With 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 National Argenton Jo & Florian Hendriks don’t show any compassion !

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Publié le: 17/07/2019 17:23

1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 National Argenton (571km) against 9,512 pigeons…not everyone can do it. But this is exactly wat the father-son combination Jo and Florian Hendriks did last weekend.

We don’t need to introduce them by now anymore. Since more than one year that have been at the top in the Netherlands. Even last season (2018) they managed to win no less then 20x Top 10 NPO and in 2017 they managed to set an international highlight by winning the 1st Provincial (4th International) on International Narbonne (881km) against 8,480 year birds…this and more is in our report of the 17th of December 2018 which you can read again by clicking HERE.

And so now this….with 16 basketed pigeons whereof no less than 12 won a prize per 10, they just take simple as that the 1st 5 spots National onto their account. With this achievement they break their own record from 2018 where they won 1 – 2 and 3 on La Souterraine against 1,094b.
They started of their season with 30 widow cocks where of 23 year birds which were being coupled on the 16th of January. After they could raise one youngster the widowhood took off and were being darkened from the beginning of March until the 3rd week of April. As preparation they all went every week into the basket until the day long distance races and from then on they only have to set a price every 2 weeks. The week that they don’t need to compete they only train once a day and they are being tossed that weekend from 40km. The week that they go onto a race they train twice a day.

Let us now introduce these 5 top pigeons from Argenton:

‘Bull Harry’
1st National Argenton 9,512b

He already set underneath results so we can state that this one is a real top pigeon:

26   Marche 2,314b
49   Charleville 1,071b
52   Sens 410b
73   Chalons en C. 1,813b
76   NPO Orleans 1,277b
105 NPO Sens 4,012b
120 NPO Epernay 7,640b
235 NPO La Souterraine 1,725b

‘Bull Harry’ has as father ‘Perfect Harry’ who takes on every credit, as a direct son of the worldfamous ‘Harry’ from Jan Hooymans, in being the ‘perfect’ son by showing himself as a real top breeder on the loft of the Hendriks family. And his mother isn’t any less being a daughter from super racer ‘King Kong’ (5x1st – 2x2nd – 2x3rd - …) and also granddaughter ‘Rudy’ (Gaby Vandenabeele)

‘Obelix Harry’
2nd National Argenton 9,512b

Also this one has already set amazing result before he took on the 2nd spot in this nice range of 5 on Argenton :

2 NPO Montluçon 4,201b
21 NPO Argenton 3,555b
21 NPO Chateauroux 853b
27 NPO Sezanne 8,177b
37 NPO La Souterraine 1,725b
52 NPO Lorris 16,471b
65 Provinciaal Chalon 11,886b
90 NPO La Souterraine 1,094b
72 Nationaal Chateauroux 27,656b
105 NPO Melun 15,245b

‘Obelix Harry’ is a son ‘Son Asterix’ out of ‘Asterix’ (top racer with a.o. 1NPO Sourdun) x ‘Wit Geerinckx’ (mother to different 1st prize pigeons) and the mother to ‘Obelix Harry’ is the super breeding hen ‘Daughter 4000’ (direct Jan Hooymans) out of ‘The 4000’ x ‘Inbred Kannibaal’

‘Son 081’
3rd National Argenton 9,512b

And that there is no limit on the amount of top pigeons on this loft, we also like to give the marvellous results of the ‘Son 081’:

1 Charleville 22,915b
4 Charleville 1,241b
4 Marche 612b
35 Chalons 637b
52 NPO Lorris 15,148b
91 Rethel 1,012b
108 NPO Melun 15,246b
165 NPO Sens 11,734b

‘Son 081’ comes out of super racer and breeder ‘Kleine Gerard’, 100% Gerard Koopman and raced like hell at Jo&Florian Hendriks with ao. 1 Bourges 1,290b (2 NPO 8,278b), 1 Montluçon (4 NPO 1,310b), 1 Lorris 1,721b (5 NPO 5,537b), 1 Rethel 1,292b (13 NPO 10,912b), 11 NPO Limoges 1,326b, …and then now super breeder. Mother is ‘Laat 431’ and made sure with her breeding talent that the ‘Son 081’ also has several super racers as siblings.

‘Fire Eye Harry’
4th National Argenton 9,512b

Won already:
11 NPO Sezanne 8,177b
16 NPO Lorris 16,471b
71 NPO Gien 6,033b
74 NPO Montluçon 1,884b
77 NPO Sens 15,978b

‘Fire Eye Harry’ is a full brother of ‘Obelix Harry’, 2nd National Argenton, see above

‘Inteelt Harry’
5th National Argenton 9,512b

And, last but not least, in the row of 5 we find ‘Inteelt Harry’ who hasn’t won his first big prize either:

3 NPO La Souterraine 1,094b
16 Provinciaal Charleville 18,851b
49 NPO Sens 4,632b
80 NPO Gien 6,033b
130 NPO Lorris 15,148b

And is a full brother of ’18-265’ 1 NPO Orleans 1,277b. Both father as mother are grandchildren ‘Harry’ with next to this also their very own ‘King Kong’, ‘Kanibaal’ (Dirk Van Dyck), ‘Geeloger’ (Koen Minderhout) and so on in his pedigree makes this 5th National the row with top pigeons complete!

Again a big congratulations, Jo and Florian, with this amazing result from the entire HERBOTS TEAM