Barcelona Special 2020

27 Jul 14:00 -
06 Aug 14:00
12 Pigeons

Détails de la vente

In this edition of Pigeon Bids a select group of Barcelona birds are offered. Enjoy the offer of 2 direct children of "De Barcelona" (1st Nat. Barcelona 7,628b.and 2nd Internat. 17,729b.  by Pronckaert) and the offer of grandchildren of "Den Barcelona" (1st Internat. Barcelona 25,348b.) - "Barcelona Dolle" (1st Nat. and 2nd Internat. Barcelona 25,348b.) - "De Jan" (1st Nat. and 4th Internat. Barcelona '13) - "Golden Red Barcelona" (1st Nat. and 6th Internat. Barcelona '17) - "Barcelona Princess" (1st Nat. and 2nd Internat. Barcelona 17,094b.)