blue crack is a true fighter, relatively small, but well build and a very intelligent head, in short: a very sharp little boss.

On fathers’ side he has the Figo-blood from the Reynaert top pigeons x Marcel Aelbrecht running through his veins and is a direct son of the ‘Tulle’ who is father of more than one top pigeon. The coupling of this top hen from Marcel Aelbrecht to the Figo-blood is a real hit in the rose.

His mother is ‘Alberke’ (Albert Hendrix) and is a 100 % Soontjes pigeon. Within pigeon midst the Soontjes strain was being placed as a pure short – and middle distance strain, but in the meantime we know better. Crossed with blood that can take on more kilometres, they are capable of much more and also on the one day long distance they are true winners.

“Grandson 2ndNational Ace bird” wins on the same day the 5thNational Chateauroux

“The drinking pot can also get a prize’ is a saying we us to point out top shape. Well, in Moorsele, the drinking pot can surely win a prize. Earlier on the day of the national victory on Limoges, this year bird (BE17-3043801) won the 5thnational Chateauroux against 12,492 pigeons. It was the first time that he was being basketed on a national race of that distance and it was immediately a hit in the rose. Before this he already won a 1ston Clermont, a 2ndon Fontenay and several other head prizes.

His father is “Last Son”, an inbred out of the Figo/Goen strain from Reynaert. This cock was being coupled to a daughter of top pigeon ‘Ronaldo’ from Hugo Vlaeminck from Rupelmonde. Also this blood strain is a strain of winners and the results are being set now.

Philosophizing about the joy of winning a national victory, we also spoke about what to look at when getting reinforcement on the loft, the screening of a pigeon, the selection norm of the Demely loft. Well, they only have one norm they handle. How the pigeon looks or feels is subordinate to results. This selection procedure has given its results for several years now with pigeons that easily can win first prizes. So no complicated formulas at Filip and Dave, but the common sense of the result.

We are convinced that this isn’t the end of the prize list of this season and are sure that we can expect more national top pigeons in the upcoming weeks on this loft.

But in the meantime they enjoy fully, with the entire family and friends, this beautiful national victory set by this amazing pigeon !

Congratulations from the entire Herbotsteam !

Geert Dhaenens

BE16-3039664 - 1ste Nationaal Limoges Old


crown a top season with a national victory on Limoges old pigeons