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Hubert Borker … an unique breeding loft results in unique race results

30 Jul 2020

If Hubert Borker used to be a breeder with "normal" successes, everything changed when he met Günter Prange from Meppen more than 30 years ago. In the course of time a friendship developed, which has lasted until today and is characterized by great trust and cooperation. In 1995 the first pigeons moved from Meppen to Lingen. A very special transfer happened after the travel season 2006, when the three year old ace-birds of Germany of the month May 2006 (02098-05-675, 02098-05-638, 02098-05-601) were bought by Hubert Borker from Günter Prange. 

However, Günter Prange is not only available as a supplier of excellent birds but he has also a large share in the construction of the current pigeon loft. During his first visits with Günter Prange, Hubert was always a little envious of the sophisticated loft in Meppen. Hubert lived in a very nice house, diagonally opposite his present home. In 2007, Hubert bought a commercial building with a large plot of land across the street and not only built a pretty house but also the impressive stroke facility according to Günter Prange's detailed specifications.

Now everything was there: the TOP pigeons, a functioning loft and the necessary time to look after the pigeons optimally.

Hubert Borker - the Prange branch loft no. 1 

To report about the achievements of Günter Prange is more than pointless. The achievements on the strain of Günter Prange are unique not only in Germany. Above all the hereditary strength of the Prange pigeons is today recognized worldwide. No German pigeons are in demand in Asia today like pigeons of Günter Prange. The many Acebirds up to national titles are sufficiently known. But especially the 1st prizes against very high pigeon numbers are a novelty. 

The basis for this fact is not only the number of original Prange pigeons present on the breeding loft but also the quality of these pigeons. Several direct children of the "Ringlose" have been on the breeding loft at Hubert Borker and ensure excellent offspring. Furthermore several children of the "261" with 10x 1st prize, the "720" with 7x 1st prize, the "330" with 8x 1st prize and the "36". 

On recommendation of Günter Prange Hubert bought the right birds to crossbreed with the Prange pigeons. We think in the first place about children "Gus" from Dirk de Beer, children Olympia bird "Big Boss 272" from Wolfgang Roeper , the famous “Kittel” breeding line of Dirk Van den Bulck and so on …

Topresults 2019

Topresults 2020

We are convinced that the quality of the Borker birds will also excellerate on other international lofts