Pigeon Bids Medart Marc

26 Sep 14:00 -
04 Oct 14:00
11 Pigeons

Détails de la vente

Marc Medart (St. Truiden) has long been a topper on the short and middle distance races in the St. Truiden area. His base are the well-known Clerinx Gebroeders birds (Nieuwerkerken) and then you know that one has an exceptionally strong base. 

Marc brings in this edition of Pigeon Bids 11 top performance birds into auction. All birds that have more than proved their class on the races!

Numéro 3




Won, no doubles,  43 prizes – 24 x 1/10
3rd Provincial ace KBDB ½ Fond ‘21
11th National ace KBDB ½ Fond ‘21

  1      Sens  397b.      326km          
  4      Combine  1,334b.         

  1      Melun  244b.     303km           

15      Combine  3,600b.

  1      Nanteuil  47b.     258km          

10      Combine   498b.

  2      Melun 204b.     303km           

  2      Laon  117b.     181km           

  4      Melun  260b.     303km           

  4      Melun  110b.     303km       

  5      Melun 729b.     303km         

20      Combine  5,266b.

  5      Sezanne  178b.    261km         

  6      Melun 440b.    303km        

  7      Sezanne  173b.    261km       

  7      Melun   496b.    303km       

  8      Sens  302b.    326km          

  8      Laon  108b.    181km           

  9      Laon  166b.    181km       

  9      Vervins  137b.    145km           

  9      Melun  247b.    303km        

10      Laon 136b.    181km          


Father: “B17-5121900”
Is a full brother to 1st provincial Gien 
Is a half-brother, same mother, to 2nd prov. Gien


Mother: B17-5089247 – original Daan Rego
Granddaughter “Djiefke”. “Djiefke” won 2nd Nat. ace KBDB ½ Fond 2014