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Wevelgem: Guido Gezelle street n°42… we didn’t need to input this address into our GPS as we have to go this way several times a year to write about achievements set by this superior colony. We can pull out a box with superlatives to describe this colony but we prefer to show the set results as we have seldom seen such a dominance on a national level as from these Clicque pigeons. This colony won in 2018 no less than 11 prizes within the Top 5 national – 17 prizes within the Top 10 national – 32 prizes within the Top 20 national and 83 prizes within the Top 100 national. Agreed….the Clicque team doesn’t go basketing with a small basket but despite this huge team they manage to set these amazing results and the fact that there is individual class present at the loft is being proved by the national KBDB ace bird titles.
The Clicque pigeons were honoured as:
1st National ace bird KBDB great middle distance old with “First Lady” (B16-3144110)
1st National ace bird KBDB ex long distance & LD year birds with “Golden King” (B17-3061598)
2nd National ace bird KBDB ex long distance & LD year birds with “New Piraat” (B17-3061793)
6th National ace bird KBDB ex long distance & LD year birds with “Grandson Super Prince 650” (B17-3061650)
10th National ace bird KBDB ex long distance & LD year birds with “Grandson Pacha 563” (B17-3061563)
11th National ace bird KBDB great middle distance old with “Devil 430” (B16-3107430)
12th National ace bird KBDB great middle distance year birds with “Turbo Piraat” (B17-3061532)
13th National ace bird KBDB great middle distance old with “Devil 429” (B16-3107429)
14th National ace bird KBDB ex long distance & LD year birds with “Silver Filip” (B17-3061517)
And again to be clear…these ace bird titles were won in 1 season ! If you don’t respect this as a fancier, I don’t know what else will.

The breeding base have been formed historically onto 3 strains where since the last 2 seasons a 4th strain is pushing in being catalogued as a base strain as well :

“De Robert-strain” : is the oldest strain based on pigeons from Robert Dobbelaere (Marke). These pigeons were bought in 1996 and were very successful in their offspring. These are pigeons that can handle the long distance and extreme long distance races and take care of the necessary strength in the breed.

“De Figo-strain” has been introduced in 2000. The pigeons from the Reynaert family with as highlighters “Figo” and the “Goen” are worldwide known for their strength and are successful on numerous lofts. These are really fast pigeons with a super GPS. These pigeons have been crossed in at Gino’s with all other strains but have been kept relatively pure as well.

“De Gaby-strain”: in 2012 they went to the grandmaster Gaby Vandenabeele and got 6 pigeons. Out of these they bred 2 pigeons that delivered 1st nationals. Afterwards even more pigeons were bought at Gaby’s, in total about 20, whereof 12 of them delivered very strong results in their offspring.

A 4th strain which gave top references last year are from “Red Filip” (B11-3008153 - Lucien Staelens). “Red Filip” shined himself with a 2nd Nat. Cahors 7,140b. – 6th Nat. Souillac 5,282b. – 56th Nat. Libourne 6,658b. and 61st Nat. Jarnac 3,726b. Last season the tandem Vandeputte-Kubica won the 1st National Ace bird Extreme Long Distance with their “Françoise” (B16-1003111) , “Red Filip” is grandfather from this national ace bird. In Wevelgem “Red Filip” became father to “Silver Filip” (14th Nat Ace KBDB 2018). Breeding references that count !

You have to do it, sell your entire base in 2017 and restart with pigeons that are maximum 1 year old. This is what only the really ‘great’ ones manage to do and this is what the Clicque team have proven plenty in 2017 and 2018. When we look how hard Gino worked all the time, then we know that he knows that nothing comes for nothing. As a young lad (15 years old), he lost his father Germain and had to run the family business on his own. Barriers, hedges, garages, log cabins and so on…but he did well! In the meantime this business is being rented out and can Gino call himself a professional pigeon fancier.
The entire care is in the hands of Gino, his wife Kristien and his son Jasper. Since end of 2018 daughter Lauren joined the team as well. Her graphic studies will be a big help in distributing the world wide publicity.
During the season they work very hard to take care of the entire colony fully, and this from early in the morning until late in the evening. During the summer period this can take up to 16 hours a day. In Autumn and Winter this is a bit less intense but then many visits to international fairs and visits from the far East are on the program.

Gino and his son Jasper

Gino and his daughter Lauren

A novelty for the season of 2019 is a change in the way of racing. It struck Gino that the bigger part of his national ace birds weren’t being raced according the system of total widowhood but according the system of pure widowhood. For this reason 105 cocks will have a home staying hens and the 125 hens will have to settle for 80 home staying cocks this year. Gino is convinced that he will have some losses within the hens team so during the season all hens will have a fixed partner. The widow cocks were coupled on the 26th of March and could breed. The racing hens were coupled on the 6th of April and also those who had a cock could breed. Once the first couples leave the eggs, the widowhood becomes a fact. Gino: ’Normally we also couple the hens in March but due to my visit to the Chinese Spring show in Lang Fang the coupling was later this year.’

Vanrobaeys is the food supplier in Wevelgem. Gino has had his own recipe mixed for years but since this year this mixture is being commercialized under the name “Golden Racing Clicque”. It is a really outbalanced mixture with no less than 27 components. Gino explains: ‘as a base I mix 50% sports mixture with 50% purge. Only the last 2 to 3 days before basketing I feed my own mixture.
In a matter of side products Gino trusts full the products from the Röhnfried range. At home coming he gives K + K protein over the food and Avipharm (electrolytes) + Mumm will go into the drinking pot. Aside this they work a bit by feeling with Gervit-W , Hexenbier, Ro-200 conditional powder and Avidress. These products are being given most of the time 2 days in a row.
During the racing season vet Pascal Lanneau (Moen) visits weekly or every fortnight. Out of the group of pigeons that have to go on a race a few are being taken out and are being examined and whatever the vet says to do, will be done. Fourteen days before the first long distance race they are being treated against airway infections and in the month of October during 10 days with Cosumix against parathypus. Eye drops are being given both at basketing as at arrival.

In the meantime Gino is building his dream. A big hanger has been rebuild to a breeding loft/reception room. The breeding boxes which are all on wheels, were being modified into the smallest details and with the highest quality. Gino installed 16 breeding boxes which are being reserved for the best only. Impressive to see that this all is the idea from Gino himself. National ace birds and national winners will be coupled against each other here. Youngsters will be born here that will have 4 grandparents that won a 1st national or were we can find 16 different great-grandparents who all won a national race. National ace birds coupled to national ace birds….in Wevelgem big things are still about to happen. Gino is convinced that the best are bred out of the best.