Kees van de Beek: 1st National Ace Bird Middle Distance 2018 WHZB

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Publié le: 04/01/2019 7:00

Kees van de Beek, a pigeon fancier for over 40 years, ends his own pigeon career in style and wins this year the 1st National Ace bird Middle Distance WHZB in the Netherlands. Mentioning clearly that we are talking about his ‘own’ pigeon career as Kees will stop racing from his own loft but will be racing pigeons as from next season from one of the lofts of the Eijerkamp family as their loft manager.

1st National Ace Bird Middle Distance WHZB Netherlands

This wonderful result was set by a yearling hen ‘De 328’ (NL17-1790328). This amazing hen won the title with underneath results:

2 Laon       1,273 b 351km
3 Nanteuil 1,971 b 430km
3 Nanteuil 1,570 b 430km
4 Laon       2,298 b 351km

And won in own club ‘De 328’ 4x 1st prize .

Father of the ‘De 328’ is an inbred pigeon to Kees his own super base breeder ‘De 700’ where you can read more about later on in this article. Several inbred pigeons tot his top breeder ‘De 700’ are to be found in this auction.

Mother of ‘De 328’ is a direct Eijerkamp namely the NL16-1255864 which Kees got as a present from Hans Eijerkamp. Via her grandfather she is part of the ‘Romario’ strain, Olympiad bird Gran Canaria 1993 and her grandmother ‘Interesting’ NL13-1804593, is a daughter Olympic Lucky 13’ 1 Olympiad bird Croatia in Poznan Cat. B and is a full sister of ‘Honda’ from Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp who is on her turn mother to the 1st National Ace bird Young birds NPO 2018. Speaking of a superior strain. The nest brother of the ‘De 328’, the NL16-1255865 is in the total sale online on .

2 youngster out of this 1st National Ace Bird ‘De 328’ can be found as well in this total sale from Kees van de Beek and these with DNA-guarantee. Father of these youngsters is a direct son of the ‘Golden Grizzle’ who is now owned by Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp.

Kees van de Beek in a nutshell

The name of Kees van de Beek isn’t one that is very known in the worldwide pigeon world, nevertheless he has been racing for 40 years now and this not without success. He got to know pigeonsport via a classmate that had pigeons as a hobby. Kees is a member of the PV ‘Juliana’ in Heerde and races in Kring 4 Region North-East Department 8 GOU and belongs to the better racers of his region. Three years ago, Kees got very bad luck as he got a visit from a stone marten which killed all his racing cocks and breeders. After doubting for a while whether he would start over again, he found the courage to give a go once more. But now as he will be responsible for the racing hens on the short distance, the racing hens on the one day long distance and a group of youngsters at the huge lofts in Brummen at Eijerkamp, there is no other solution then to stop racing at home. A very hard decision when you have been racing for 40 years from your own home, but this is an opportunity that only comes by once in a life time.

With the reinforcement of the pigeons from the Eijerkamp family, the best from Heremans-Ceusters, Louis van Loon and Eijerkamp-Janssens, it didn’t take long before Kees set amazing results again. And 3 years after the painful killing from the stone marten, Kees wins the 1st National Ace bird Middle Distance, stopping with an achievement like this is something special. The Eijerkamp pigeons did very well when crossed in with his own strong strains from Kees van de Beek. He has got two big base lines namely the strain from the ‘De 700’ (NL95-5529700) where the ‘Golden Grizzle’ – strain comes from and from the strain of ‘Topper’ (NL10-1304744), a super racer and breeder. These 2 strains crossed in with the Eijerkamp strains gave fireworks in Heerde.

The ‘700’ – NL95-5529700

De ‘700’ became father of ao.
1 against 2,763b
1 against 1,876b
1 against 1,430b
1 against 1,367b
1 against 1,264b
1 against 1,140b
1 against    401b
1 against    353b
1 against   263b
1 against   230b
1 against   171b
2 against 3,885b
2 against 1,203b

And loads of ace birds and championship winners.

He also became grandfather, great-grandfather of many super pigeons as for example :

NL13-1827853 ‘Vaaltje’ Granddaughter ‘De 700’ and super breeding hen of her own
59 Nanteuil 3,587b 430km
59 Gien       2,056b

NL14-1628328 ‘De 328’ Great-granddaughter ‘De 700’
2   Soissons       310b 380km
6   Nanteuil       568b 430km
14 Feluy         4,356b 242km
21 Quièvrain  6,582b 275km
33 Tongeren   2,718b 183km
42 Laon          2,337b 351km

NL15-1388056 ‘Super Schallie’ Great-granddaughter ‘De 700’
5    Moeskroen 3,634b 267km
6    Laon          1,218b 351km
5    Laon             641b 351km
16 Chimay       6,183b 287km
21 Moeskroen  2,961b 267km
41 Laon            3,284b 354km
43 Chimay       3,527b 288km
52 Quièvrain    4,072b 275km
54 Marche        2,802b 245km
60 Nanteuil      1,896b 430km
62 Nanteuil      1,971b 430km
79 Nanteuil      2,353b 430km
81 Laon           2,257b 354km
92 Quièvrain   4,119b 275km

The ‘Topper’ – NL10-1304744

Another top racer and breeder of his own strain is ‘De Topper’ (NL10-1304744). This super pigeon also was killed 3 years ago when the stone marten visited the loft of Kees van de Beek…you would lose confidence as well when you see what he achieved himself as a racer and as a breeder.

‘De Topper’ won himself:
1 Ace bird HCC 2013
1 Ace bird Kring 4
3 Ace bird Department 8
6 Ace bird Department 8
Wins 48 prizes in 3 years’ time !
1 Duffel 497b - 5 Duffel 3,112b
1 Strombeek 474b - 2 Strombeek 1,813b
1 Chimay 415b - 17 Chimay 1,857b
1 Peronne 190b - 4 Peronne 717b
1 Mantes la Jolie 320b - 19 Mantes la Jolie 1,495b
2 Peronne 260b - 3 Peronne 1,118b

And is father of oa.
NL15-1388040 ‘Superdaughter 744'
1 Ace bird HCC 2017
1 General Ace bird Short Distance Kring 4 Region N/E
1 Championship Pigeon Middle Distance HCC 2017
4 General Ace bird Short Distance Region North

1 Marche     2,802b 245km
1 Laon            752b 351km
4 Tongeren  1,509b 183km

NL15-1388051 ‘Super 051’
8   Marche   5,719b 245km
9   Nanteuil  2,271b 430km
22 Laon       2,337b 351km
40 Laon       2,491b 351km

NL15-1387971 ‘Daughter 744’
1   Laon              972b 354km
8   Roermond  2,482b 136km
35 Marche       5,719b 245km
52 Moeskroen 2,961b 267km

As you noticed, an iron strong strain of pigeons which was built up through the years. With pain in his hart Kees offers now his last pigeons from his loft in an auction on Herbots. The Eijerkamp family already invested in 22 direct pigeons from this loft, they bought almost the entire ‘Golden Grizzle’-strain with amongst them the ‘Golden Grizzle’ himself. So not only Kees is moving to the loft in Brummen but also a part of his pigeons, so he doesn’t have to miss them all.

2 direct son out of this amazing 'Golden Grizzle' are offered as well in the total sale now online, don't miss out ! 

Kees, the Herbots-team likes to thank you for the trust that you set in us for auctioning of your jewels at the Herbots website and like to wish you a lot of success at Eijerkamp, you will do this amazingly !