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Russeignies: Sébastien Casaert…together with his son Hugo and their companion François Sénéchal, they race under the name Casaert-Sénéchal and also form since about 3 season a combination with PEC who doesn’t need any introduction. Their top results on a local, provincial and national level are been written about in several different articles. Highlights until now are ‘Amalia’ 1stNational ace bird GMD KBDB year birds 2011 and 1stNational ace bird GMD KBDB old birds 2013 with ‘Nikolaas’. In 2015, Sebastien got his first national victory out of La Souterraine and now they won out of Jarnac. Their ‘Red Devil Porsche’ (B17-4062397) won against 4,899 year birds. The season of 2018 has already been a good one as end of June the name Casaert-Senechal could be found for 34x within the top 100 National. Off course is this national victory the cherry on the cake.


It is common knowledge that Sebastien and son Hugo like to race a lot of pigeons and at the start of the season they had an extended racing team of 70 old and 100 year birds. Sebastien explains: ‘It is important to know that we especially focus on the races between 400km and 600km. Only Limoges, Brive and Jarnac are partly on the program as well. We race total widowhood, so every pigeon has to prove himself on the races. We don’t have time or place for rentiers. My racing team is divided over several different departments and we mean to race every pigeon of each department on the same race. Only at the end of the season it is possible we take one or two out of a group.
Due to the cooperation with PEC I don’t have any breeders anymore. Only Hugo has still some breeders left as he likes to race the long distance on his own. No breeders, no winter breeding…neither with the racing pigeons. These are during the entire winter at ease in spacious aviaries.
Beginning of April their ‘Winter sleep’ is over and all pigeons are being coupled. Being coupled is a big word…the sliding doors of the different departments are being opened and they all can do whatever they want. Some will have a box and partner in an instant and start off building a nest while others need more time to start up their own family. To be more specific, they can stay together the entire month of April and during this period they are being fully trained as well.

End of April they all are being separated. The cocks go onto a department with boxes and a part of the hens go on lofts where they have the possibility to lock them up in aviaries during the day and another part of the hens go on lofts where they have specific hens boxes where they can be locked in. Remarkable what the cocks are concerned is that on the lofts there are more cocks then boxes. Some cocks have to be satisfied with chapels. The goal here is to create a conflict amongst them. Once a day they get to train. Seen that Sebastien goes out working in the morning, the trainings are in the afternoon. Only the last weeks, due to the very hot weather, they trained in the morning.
In a matter of feeding Sebastien follows since years the Modern Elite system but the last few years they also add the Galaxy mixtures into the feeding pattern. In a matter of side products they make a lot of use of Avidress (Röhnfried), Usne Gano and so on…. Sébastien is convinced that by the excessive use (even up to 3 to 4 days a week) of Avirdres he hardly suffers from trichomoniases anymore.

In a medical way they leave the medicine cupboard as much as possible closed. On 15/03 all the pigeons got a 7 day cure against trichomoniases and believe it or not but the ‘long distance department’ hasn’t been cured against trichomoniases any more. The other departments got in the meantime some pills. Against head diseases they cured after Chateauroux during 4 days. Aside that Sebastien believes strongly in good ventilation on the lofts. All lofts have big windows and with this hot weather they’ve placed mosquito nettings in the windows. Important to know is that during the season vet Pascal Lanneau comes to visit every Monday to keep a close eye on everything


The national winner Jarnac is a marvellous blue cock. ‘He is a summer youngster from 2017 with not that much of experience’, starts the story, ‘he was also one of the cocks that didn’t have a box but needed to keep an eye on everything from on a chapel. As the hens are being brought on nest it was the last race for the cocks. For that reason I left them on the day of basketing a bit longer with their hen and placed some extra boxes on the floor. I’m going to confess that I didn’t notice anything on the day of basketing but after his homecoming I saw that he had conquered together with his hen one of the small hens boxes. Apparently this new environment had motivated him super so he could leave all the other year birds on Jarnac behind.


About 1,5 minute before the arrival of “Red Devil Porsche” there was “3-Aces” (B16-4129235) . Good for the 4thnational Jarnac against 5,301 old birds. A proof that the top shape is on the loft in Russeignies.

Team Casaert…from the entire Herbots team a big congratulations and on to national victory number 3.

B17-4062397 : 1st NATIONAL JARNAC 4,899 YEARBIRDS