Pigeon Bids Combinatie Ebben

25 Nov 14:00 -
05 Dec 14:00
9 Pigeons

Détails de la vente

Combination Ebben had in 2022 a superb racing season with highlights

Championships Combinatie Ebben, Boven-Leeuwen 2022

National Championships
9. Best Fancier of the Netherlands NPO Not Nominated
1. Ace Pigeon Pipa-Ranking NL20-1302163
4. Speed (100-500 km) De Allerbeste 2021/2022 NL20-1302164
4. Best Pigeon Middle Distance 300-500 km/Long Distance Pipa-Ranking NL20-1302163

And this on a limited installation of only 6.5 metres which houses 16 couples of racers and up to 35 youngsters.

Quality above quantity.

More information follows soon