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Wevelgem, the place to be to meet Gino Clicque and his princely colony. On Chateauroux before the 1st National Bourges he left everyone with amazement as he won 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 Chateauroux against 5,904 pigeons. The tone was set for an amazing season. Now a few races later we know what it is and this is simply spectacular. Last weekend he didn’t only win another national victory but the record of the amount of pigeons within the top 10 national has been broken. 7 TOP 8 national pigeons were clocked here on Chateauroux and Limoges together. Unparalleled class that places the Clicque strain even more at the top of Belgian pigeon sport.

On Saturday first Chateauroux came, a festival with head prizes with first an old one and then a year bird. But the old bird had to settle for the 3rd national spot while the year bird became first against 12,942 year birds.

Chateauroux Nat 8,501 old : 3,8,17,18,30,51,… 
Chateauroux Nat 12,942 year birds : 1,7,33,…

But only a few hours later Limoges had to come, about 90 pigeons were basketed and this race even was better…

Limoges Nat 7,629 old : 5,8,47,60,72,90,92,99,108,…
Limoges Nat 7,230 year birds : 6,17,21,36,63,88,145,….

Recap of Saturday the 7th of July
and the 4th top prize for the top hen on the Greater Middle Distance “First Lady” with a 18th National Chateauroux 8,501 old birds. 

How do you take on the season ? 

The racing team is about 250 pigeons big, old and year birds together to race the GMD and the one day long distance. A part of this team (about 70 cocks) is being raced on classic widowhood and all the others on total widowhood. In the winter period all racing pigeons are in aviaries in front of the lofts and they can train on a regular base. Only during the hunting period I keep them inside but that’s it. During the season itself the hens train once a day and the cocks normally twice a day, but as it has been this hot the last few weeks also the cocks only trained once a day.

When it is end of March – beginning of April he couples all the racing pigeons and have their preparing races on a nest position. They can stay together until the end of the breeding or 15 days breeding however it works out. Mostly it is the case that on the day after the last race in April all the nests are being cleaned and the widowhood can start off.

The pigeons on total widowhood are in aviaries during daytime and don’t see each other as there is a screen in between the sexes. The regular racing pigeons are also in aviaries during daytime but when the other pigeons train they go inside. At homecoming everything stays open and they can sit wherever they want, as there are many pigeons that have their favourite spot in the aviary itself.

Before basketing they can always come together for half an hour and then I start to take them away, by the time we get to the last one it can take a while but I don’t pay attention to this. After the race they usually stay together until the evening but this weekend they could stay together until the next morning.

During my visit it stroke me that all lofts were open and that the pigeons just fly amongst each other, so there is a lot of struggle for territory and can choose themselves where they stay as a couple. The straw on the floor takes care of less work load and makes the climate even more cosy.

Every week the pigeons of the greater middle distance are being basketed, the once for the long distance races every fortnight and are being kept home in between the races.

Another thing that is important, Gino was busy on Saturday as he had basketed a lot of pigeons and received many phone calls. When I arrived, the pigeons hadn’t eaten yet, he asked to be patient so they could eat quietly and could start to recuperate. This isn’t only enjoying the races but immediately focussing on what’s coming. Chapeau and all my respect….


We always feed the Vanrobayes mixtures were we work together with very closely. I have these mixtures made customized and use during the season two different kinds, a lighter mixture and a power mixture. At homecoming I always use electrolytes for the recuperation and there are also a few Röhnfriend products that I use on a weekly base. In a medical way I try to act quickly and work together with Pascal Lanneau. He comes over every fortnight and has a preventive check-up of some pigeons. On his advice we will interfere or not, but since I let the pigeons in the aviaries during the entire winter they come out much stronger.

Winner Chateauroux year birds

3061560/2017 ‘Golden Devil’ Blue cock

A classful pigeon of format, a cock of the smaller type that earned his spot on the breeding loft.

  1       NAT    Chateauroux            12,942b
  5                   Clermont                    1,034b
18       NAT    Bourges                    19,133b
26       PROV Argenton                    4,079b
48       PROV Chateauroux              2,343b
67       NAT    Gueret                        8,517b

Father 3160537/2013 ‘Just Argenton Boy’
Top racer with a.o. 16 Prov Clermont 8,607b – 59 Nat Brive 5,951b – 82 Nat  Limoges 6,492b
Brother to “Argenton Boy” 2 Prov Argenton 5,251b – 4 Nat Bourges 9,781b – 14 Nat Bourges 10,906b

Gr.F. 3004383/2006 Tobias
          ½ brother “Piraat” 3 Nat Ace bird KBDB 2008
          Son to “008/96” Robert x “382/02” Eva
Gr.M. 3131096/2006 Jenny 
           Gr.Mother 2 Nat Bourges 41,783b ‘08
           Daughter to “703/00” De 703 x “977/02” Cockelaere 977

Mother 3050622/2015 Ida
Top hen who won a.o. 4 Prov Chateaudun 4,579b – 7 Prov Chateuadun 2,587b – 13 Prov Tours 6,083b – 26 Prov Chateauroux 1,902b

Gr.F. 3086721/2010 Nest brother ‘Super Bolt’
          Won 5 Prov Clermont 8,374b – 14 Prov Clermont 6,939b – 29 Prov Ablis 
          Son to “509/03” Blauwe Cools x “831/04” Sister Eva
Gr.M. 3056225/2013 Gaby Returned Bliksem 225
            Daughter to “569/05” ‘Returned Bliksem’ Son ‘Bliksem’ Gaby 
            Vandenabeele x “422/11” Granddaughter ‘Bliksem’

Gino & Jasper,  a big congratulation with this national victory, the new record and so much more from the entire HERBOTS TEAM.

BE17-3061560: 1st National Chateauroux yearbirds